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Who would you do, Jessica Simpson? or Ashley Simpson? 7 years ago 377 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have sex with your next door neighbor's grandpa?? or have sex with you'r dog?? 7 years ago 192 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat candle wax for the rest of you'r life or eat hobo's poop for the rest of you'r life? 7 years ago 16,984 votes 138 comments 0 likes

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I'm a girl. 7 years ago  
angry bird is so stupid. 7 years ago  
?? 7 years ago  
I could still have sex. 7 years ago  
I own both of them. 7 years ago  
China, like ummm cuts off you'r toes and hands. No way. 7 years ago  
somebody could bail be out. 7 years ago  
kill stangers 7 years ago  
Wow 7 years ago  
right. 7 years ago  
What kinda retard would ask this question? 7 years ago  
I hit the wrong button, damit. 7 years ago  
Kesha is sick, and not in the good way lol. 7 years ago  
Why are they both wearing bikini's? Im a girl and it is gross. 7 years ago  
I hate the big bang theory 7 years ago  
I want to be prepared when I die. 7 years ago  
lol 7 years ago  
I would've picked chips ahoy if they were the chewy ones. 7 years ago  
Get a heater. Duhhhhh 7 years ago  
i dont want them looking at me when i have sex 7 years ago  
British are more sexy. 7 years ago  
mouthwash 7 years ago  
lets party baby 7 years ago  
talent=money 7 years ago  
*with* 7 years ago  
get it over iwht. 7 years ago  
Lez party! 7 years ago  
get blinds morons. 7 years ago  
cookie dough is so good, not good for your body all the time though. 7 years ago  
You could have sex more often. 7 years ago  
Lambo's are d=so awesome. 7 years ago  
who needs x-ray vision? 7 years ago  
people already found Osama 7 years ago  
animal abuse is so fricking wrong. 7 years ago  
That was a stupid question. 7 years ago  
aliens freak me out, like really bad. 7 years ago  
Right. 7 years ago  
I am hot. lol 7 years ago  
blondes are bossy. and sassy 7 years ago  
30% of you morons should get a life. 7 years ago  
I love mokneys! 7 years ago  
I can swim, exactly. 7 years ago  
Lets go partin' 7 years ago  
I love my brother. I would never let that happen to him. 7 years ago  
I love Miami. 7 years ago  
Your gonna get killed either way morons. 7 years ago  
I could go to the mall in minutes. 7 years ago  
lol 7 years ago +1
7% of you idiots. 7 years ago  
I want people to be there on my death day. 7 years ago  
Mac's are fricking way better. 7 years ago  
I love animals. 7 years ago  
Right! 7 years ago  
9-11 sucked. 7 years ago +1
I like my family. I would never do that. It is just too wrong. 7 years ago  
Gordan is way too scary. 7 years ago  
I get nervous when I hide. 7 years ago  
Lez go Mitt! 7 years ago  
God is so real 7 years ago  
I don't want to die. 7 years ago  
I like Obama as president. 7 years ago  
I agree with aaronji 7 years ago  
True love. I want to find my soul mate. Not always about money. 7 years ago  

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