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    Wigs are gross, but it's better then shaving your entire body (not your head tho) every week.  
    No bugs. :)  
    Asking friends for a loan is an option.  
    Sharks rarely attack people, don't worry. :)  
    If you had every LITERAL dream of yours come true, wouldn't that be a NIGHTMARE? :)  
    If I as blind, I couldn't draw like I wanted to. And/or see all the animal of the world.  
    Actually, now that I think about it, both are in Asia, so IDC  
    Also, two words, Tuck Everlasting.  
    Living forever is torture. When my family dies, I'd like to see them again in heaven.  
    My family is everything, I want them to be with me all the time, especially when I die. Even if it means painfully. (Like if you feel the same.)  
    I have bad vision, so...  
    I love both my grandmas, and two of which I should have loved died before I was born. D':  
    With money, I could attend a school and know a lot. How would you learn everything without money (and a scholarship).  
    I'm bad at hiding. D:  
    Well, is the stylist good? +1
    TRUE DAT  
    My grandfather was in the was (and survived), but his horrifying description of it was enough to trample world hunger.  
    Pool all our money together, pay to MOVE  
    Koala pups actually eat their mother's feces, so, USA. Besides, airplanes are boring, I'll stay where I am.  
    Sharks actually rarely attack people unless they mistake people for natural prey, so...  
    When I get married :)  
    Hey, there are no bugs in a luxury hotel, and who says you can't camp on the bed?  
    I dressed like I would now when I was ten, so WHATEV  
    Depends on who makes it.  
    My new computer will be better. :3  
    Befriend awful friends, find my soulmate, get back with good friends. :3  
    Get a different movie.  
    I would make a law that says I can change any law I want. BOOM  
    Me and my sibling share this account, so we would just save each other. :D  
    Old people are nice, and sometimes they give us cookies. :)  
    We (me and my sister) don't get snow where we live. Like if you're the same.  
    GOD IS GOOD!  
    Family > Money  
    Why would you hate being in an elevator with wet dogs? They're cute, nevertheless.  
    *Praying that the next war won't be in Vietnam.*  
    I have pierced ears, so... WHATEVER  
    Me and My Sis:  
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