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Would you like to have the option to block some users questions? Yes. or No. 4 years ago 137 votes 31 comments 0 likes
Would you rather ask me some of those stupid questions everyone wants to be asked now because of reason or have me make more question about Pokémob comparisons? 5 years ago 124 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Which Pokémon would you rather take with you for a fight? Mega-Charizard X or Mega-Charizard Y 5 years ago 2,122 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Which Pokémon would you rather take with you for a fight? Seviper or Zangoose 5 years ago 2,036 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather comment what TV show you would make or what movie you would make? 5 years ago 165 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in a world where everyone is crazy and you start out completely sane or live in a world full of wealth where you are the only one who is poor. 5 years ago 180 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live one 100-years life or live ten 1000-years life? 5 years ago 200 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Which movie was worse? (read comment) Batman: The Dark Knight Rises or Iron Man 3 5 years ago 158 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Have you read the Game of Thrones books? Yes. or No. 5 years ago 118 votes 5 comments 0 likes
I'd like to do a D.C. Heroes vs Marvel Heroes battle, what do you think? Fuck YEA! or Boooh... 5 years ago 206 votes 18 comments 0 likes
What song that you like/listen to has the craziest lyrics? (comment) or (comment) 5 years ago 92 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have sex with one random person you know or one rrrather user you can chose? 5 years ago 173 votes 17 comments 0 likes

VirusP has posted the following comments:

if i would create such a question i would get more views, too. 4 years ago +1
but.... im serious... 4 years ago  
who are you? 4 years ago +7
do you mean ghosts? 4 years ago +2
haha, you're funny. 4 years ago  
just because of that fat cow 4 years ago  
apple sucks 4 years ago +1
Drink beer. Good German beer. 4 years ago +1
Heil* 4 years ago  
Gengar, the best pokemon ever 4 years ago  
tell me about it 4 years ago  
except that one vs the fresh starter of that guy who is a trainer for 5 minutes. Why? Because F*ck Gen 5, thats why! 4 years ago  
and be proud of it. 4 years ago  
well then its supereffectiv. 4 years ago +1
both are awesome 4 years ago  
but more stupid 4 years ago  
no, but he is an asshole 4 years ago  
asshole 4 years ago +1
am i the only one who picked B thinkin it was A? 4 years ago +1
no. 4 years ago +1
no. 4 years ago  
ofc it is selfish, but to be honest nearly everythin we do is selfish. and before any of you try to denie what i just said, think about it. whatever you do, you do it for a reason, and atleast a little part of that reason is somethin for yourself, otherwise you wouldnt do it. in the end everybody can decide freely whether he wants to suicide, and those who want to talk people out of it, even thou?h they made their decision, are just as selfish. 4 years ago +3
who didnt mate, who didnt 4 years ago +1
i will chose right 4 years ago  
Heyaaaaa! 4 years ago  
cmon, i bet you are the last person who would actually chose A over B 4 years ago  
me 4 years ago  
thats impossible 4 years ago  
dragonite 4 years ago  
just because you can control how long doesnt meen you dont have to at all 4 years ago  
just heal up man, youve 10 seconds 4 years ago  
female? 4 years ago  
Game of thrones or the Waking dead 4 years ago +1
Ratchet from Ratchet and Clank. A would be Goku or Brock. 4 years ago  
thanks doc 4 years ago  
but true 4 years ago +1
yep, thats right. i didnt state anything i said as a fact, its just the views and theories of paleontoligists based on the remains of the dinosaurs. 4 years ago  
so? dinosaurs are regarded as above avarage intelligent for being a reptile and if they didnt extinct they might have evolved into somewhat human-like intelligent animals, atleast some of the small theropods 4 years ago  
why? 4 years ago  
bear 4 years ago +1
yea... the hat... sure thing 4 years ago  
oh, just one of the most powerful DC characters 4 years ago  
well thats still enneeded but if you want to... still it is enough if you do it once and not under every single dbz question 4 years ago  
-.- 4 years ago  
cmon guys, really? i bet 69% of the voters dont know who darkseid is or otherwise they would have chosen him 4 years ago +2
i feel like you've entered the wrong comment section. Please go back to the "nobody gives a f*ck" chatroom to spread your opinion. 4 years ago +4
not the "coolest"? 4 years ago  
i guess talking about few people would be a maximum of a dozen 4 years ago  
i guess that would count more as B than A 4 years ago +1
sounds stupid 4 years ago 4 years ago  
did both over the christmas days xD 4 years ago +1
now that was a hard one 4 years ago  
then you should have voted evolution 4 years ago  
guardians of the galaxy 4 years ago  
nope 4 years ago  
yep you did the math wrong 4 years ago  
i would like to 4 years ago  
nah 4 years ago  
yep 4 years ago  
not sure wether its 15,532 or 15532.... well if its 15532 im well settled with B since i would loop for 600 years in A 4 years ago  
yea and that would happen 15532 times? so your normal life would go on after nearly 600 years of looping 4 years ago  
and by the way, why those rules? do you know what groot is actually able to do? cause if you would you wouldnt weaken thor like that 4 years ago +1
i am groot. 4 years ago  
i doubt that they "can" fart when dead 4 years ago +3
am i the only one who thought you should take the one that is true? 4 years ago +1
the leap years would give you about 5000 more, which doesnt really matter in this case. its generally totally easy which choice will be the better one, no matter what age you are and when you will die. you have to think like this: you get 400$ a day and after about 50 years you will have 7 million. and of course you may live even longer and get maybe another 1 or 2 million. but if you had 7 million right now, you could make it grow to pretty good number, in 50 years you can make 15million out of it. in the end you just start with more money, hence you can make it grow faster. 4 years ago  
get your calcs right, dude. you earn a total of 7 million in B. you make 146k in a year with A. so you would make 1.46 million in 10 years. seems like you have added a 0 there, because you would need 48 years and not 4.8 to become even. in the end you will have about 50% more money, but hey you can have 7 million in two weeks or you can have it in almost 50. dunno about you but im fine with 7 million and dont need another 3-4 to be happy 4 years ago +3
because im hungry and need to get some sleep 4 years ago  
why not both? 4 years ago  
maybe i wanna eat an actual meal like, you know spaghetti or something 4 years ago  
so they are badass because they are soldiers? 4 years ago  
you dont even need to know the movie for this one 4 years ago +2
because i wanna eat something when i come home and go to bed and not wait for hours and lose half of my sleep 4 years ago  
tell me how you heat something up in 1 minunte with an oven 4 years ago  
everyone who wants to heat stuff up 4 years ago  
rly guys? you wanna give b*tch slaps and kick people in heels? well.... 4 years ago  
good questions, good opinions 4 years ago +5
no it isnt, it just looks stupid 4 years ago +2
and the other option is batman 4 years ago +3
that was kinda my first idea, i think you may build a bag like a kangaroo and put it aroung his neck. 4 years ago  
that doesnt mean you cant fly with it 4 years ago  
no. telepathy is reading minds and talking to them via thoughts, strong version may include mind-control like xavier. telekinesis is moving stuff with your mind what xavier cant do 4 years ago  
he got telepathy 4 years ago  
well you can choose your power so 4 years ago  
i wanted to do a phobia series i just didnt have the time yet 4 years ago +1
i think they are humans 4 years ago  
since i really dont care about it everyone has political differences 4 years ago  
im pretty sure its just moving stuff with your mind. (of course that may still let you fly). but well you could also just take an omni power 4 years ago  
you dont need to pay for a roof if you can create one 4 years ago  
i dunno, i bet there is some kid in asia doing exactly that right now 4 years ago  
yea its sad.. but still dbz is cool 4 years ago  
traitor 4 years ago  
prim dies? ehm.. did i miss something out ? or did i just fall asleep because of all that boredom this movie contained? 4 years ago  
what about launch? anyone seen launch in dbz? no? me neither. 4 years ago  
yes, but racism is discriminating by generalizing negative aspects of some individuals, that may or may not be true, towards a whole race or ethnicity. i guess you could say that a religion is something like an ethnicity 4 years ago  
well racism is discrimination too 4 years ago  
well that hobbit song is pretty good 4 years ago  
well, if you dont look at physical aspects and take a look at their mentality you may call them a race. ofc you would actually call that a "race" but it can be compaired. atleast you can say there is something like racism towards religions, for example "all jews are stingy" or something like that. i dunno but i bet there is some word for thess negative generalizations. 4 years ago  
who needs guests. 4 years ago +1
if i would experience my darkest fantasies i would be in prison. or dead. 4 years ago +5
i feel like some users are just too young to be here 4 years ago  
hey 4 years ago +2
rly just around 100? that doesnt seem that high 4 years ago  
seems like the sexy dude isnt so sexy, heh? 4 years ago +4
yea, well, apparently i am. atleast i dont get an F for my written language. 4 years ago  
youre the incorrect one 4 years ago  
it still looks stupid 4 years ago  
oopps, damn, i reconsidered. actually dragonball z is better 4 years ago +1
no you womt 4 years ago  
well, they are corporating shows 4 years ago  
disturbed covers are the best 4 years ago  
na na na na na na na na na....... 4 years ago  
well i didnt say "take the bow, you will do way better with it", did i? no of course you should take the crossbow if never used either before, since, as i said, the crossbow is easier. 4 years ago  
no i mean, he said he could lose to cap 4 years ago  
he could* 4 years ago  
okay 4 years ago  
youre challenging the wrong person. starting arguments is my specialty 4 years ago  
oh im sure i can start a comment war! 4 years ago  
that question is bad, both answers are contra comment wars 4 years ago  
i doubt it 4 years ago  
get an account and maybe anyone may care about your opinion 4 years ago +4
no 4 years ago  
when it comes to superman there is nothing that is really impressive 4 years ago  
shame on you 4 years ago +1
and mine are long and sharp my lord, as long as sharp as yours... 4 years ago  
GENGAR 4 years ago  
only a cat of a different coat... 4 years ago +1
you forgot the best one 4 years ago  
im surprised how no marvel fan left out the one-above-all while counting some of their op characters. 4 years ago +1
i dont think it counts as small. and it isnt really cute either. guess pokemon like pikachu, balbusaur or micro guy fit this fraction better 4 years ago  
you would be better than him? 4 years ago  
your life is forfeit 4 years ago  
ye, the mother gives him powers 4 years ago  
yea you missed that if she touches someone long enough she may absorb their powers permanently, what she did with miss marvel. because of that she got super-strenght enhanced senses, durability and the ability to fly 4 years ago  
rouge can fly, too 4 years ago  
no im talking about god. you know like the god 4 years ago  
hes still cooler 4 years ago  
well spawn also has the power of god 4 years ago  
it is the same if you exclude that not telling the truth could mean telling nothing. in my opinion not telling the truth means that you are telling something, it just isnt true, what makes it a lie. otherwise it would say "telling a lie and not telling anything". since it says "not telling the truth" it implies that you are actually telling somethig. 4 years ago  
that would be airsoft 4 years ago  
is there a reason why A is called "Softair" in german? 4 years ago  
they didnt have g-sh*t. and zyrus was cool 4 years ago  
green arrow is like batman with a bow 4 years ago  
i have a .... oh, wait, i already graduated 4 years ago  
oh and do you know what martian manhunters great weakness is? 4 years ago  
superman is the strongest in the justice league 4 years ago  
why? 4 years ago  
when it comes hero to hero you will have to put the publisher aside 4 years ago  
and spawn isnt? 4 years ago  
exactly 4 years ago  
this juggernaut just sucked. oops sorry *this movie just sucked 4 years ago  
so basically because hes batman 4 years ago  
not a real question, right? 4 years ago +1
still hulk would beat him up, and well how do you kill a hulk? 4 years ago  
well she could just run up to her dogding starfires attacks 4 years ago  
and in a quick battle goku would still win 4 years ago +1
or rose leslie. that should be enough of an argument 4 years ago  
latios is actually my favourite hoenn pokémon and im very happy that im finally gonna get one at the end of the year 4 years ago  
because when i first saw a poster of it i thougt it was halo. i was really disappointed 4 years ago  
wow this questions really got me.... well i actually threw all that into a calculator with different stat combos to test it all, with their special abilities Roar of Time and Spacial Rend. putting critical hits and misses aside Dialga will win most of the battles because it has a stronger attack (150) and it hits supereffective with it. Palkia may be faster but Dialga can take that hit and put Palkia down with one Roar of Time. Palkia may only be the winner if it survives one attack, if it has complete effort in HP and SpDef. This way it has a free hit and can put Dialga down with a 3-hit K.O. Dialga could still win if it used Dragon Pulse first and then Roar of Time. however you put it Dialga will win. 4 years ago +1
you really wanna go that hard on him? 5 years ago  
living in an apartment above the ground i doubt he will do it more than once 5 years ago +1
you would bang anything, wouldnt you? 5 years ago  
neither? more like puh-jum-uhs 5 years ago +1
i dunno, the last marvel movies got worse and worse.. well i havent seen gotg yet so maybe this one may be good again 5 years ago +1
just not very long 5 years ago  
or maybe its just water 5 years ago  
lol i didnt even know the name of A. the governor is a cool character but that gareth was just there to die quickly 5 years ago  
she might aswell kill you by sitting on you 5 years ago  
awesomest? the heck? 5 years ago  
its awesome 5 years ago  
and awesome fishing places. and vla, dont forget the vla 5 years ago +1
dota... everyone who plays it knows.... 5 years ago  
i work in a hospital and after what ive seen there, i really dont wanna be and old woman 5 years ago +1
if you love this site why are you just a guest? 5 years ago +9
20 degrees celsius sounds good 5 years ago +1
is this like tourette or parkinson/huntington? 5 years ago  
youre wrong and he is right. expecto patronum is latin and translates into " i expect a defender". there are plenty of other examples, lumus means light, relashio comes from relaxare what means to relax and so on 5 years ago  
true 5 years ago  
ye but this version is bullsh*t 5 years ago  
i dont want to be a drug addict 5 years ago  
ledger was just awesome. hardy did okay but well since this guy he played can not be compared to bane there isnt much he can be compared with 5 years ago  
im not sure but i think moodys eye can pretty much look through walls so who would notice that you are spying? 5 years ago  
you can also do that with the eye 5 years ago  
the thing is that deadpool was just an experiment to that moment, he looks bad with his mouth and without his suit but its like he isnt deadpool yet, in the end you can even see a scene where his mouth is opened. the green lantern movie just sucked 5 years ago  
i dont think thats how the whole wizard thing works or dont you think there would have already been such stuff in harry potter universe if that was posible? 5 years ago  
and even if that would work, what is pretty improbable, you would just look like him without the cool stuff, you know, pokemon 5 years ago  
that doesnt change it 5 years ago  
yep, well the rules of english and german are not to different and if you also use logic it is pretty easy to state the meaning of a sentence. the crucial word that you just mentioned is "interpreted". of course you may interpret that you saying "they dont belong" means that in your opinion they dont belong. but if you just take those words you stated it like a given thing. there is no way to actually tell by your sentence that they do legitimately belong and that it is just and opinion of how it should rather be. 5 years ago  
still saying dont is like saying its a fact and not an opinion 5 years ago  
well you should learn to write down your thoughts clearly then. cause you said they DONT belong in the same universe, you didnt say they shouldnt belong in the same universe. what you wanted to say is how it should be, but what you said is how it is, so, mistake is on you good sir. ..oh, and what you said seems to be just focused on their powers because that is what differentiates them. they actually are kinda equal minded 5 years ago +1
ehmm..... you know that batman and superman are in the same universe and work as partner and are the two most important characters and leaders of the justice league, right? 5 years ago  
did you try it? 5 years ago +1
i doubt it 5 years ago  
"Also earthquake isn't a one shot ability unless someone is higher level than me" - what?? 5 years ago  
this is not a prolonging strategy, its just a kill yourself strategy. any enemy just needs to use one pokemon with earthquake. you chose rock type, so earthquake is supereffective, and when you are under the earth it deals double damage, hence it will deal 400% dmg and will 1H-KO everything you have 5 years ago +2
if you knew so much about pokemon you wouldnt have talked about this digging sh*t at that other question 5 years ago +1
why is that so obvious? psychic types can beat dark types easily, they learn lots of super effective moves 5 years ago +1
am i the only one who noticed the fail in the picture? 5 years ago +2
so what? psychic types have a large movepool and often dont even use their STAB. most of them learn a fairy or fighting or bug attack so they can also fight dark types 5 years ago +2
just because of RNGesus 5 years ago  
but what for? 5 years ago  
well you cant dig down, then use heal, then dig up and attack, so i dont see the point, you can aswell just earthquake dat sh*t 5 years ago  
you cant heal while you are digged in you know that? 5 years ago  
i guess they both will 5 years ago +1
ye it is a sniper 5 years ago  
yea 5 years ago  
and i have no idea what you are talking about 5 years ago  
same page? like, same side? well atleast we will soon be on the end of this page 5 years ago  
once again, i wasnt talking about ppl in general, more about young people 5 years ago  
just because i wanna drink water. well but not being able to touch lava again seems pretty hard too 5 years ago  
it was vegetto and that was because hes so strong. you wouldnt be able to do anything in there 5 years ago  
if you consider those two i bet you can find a lot of ppl who have got a crush on some fictional character. tv shows are live-action in most cases so yea 5 years ago  
well you are just talking about video game characters, what is different from my condition 5 years ago  
yea, so what its not like you are able to have a problem with it once you are dead. and btw i do consider the possibility that there is no afterlife, that why i said "or maybe there isnt". however there has to be a differentiation wether you are just not dying by old age or if cant die at all. maybe the first one would be acceptable but in my opinion total immortality isnt 5 years ago  
i fail to see how you can not be curious about death, since that is something nobody can tell you about. there may be some kind of afterlive or maybe there isnt, in case there is then have fun, in case there isnt, well, you wont have to care since youre dead. but your second statement is just stupid, have i, with any word, said that life sucks? no, i just said it is boring if you live forever and there are so many other factors that dont make immortality look pretty. adding permanent sickness doesnt make that any better 5 years ago  
you know that cause? 5 years ago  
maybe it is looking at ppl in general, but im pretty sure its not a minority if you look just at the younger folks 5 years ago  
what about martin? you dont mention martin? 5 years ago  
try gothic 5 years ago  
its boring, and when you are also always sickly its a double curse 5 years ago  
there are so many people having crushes on characters from games or animes or tv shows, i feel like thats pretty normal nowadays 5 years ago  
why? 5 years ago  
no it isnt 5 years ago +6
70% 5 years ago  
30%.. well its something, right? 5 years ago  
yep. and garbador, or what ever this piece of sh*t is called 5 years ago  
well, for most of them its true, atleast looking at generation 5. god i hate gen5 5 years ago  
how can jak loose this? people just dont know good old classics anymore. 5 years ago +1 5 years ago  
0 isnt the number you are looking for, it is neither, not even and not odd. it is sometimes referred to be an even number because that would be the logical asumption since its always even-odd-even-odd, but theoretically zero doesnt count as either one. 5 years ago  
or just read it 5 years ago +3
just a reference to snorlax' constant sleep/laziness 5 years ago  
of course, nearly every pokemon can 5 years ago  
no himym, no tbbt, damn it where is your humour? 5 years ago  
you know, snorlax will beat miltank while sleeping, literally 5 years ago  
well, whatever. in my opinion you would have to concentrate on stopping time hence you cant do it while sleeping but in the end the question maker has to decide 5 years ago  
i would do it 100 times 5 years ago  
well a deity with those 4 qualities seems impossible if you think logically about it 5 years ago +1
ah, okay 5 years ago  
exactly. just fatter and cooler (and stronger). 5 years ago  
well you can start time for a second to breathe and instantly stop it again. + it says you have the ability to do it, not that you will stop time when one of the two things happens, hence you would have to focus on timestoping which will be hard when you are sleeping. 5 years ago +3
who/what? 5 years ago  
it isnt, snorlax is cooler 5 years ago  
how 5 years ago  
it depends. and the picutures are bad. shiny rayquaza looks badass 5 years ago +2
its definetly not possible* 5 years ago +3
you know thats not the questions right? 5 years ago  
first of all, evolution is not a theory, you know? it actually is a thing, and well i dunno too much about creationism but i think that one part of it is that the earth is about 5000 years old. well guess what, its scientifically proven that earth is much older (4,5 billion years) so, yea, so much to your creationism. second, the theory of a deity with those 4 qualities is logically imposible. so, theoretically your theory doesnt work. 5 years ago +3
omnipotence 5 years ago  
or pokemon 5 years ago +1
i always had sapphire so its kind of a variety. also i finally want a Latios 5 years ago  
riding on arcanines back makes up for a good entry 5 years ago  
may someone explain? i havent heard it once and i dunno what it should mean 5 years ago  
just asking 5 years ago  
how old are you? 5 years ago  
so you r a fan of it? 5 years ago  
The Great Mighty Poo 5 years ago  
i would be skinny for one day 5 years ago  
because of Gengar 5 years ago  
Im am the Scarecrow! 5 years ago  
whats the point of knowing how if you cant have one? 5 years ago  
gengar 5 years ago  
hmmm.... Ratchet and Clank series for PS2.- Pasta and nutella.- standard cheeseburger or with bacon.- i drink mostly water but i like Fanta pretty much.- ive got a pretty good mind.- somewhere where i can try surfing.- not really.- throw.- dunno. that was me, now is your turn 5 years ago  
firered i guess 5 years ago  
im fine 5 years ago  
why not both? good for people who dunno what to talk about, go to the movies and then have a nice dinner where you can freely discuss the movie. 5 years ago +3
* everything > immortality 5 years ago  
i finally wanna go fishing in the netherlands again 5 years ago  
you misspelled there something 5 years ago  
gotta catch em all 5 years ago  
atleast otakumon. that guys a nice fella 5 years ago  
you only live online and league of legends? 5 years ago +4
fun fact: every year 5 ppl get killed by sharks 5 years ago  
i guess ac 1 was pretty much like that 5 years ago  
the witcher 5 years ago  
nononono, the sentinels are just the weapon, the people who are being killed are just mutants and those humans who may turn out to be mutants, so normal people are fine. the actual genocidal assholes are Tresk, the guy who build the sentinels to kill all mutants and the government who coorporates with him to kill the mutants. so basically the normal people kill all mutants which, for me, is a genocide. 5 years ago  
well i dunno cause i havent watched noah but i have watched the xmen movie and yep, you are watching a movie with an asshole who wants and makes a genocide 5 years ago  
so why do you want to watch one then? 5 years ago  
well, atleast demons exist, right? 5 years ago  
well atleast now it is. and it looks pretty badass 5 years ago 5 years ago  
i usually eat one piza 5 years ago +1
a nice question, isnt it? i should give you a like for this one, shouldnt i? 5 years ago  
you can? all i can do is cry 5 years ago  
lol? it is a big air blowing thing made of metal. what else? 5 years ago  
still the aging process is unclear, it could be like you age normally until 25 and then you just stay there, or 100 years equal 10 5 years ago  
well its 40 years from now on, so lets assume you are between 16 and 20 you could live up to 60, well that might seem early but thats still better than living as an oldass person for 900 years. since there is no commentary about a reduced aging process you might assume that you will still age normally 5 years ago  
yep, those are awesome too, just too bad that dexter isnt as good in the end. 5 years ago  
i know youre more into animes n stuff but for normal shows this is the best you can find 5 years ago  
gonna catch em all 5 years ago  
better watch it 5 years ago  
i guess they think in pictures 5 years ago  
have fun with your friendsship, atleast, when your friends annoy you, you can go and search new one every century since all of your friends will die. again and again and again 5 years ago +2
sounds like a good idea 5 years ago +2
the nintendo 3ds is bullsh*t 5 years ago  
lazy 5 years ago  
if you wanna go and cook some meth go ahead 5 years ago +5
Ra.... yea... Ra... 5 years ago  
which one? i mean lady death 5 years ago  
i cant see bane here 5 years ago  
"im gonna make this pencil disappear" 5 years ago  
you can... socially 5 years ago  
whaaaaaat??! 5 years ago  
im disappointed by the results 5 years ago  
and dark knight > every other superhero movie 5 years ago +6
ill take my body. instant master fighter 5 years ago +1
no you forgot an r 5 years ago  
atleast i die with honor 5 years ago  
i guess i can consider myself an "adult" now xD well i got 18 5 years ago  
just give me a f*cking apple 5 years ago +5
"immediatly say what should not be said"-cliche 5 years ago +5
how old are you know? 5 years ago  
cthulhu! 5 years ago +1
do i really look like a man with a plan? 5 years ago  
really? thats funny cause its my birthday too 5 years ago +2
soo when you go shopping you spend millions or what? 5 years ago  
mi scusi, i dunno much about metal gear solid, but still thats also deathstroke we are talking about, hes like the most dangerous meele bounty hunter there is 5 years ago  
look at joffrey, such a lovely little twat 5 years ago +2
yea ive seen the title of the video, so.... f*ck you very much 5 years ago  
el catalan is just an annoying language 5 years ago  
is it the useless button? 5 years ago +2
yep. i would like aot much more when there would be a german or english version of it. reading subtitles is just annoying as F*ck 5 years ago  
what have your investments to do with going shopping or eating with friends? 5 years ago  
its just about the swordsman skills, being a god or whatever has no impact 5 years ago  
ehm... what? 5 years ago  
how do you have that much more money with B? 5 years ago  
there are 2 capt. capslock 5 years ago  
no. 5 years ago  
i like slenderman better but as a movie it would just be another boring horror movie. horror movies suck 5 years ago  
and the result is a shame everytime 5 years ago +3
thats also a chess figure 5 years ago  
its boring when the heroes always survive 5 years ago  
okay then 5 years ago  
just because of this dumb question somewhere below 5 years ago  
better overallfilm? there where so many mistakes and plotholes it didnt even make sense 5 years ago  
gift? 5 years ago  
explain 5 years ago  
welp, i dunno much about deadpool, okay then, i just like deathstroke better 5 years ago  
isnt lady death just some kind of a statue that thanos wants to bring to life by killing absolutly everything that exists? 5 years ago  
and the one below that one. because it leaks a verb. i hate it when they leak the verb 5 years ago  
apparently you only answer one question every 2 pages 5 years ago +3
i immediatly regret my decision. 5 years ago  
supreme superman is kinda like the christian god so 5 years ago +1
deadpool was created as a parody of D.C's deathstroke and basicly they are the same person in two different versions so in a fight they would draw. 5 years ago +1
hammer time 5 years ago  
juggernaut f*cked up the whole x-men, so, yea 5 years ago +1
yea this is not marvel vs D.C. 5 years ago +1
nah, thats not necessary, my dog doesnt bite his food he just devours it 5 years ago  
can you use the ray gun for anything else than zombies? or do i have to chose what weapon is better in an apocalypse? 5 years ago  
depends on how drunk i am 5 years ago +1
if that dog never poops he'll get very fat and die 5 years ago +1
i hate minecraft 5 years ago  
could you please explain those weapons iin your question? 5 years ago +1
i will make it everywhere 5 years ago +4
i know those people exist its just interesting that you blamed me for it without any kind of evidence 5 years ago  
interesting where ever you just pulled that one from. actually i do like stuff and dislike stuff and i really dont care if its considered as overrated or not. this question is a pretty good example, Batman is also kinda considered overrated and i like him but i would never pretend to hate him just because he is hyped. thats just plain stupid. 5 years ago  
yea, well, i watch the movies and not her interviews so i really dont care if she is funny or whatever, i just wanna see good acting skills, hence in my opinion she is not oscar worthy 5 years ago  
well, i dunno much about the franchise since i havent read the books but i liked the first movie better because it was more like an open battlefield where everyone was fighting each other. in the second movie its more like they are grouping up and their enemy is the area, you know, crazy apes, poisenous smoke and stuff. i also dont understand all the hype about jennifer lawrence, in my opinion her acting seemed pretty emotionless but whatever 5 years ago  
plz dont put my life in the balance! 5 years ago +1
and because no movie can compete with batman and the hunger games movie was not too good though 5 years ago +1
i would be the earthshaker from DotA 5 years ago  
game of thrones, arrow, the walking dead, breaking bad 5 years ago +2
my funeral - dope 5 years ago  
go on 5 years ago  
what would i be if i couldnt comment. i mean, Questions: 8 Comments: 786 5 years ago  
what happened to the good old days when you met with friends to trade cards, collect them and create your own deck? srsly you play a card game on a computer now? wtf 5 years ago  
i sense treason 5 years ago  
quien es? 5 years ago  
the question is bruce vs feng. and feng beats everything 5 years ago  
well, nobody has to know... ;) 5 years ago +1
a girl. 5 years ago  
dafuq did i just read? 5 years ago  
how about just killing that person? 5 years ago  
open your eyes dude, its totally obvious that she eat vegans. 5 years ago  
harry potter tought me that leprechauns are d*cks 5 years ago  
achievement unlocked. 5 years ago  
so do i kill myself? and what is a crush murder? do i have to crush myself? eeeew.... 5 years ago  
that gentleman league 5 years ago  
not the way i expected it, but still i win 5 years ago +5
ehm.... okay 5 years ago  
let it go kid, let it go. 5 years ago  
so many liars... on the other hand i feel like there are many kids on this side 5 years ago +2
yea, well, i guess you should ask him and the "doctors" that gave him the medicine 5 years ago  
looks always count and B rifle got a better precision 5 years ago  
everything should get easier if you repeat doing it 5 years ago  
most epic job ever? i mean, hey what do you do for a living? oh well, im just a frickin zombiekiller 5 years ago  
Loli? waifu? dafuq? 5 years ago +2
because he took too much medicine with a wrong medication 5 years ago  
you are wrong, the other spiderman movies suck too 5 years ago  
was that the one with cthulhu? 5 years ago  
i liked the first one better, it was more about the kids fighting each other to death but the second one seemed more like they are just grouping up and trying to survive the circumstances of the area. 5 years ago +1
B sounds exciting 5 years ago  
better looks+ who wants to shoot a zombie at 600 meters range? 5 years ago  
well ill take a white one 5 years ago  
the hp books arent that good 5 years ago  
yep 5 years ago  
nop 5 years ago  
hopefully 5 years ago  
nah, im just weird :P 5 years ago  
exactly 5 years ago  
im happy as long as we win the world cup 5 years ago  
NO. 5 years ago  
permanent felix felicis 5 years ago  
one does not simply murder multiple people accidently 5 years ago +4
we've got the best one 5 years ago  
not sure if sarcasm... 5 years ago  
the governor was such a nice guy 5 years ago  
actually he is more like one of the most loved tv villains 5 years ago +1
its awesome but nothing is as awesome as got 5 years ago  
and then suddenly we'll both lose :O 5 years ago  
i hope it will get better, i dont want to go from one rain into another 5 years ago  
i know, ive been in holland very often, but still it would not be too cool since netherlands was always the second on my list 5 years ago  
is there more summer at your place? because all we got is rain 5 years ago  
he would have been cooler if he hadnt lost control in ep. 8 5 years ago  
just because they are fairies.. well and money ofc 5 years ago  
since i live in an apartment i can hear that pretty often 5 years ago  
well just because they can breathe on air doesnt mean they can move there. on the other hand imagine how hard it is to be a farmer when all your pigs keep flying away 5 years ago +1
kinda nearly drowned once in the netherlands, a 6 maybe. 5 years ago  
maybe its better this way, so we have your support in the final + i dont want to go to the netherlands after we played against you in the final 5 years ago  
well maybe we will meet in the final :D 5 years ago  
well he already is dead so he wont die in the first place 5 years ago  
guess you can imagine how loud it is right now 5 years ago  
i see dead people 5 years ago +1
superman, doctor manhattan 5 years ago  
no matter what classes exist, ill always be the guy with the biggest axe there is 5 years ago +2
i guess it determines which gender you would rather be when being a homosexual 5 years ago  
ill use splash all do 5 years ago  
seems like you already know it 5 years ago  
there should rather be a neither option 5 years ago  
we got this 5 years ago  
ill vote for Adanos, the just and good god. 5 years ago  
just cause she looks cute. who are these people? 5 years ago  
cmon guys gengar is the best of all 5 years ago  
just because i feel like cantthinkofasdvf would shout random stuff in the movies. 5 years ago  
im way too lazy for pranking 5 years ago  
even though i hated max, just because the other one is some gen above4 character 5 years ago +1
lindsey rocks 5 years ago +2
is it bad that A turns me on? 5 years ago +4
Whats the first rule of rrrather? 100% does not exists. Whats the second rule of rrrather? 100% does not exists. 5 years ago +4
good. 5 years ago  
i would be in the middle of a war zone which i would lose. nah thanks 5 years ago +1
yea sry i was too busy watching dragonball and pokemon 5 years ago  
dont use shuffle and dont read books so. 5 years ago  
the f*cks an omnitrix 5 years ago +4
let the hhhunger games begin 5 years ago +1
thats the right attitude 5 years ago  
just because im too lazy to read it im gonna watch that movie now 5 years ago  
well negative comments dont have to be wrong though 5 years ago +2
even though our school system is a little different, what comes next is a pretty nice time. i also got my certificate just 2 days ago 5 years ago  
if you look back to yesterday i think im stupid 5 years ago +4
well id really like to answer that correct but ive never done too much.. 5 years ago  
nope 5 years ago  
nope, read the note 5 years ago  
compared to what ive thought of, the world is pretty normal 5 years ago  
as i told ya, there are no people who would help you out or anything 5 years ago  
buuht ihn aus man, BUUUUUH!!! 5 years ago  
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