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Hey man there are some weird people on the Internet 3 years ago  
Florida weather can never be predicted 3 years ago +2
This is a tough one XD 3 years ago  
Kayla means “Wise Child” and “Keeper of the Keys” in English. “Wise Child” in Arabic. “Queen” in Italian. “Pure” in African. “Beloved” in Greek. “Crown of Laurels” in Hawaiian. “Who is like God” in Hebrew. Don’t agree with the last one tho. XD 3 years ago  
National Nudist Day! A day where anyone can be nude in public without getting arrested! 3 years ago +2
A black lab/pit mix 3 years ago  
For Going out: Option A For Chillin at home: Option D 3 years ago +1
Wouldn't know.... I don't use either 3 years ago +1
I LOVE PlayStation... but PC MASTER RACE! 3 years ago  
I would save so much money! 3 years ago  
I think about it every night and day! Spread your wings and fly away! 3 years ago  
Whatever man. 3 years ago  
On the next question 3 years ago  
Give me a break man. This is my first question 3 years ago  
Oh crap I misclicked.... I would LOVE to do B 3 years ago  
I've played American Football for 10+ years. 3 years ago  
Call of Duty Black Ops 3..... 3 years ago +1
A is "cooler" but with B, you get to control your death in various ways (pills, gunshot, jump off a window, hanging, etc...) 3 years ago +2
So if girls chose B... will they become a HUGE Barbie Doll? 3 years ago +1
I have no siblings so.... I'm used to this by now 3 years ago  
...LITERALLY (I'm, sorry) 3 years ago  
No thanks man... 3 years ago  
Poseidon is a god.... 3 years ago  

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