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    noooooooooooo i didnt see worse skype is th ebesttttttt 4 years ago  
    eating? sleeping? reading? 4 years ago  
    im wearing shoes 4 years ago  
    im a girl wid flat chest 4 years ago  
    u live roughly 76ish years in hell, then millions in heaven 4 years ago  
    sooooooooooo cool floating around 4 years ago  
    its bigger 4 years ago  
    toy story is the best.............................. 4 years ago  
    dont have testicles or penis... im a girl 4 years ago  
    vinegar, lemon juice... 4 years ago  
    christmas u get more 4 years ago  
    no music 4 years ago +1
    what happened to the poor bear??? 4 years ago  
    when u fly u can just fly around and have air sex 4 years ago  
    im 11 4 years ago  
    im a g irl 4 years ago  
    its a new bathtub, and its mine 4 years ago  
    its still less 4 years ago  
    i swear i never have peed in a pool! 4 years ago  
    my mom could e playing with ipad or other toys... duh noth sex toys! 4 years ago  
    i a girl 4 years ago  
    not drink the mik! 4 years ago  
    i would be dead cuz i wanna be 4 years ago  
    its dead 4 years ago  
    dog? really? 4 years ago  
    wow he sh*t his pants 4 years ago  
    that picture on the right... 4 years ago  
    just cuz im a girl doesnt mean i cant play games. guys can watch movie too 4 years ago  
    cats are cuddly fluffy playfl mice clean balls of preciousness 4 years ago  
    first thing, have them help me and say ill help them. then eat them. BOOM i got help and food! 4 years ago  
    phophophophones and oder shtuffs 4 years ago  
    i alread control the,. 4 years ago  
    using chrome now 4 years ago  
    diseases? ALL CURED CUZ OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
    i could swim more in caribbean 4 years ago  
    minecraft is the best thing ever created 4 years ago  
    antarcticas a desert 4 years ago  
    u guys who chose lightsaber are jerks! there are africans starving! 4 years ago  
    they have wifi!!!!!!! andnew technology 4 years ago  
    zayn 4 years ago  
    damnit i meant to choose 2nd one 4 years ago  
    it wouldnt be as embarrASSING 4 years ago  
    true love + true love being rich = my true love 4 years ago  
    yes so tru 4 years ago  
    i have no clue i picked random 4 years ago  
    yup obama... 4 years ago  
    calls are bAE i love hearing doods' voices 4 years ago  
    on christmas you get more and have time away (work or school) to spend with family and friends, lke birthday. and youre not the only one getting stuff! 4 years ago  
    cabin so i could see northern light 4 years ago  
    i never get 50-50 chances right, 1000000 for sure 4 years ago  
    fmily is good 4 years ago  
    gifts 4 years ago  
    yes totally 4 years ago  
    wow.... what the hell 4 years ago  
    that 69% who chpse thief, what the hell is wrong wid u 4 years ago  
    i do homework, play on ipad... nothig inappropropriate 4 years ago  
    omg im so sorry 4 years ago  
    im 11, still in school! 4 years ago  
    watching people fail is the best! i was a sleepover/party thing and all we did was watch fail compilation 4 years ago +1
    penguins are fluffy, eays to control balls of cuteness 4 years ago  
    never kill a puppy!!!!! 4 years ago  
    with time yu could get more money ad do more stuff. duh 4 years ago  
    cause of death cuz i could avoid it 4 years ago  
    flying would be amawing 4 years ago  
    desert is warm so... 4 years ago  
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