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There's an old Japanese haiku that goes:
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    Swag and yolo are not memes, jesus. 4 years ago  
    If there's something to prove it it's logical 4 years ago  
    Not all treasures are in the challenger deep. My point was that you would have all the time in the world to search, with no problems 4 years ago  
    She was stupid enough to put both hands in. 4 years ago +2
    I'd take them even if it was obama 4 years ago +1
    All the treasures r belong to me 4 years ago  
    They are not quite close at all. Also, a pc with proper maintenance can "survive" a huge amount of time as well, it all comes down to when you wanna replace it. Lastly, you don't need a super computer to be able to enjoy games, 500-600$ is enough to last you ALOT. 4 years ago +1
    That was a hallucination caused by sleep paralysis, not a spirit. 4 years ago +2
    What the heck are you talking about, i just pointed out a bit of info for PurpleRose. 4 years ago  
    Pele along with Maradona are like the most known names in the history of football. 4 years ago +1
    But i feel fine 4 years ago  
    She's actually half serbian half russian. 4 years ago  
    Lol'd 4 years ago  
    B says PC, illustrates a casualtop wat 4 years ago +1
    Why is your answer and your username so far apart dammit? 4 years ago +1
    B can be controlled somewhat. 4 years ago  
    If that was the case, hospitals would be full of perma-comatosed brain dead people. 4 years ago  
    Superman could kill him even before he had time to process the thought of using kryptonite. 4 years ago  
    100wpm and best are slightly different :p 4 years ago  
    Seeing/hearing better, not obscured view. That kind of stuff 4 years ago +1
    We need some ricola, and some pepsi cola 4 years ago  
    Really, whether it is normal or not depends on the circumstances. Nowdays it is not normal. 4 years ago  
    You don't compare with legends 4 years ago  
    Well then 4 years ago  
    Not quite, it's just that the Korean scene is way more popular/public with the rise of k-pop. 4 years ago  
    Jumpers can only jump to places they have visited. 4 years ago  
    This along with your name is funny. 4 years ago  
    .. or so we thought, until the fire nation attacked. 4 years ago  
    Why is A bad? 4 years ago  
    Jackw has a point, it's food your paid for, you have every right to do that. 4 years ago  
    Left-hand/side is used way more often. 4 years ago  
    How is even bad 4 years ago  
    Got bad news for the cute part 4 years ago  
    I would be the cause of "everything changed". 4 years ago +1
    1 husky & 2 shih tzu. The fights are real 4 years ago  
    Supposedly is more professional and makes no implications. 4 years ago  
    I would assume a simple 'oi' would suffice, hehe. 4 years ago +1
    The majority of takedowns don't even involve stealing, just some poor guy adding music to his video. 4 years ago  
    I'm pretty sure Europe also does that. 4 years ago  
    I guess you chose the eyepatch in that previous question 4 years ago  
    Beach bar 4 years ago  
    Battlefield 4 years ago  
    ^ Touche 4 years ago  
    They will change the title to Killed Bill vol. 3 4 years ago  
    I'm still sad that i couldn't experience the whole game just because i wasn't a "Guardian" 4 years ago +3
    Smooth 4 years ago  
    Whatever higher form could be considered a God to us, aside from our known religions. 4 years ago  
    People who voted B don't know the real struggle. 4 years ago +3
    The number of times someone would try to kill you is astronomical ^^ 4 years ago  
    Because time travel is a subject we know and are right about! 4 years ago  
    Blair > Dog 4 years ago  
    They used to be the same in a sense, except for the style perhaps. Then anime got popular and started working its way around cliches and whatnot. 4 years ago  
    If a plug is the only thing providing any kind of minimum life function. 4 years ago  
    Well since it's your life and all, you could *slightly* kick each dog toward the fences 4 years ago +2
    Both. 4 years ago  
    Thank god i made the conversion to Celcius for B. 4 years ago +2
    Mazes are easy to get out of, if you know how. Unless of course there are higher powers at work. 4 years ago  
    What jackw said, i rest my case. 4 years ago +1
    "Game of Thrones has more to it than a drug dealer running around with a kid" 4 years ago  
    Indeed, we don't use the toes individually like we do with our fingers. 4 years ago  
    It'll be your typical "eventhough superman can destroy me in a million ways i still has muh kryptonite" 4 years ago  
    Why wouldn't we? I torrent my stuff anyway, though. 4 years ago +1
    Since you're not actually touching them, you are indeed moving them from a distance. Also psychokinesis implies you're using the power of your soul, which in this case you're not. 4 years ago  
    Dem evil /b/oys and their deep end side of the internet 4 years ago  
    Assuming you had the mental capabilities to withstand its comprehension. 4 years ago +1
    I ate my orange and i'm K. 4 years ago  
    In a sense, both are valid 4 years ago  
    Nowadays it's just sped-up songs 4 years ago  
    I like how kylec4 is trying to keep us from going to hell. Also whatever comes to mind, improvisation. 4 years ago  
    I guess most people would pay attention to your right since it's the good arm of alot of people, thus making a left hook way sneakier. At least on an amateur scenario. 4 years ago  
    Why is A scary again? I don't think there's anything worse than a extradimensional being trying to kill you. 4 years ago  
    So, one of your sides is blank (?) 4 years ago  
    Easy now Mr. Lannister, nowadays it wouldn't really be crafted by a genuine blacksmith. 4 years ago +1
    Correct, but in any case an omnipotent being is leaning more toward good than evil. 4 years ago  
    If a God exists he transcends our human perception of alignment. We wouldn't be able to "categorize" him with our human terms. 4 years ago  
    I'll be back. 4 years ago  
    the world will never know 4 years ago  
    Midori Kanda! 4 years ago  
    $20 for each zombie? Do you know how many people have been preparing for this? 4 years ago  
    It's sad how this is so close. 4 years ago +2
    he's a human, not an opinion 4 years ago +1
    Either way, superpowers are not on the same page with science. 4 years ago  
    I'm sorry for not being able to have actual proof like the rest of the world. 4 years ago  
    Wait now, and cake will be served immediately. 4 years ago  
    Nothing "has" to do anything, thats why infinity was theorized. 4 years ago +1
    Or simply you are only percieved as invisble from other human beings and/or animals. 4 years ago  
    At least A would keep your salive going. 4 years ago +3
    You could do some serious Bruce Lee sh*t with that. 4 years ago  
    Spinosaurus the Aegyptiacus, damn right! 4 years ago  
    By far 4 years ago  
    Hopefully it will be better. 4 years ago  
    It is said that Brazil lost because their morale was extremely low, due to Neymar not playing. 4 years ago  
    Somewhere out there Varys snickers. ^^ 4 years ago +1
    Because some people don't crave perfection, or transcendance. 4 years ago +1
    This reminded me a poor fellah who said "I don't want to suicide cause it's illegal and they'll put me in jail." 4 years ago  
    That's a veeeery long list of overpowered abilities! 4 years ago  
    The trusty pan is real. 4 years ago +2
    As seen in the movie, he killed T-rex using tactic. T-rex is more about brute strength, kill first ask questions later kind of dinosaur. 4 years ago  
    Jealousy can be justified in some cases as well. 4 years ago  
    I didn't mean it in that way. 4 years ago  
    People voting based on popularity, jeez. 4 years ago  
    I'd say we are different energies originating from the same place. 4 years ago +1
    Ginkaku and Enel alone got my vote. 4 years ago  
    Well if both existed you would't really be alive to get the money. Kinda pointless. 4 years ago +1
    One zombie won't catch you if you have a gun, the problem would be with a horde. In that case the gun is still superior. 4 years ago  
    You ain't even trying 4 years ago  
    These are both awesome o.o 4 years ago  
    That ^ Monitored to actually have serious, thought-provoking questions. 4 years ago  
    2 : 4 years ago  
    6'1 4 years ago  
    I always got my fingers hurt in between the letters on these damn typewriters. 4 years ago  
    Anthropo from Άνθρωπος (Human) and phagy from φαγείν (to eat). Basically Canibalism. 4 years ago  
    Not quite, necrophilia is all about corpses. Vampires from the other hand are functional albeit a bit cold. 4 years ago  
    Well, i didn't understand why he was a "monster" in the first place. All he did was out of retaliation, quite justified really. 4 years ago  
    Yet you'll be able to actually see the dragon before he kills you! 4 years ago +1
    How is this even possible 4 years ago +1
    In most countries you're an adult at 18. 4 years ago  
    I can't see why not. 4 years ago  
    Haha, quite right. Not too far from that point, though. 4 years ago  
    Anytime 4 years ago  
    Has a post-apocalyptic yet advanced feel, which i love. 4 years ago  
    I tried to scroll past this, i really did 4 years ago  
    Clouded Sun / Hot / Rain would be ideal for me. 4 years ago +1
    Those bars are awful. 4 years ago  
    Brilliant question. B would be a great way to see your skills and capacity in actuality. 4 years ago +6
    Hearing the bad news second it's kind of an anti-climax. 4 years ago  
    That's true, it depends on the cuisine. 4 years ago  
    Incorrect, if every thought was one and the same we would be able to think and recall upon every matter we know immediately. 4 years ago  
    See it this way, someone appears happy but he actually isn't. You'll be able to see only the "surface" of their thoughts. 4 years ago  
    Indeed, but without volunteering and whatnot it can't be done. 4 years ago  
    Obviously, i did. That doesn't change my point. 4 years ago  
    Not if it affects their immediate reality causing absolute mayhem worldwide. 4 years ago  
    Lsd is one hell of a drug. 4 years ago +2
    Somehow the number seems small. 4 years ago  
    A mix of both, really. This also reminded me of Falling Skies. 4 years ago +3
    One more thing, you say we're weak. Weak compared to what? 4 years ago  
    I had the thought of a random crossbow/bow in mind, not particulary those 2. You might be right about those, i guess time will show ey. 4 years ago  
    That's not stupidity mate, there are many signs that ants are intelligent, even your statement proves teamwork. That again may prove prove instinct but still it's a sign. 4 years ago  
    So that makes you what? 4 years ago +5
    Pokemon is the like the new digimon, ridiculous evolutions/transformations, unoriginal new generations and damn if i know what more. 4 years ago  
    My thought as well, it seems impossible seeing that there are countless scenarios. 4 years ago  
    A wakizashi is top notch for beheading, lighter and better for close quarters. Also, i don't see how crossbows are more convenient, they take more time to reload and are more awkward to hold. 4 years ago  
    Dammit Demiurge! 4 years ago  
    Because it's obvious that he has more fighting skills. 4 years ago  
    Technically you could "learn" them by heart, while B is plain dangerous. 4 years ago  
    Someone might not believe in souls yet believe in supernaturalism and whatnot. 4 years ago +1
    If answer B was like "0.1% chance of becoming omnipotent" that would be more like it. 4 years ago  
    Remember people, don't let that cry out lest you forsake Valhalla ! 4 years ago +1
    "Research can be done effectively without experimenting" what? Then why the heck do you think they're doing it? 4 years ago +2
    28,400, i did not expect that. 4 years ago  
    Mindless / Hive-mind. Pick one. 4 years ago  
    And never will. 5 years ago  
    Sense my irony. 5 years ago  
    2 words, The Internet. 5 years ago  
    District 9 5 years ago  
    Sharkavalance. Snow is water - the science is sound. 5 years ago  
    "Gnostic" 5 years ago  
    Oh that's nice, glad you liked it! 5 years ago  
    I'm disappointed. Sin will get you infidels! 5 years ago  
    KH2 made me think too much of KH3 which was announced 50 years later. 5 years ago  
    Even though 3 and Gladiator were my favorites. 5 years ago +1
    This was hard as hell. 5 years ago  
    Exactly the same thing was going on for me. 5 years ago  
    Not sure why you're excited but hey, excitement is good! 5 years ago +1
    1 second is enough for some situations. 5 years ago  
    In a strange way, both. 5 years ago +16
    Why is folk "obscure" ? 5 years ago  
    Why would you even vote if you wanted to cheat, there's no point to it. You're lying to yourself about something fake. 5 years ago +1
    That which runs through you, will run you through. 5 years ago  
    It's the other way around, sorcery is learned and witchcraft is nature based. 5 years ago  
    We all did 5 years ago  
    It was better. 5 years ago  
    Lol'd 5 years ago  
    I'm assuming you mean female on male, that's still rape though. There's no "reverse" part. 5 years ago  
    Music is essentially useless. -George Santayana 5 years ago  
    Lost it at "know". 5 years ago  
    That's what people don't get about disorders and phobias, they take them too lightly. 5 years ago +2
    The hell is a "reverse rape" 5 years ago +3
    Blissful ignorance 5 years ago +1
    You got it wrong, it would be "Hm, school huh(?)" 5 years ago  
    Pistol has a better aim, i wouldn't risk being close to a zombie anyway, plus it's more handy. As for the melee, knife is actually more effort cause it requires speed and precision, whereas the bat is just brute strength. Then again, that's me. 5 years ago  
    Glados is so devilishly funny 5 years ago  
    Cute, lovable chactares. Along those lines. 5 years ago  
    B counts as both, really 5 years ago  
    Falling backwards seems more dangerous. 5 years ago  
    It can be rational, the only irrational aspect would be being disproportional to the actual danger. That's not always the case. As for your first question, i believe my example was enough. Being enclosed in a tight space is more logical than a harmless spider, in terms of fear. 5 years ago  
    Even though i'm at least 95% sure they will botch it. 5 years ago +1
    never drive =/= never sell 5 years ago  
    I support neither of those, and if even one is true we don't know it nor will we ever do. 5 years ago  
    That comparison was completely out from what i said. As for the second part, using common sense derived from things we know and using it on something unknown? Really? What facts, we have no facts, the only fact we have is that the bodily functions stop and that's not even close to "clear as day" that's dwelling in the pitch black darkness. 5 years ago  
    They have found longer than 50ft Anakonda shed skins. 5 years ago  
    Wrong levers are phun. 5 years ago +1
    How would you know what Death is? It's neutral since we only got theories upon the matter. 5 years ago  
    Cringing to the max at people saying "already know A". 5 years ago +2
    ^That. There would be no squeeze in there and most certainly wouldn't be slow or painfull. 5 years ago  
    In the original people actually get cut. Plus it's damn huge. 5 years ago +2
    Goddamn Shen 5 years ago  
    Phone / "Gaming" 5 years ago  
    Parkour involves getting from A to B faster, Freerun is more for tricks and show. 5 years ago  
    Neither. 5 years ago +1
    Since we can't absolutely control or know our subconscious i'm gonna stick with B. 5 years ago  
    Depends if in A you wouldn't get tired, assumed you would. 5 years ago  
    Because most questions on this site are actually plausible 5 years ago  
    If it'd be possible to change yours aswell. 5 years ago +1
    By definition ultimate power would allow you to ress your friend back, but yeah. 5 years ago +1
    Lock n' Load people 5 years ago  
    Ouroboros looks like a spaceship, would prefer naga/taipan or abyssus, which i have. 5 years ago  
    That was subtle 5 years ago  
    60-70 for the time being. 5 years ago  
    Gee, read about the hoax guys 5 years ago  
    Game of Thrones 5 years ago  
    Three 5 years ago  
    Everquest Next / Wildstar 5 years ago  
    Both, really. 5 years ago  
    Mate, i'm not here to have an existencial arguement with you. 5 years ago  
    On another note, i thought i was doing well with 2k votes so far and you have 17x that amount hah 5 years ago  
    I picked what's more right, not what works in this world. ^ ^ 5 years ago  
    They do have emotions, they're just "trained" to heavily supress them, and are generally shunned upon for that matter. 5 years ago  
    Friendly reminder that alot of loved/respected figures were assassinated. 5 years ago  
    The Holders have taught that the blackness can be tamed! 5 years ago  
    That's an unequal and silly comparison. 5 years ago  
    Devil's Playground, where zombies know goddamn Parkour. 5 years ago  
    That would be illogical and stupid but yeah that's where my original comment fits. 5 years ago  
    I'm sure the reason people condone abortion is not because the baby is "not yet alive". 5 years ago +1
    It isn't something that has to do with "my arguement". What the question states has no basis. That's what i pointed out, you can't rule out something just because you can't explain it, that's plain ignorance. 5 years ago  
    Yohoho, and a bottle of RUM! 5 years ago +1
    That was way harder than it should be. Picked Unreal 'cause of the Redeemer after all. 5 years ago  
    B is like -500% chance of coming out alive but yeah, let's go for it! 5 years ago  
    At least back then the world wasn't raging about it, plus no obsessive people. 5 years ago  
    Cannot explain =/= doesn't exist. 5 years ago +3
    A Red Shirt vs a Stormtrooper! The stormtrooper misses every shot, the red shirt just dies anyway. 5 years ago +1
    Elemental powers are always the way to go. 5 years ago  
    I don't think people condoning abortions believe that a baby isn't considered "alive" until after it's born. So yeah, those 2 can go along. 5 years ago  
    Your soul being trapped in an infinite void, no thanks. 5 years ago +2
    Even with science aside, you don't need anything beside pure logic to understand that. Kinda shows where the world is going to huh. 5 years ago  
    Good work, these are way better than your average fly/teleport. 5 years ago +4
    Oh no, pokemon got all those fancy shinies and 500 more "original" pokemon released every year!! 5 years ago  
    3x A's on the 3 parts, that's Godlike. Also yeah, choosing of this scale is more interesting. 5 years ago  
    Well technically, your past self isn't "you" so you wouldn't be able to get much from it. While from B you get helped directly. 5 years ago  
    A teacher is an eternal student, paradox question! 5 years ago  
    Even you'd get nothing it's up to your free will to decide whether or not you wanna do it. 5 years ago  
    Same old know-it-all wannabe-absolute people. Neither can be right or wrong cause simply there isn't any concrete evidence in any shape or form for either of those, nor will there ever be. 5 years ago +3
    Well "natural" could be open to interpretation, our physical peak is alot more than we think it is. 5 years ago  
    A is way more rational and not quite a "real" phobia. For example many cave explorers crawl in impossibly tight spaces which no sane person would. 5 years ago +2
    Where you b*tches goin' ! 5 years ago  
    Might have chosen the wrong answer. This could cause extreme weakness of the mind. Having no fear whatsoever leaves nothing to imagination. 5 years ago +1
    2/3 are not obligated to do it. 5 years ago  
    I'm not quite sure as what my top fears are, seeing they are sneaky basterds i'm gonna go with B. 5 years ago  
    I cannot comprehend how one can predict the future which is not certain to begin with. It depends on an infinite amount of choices, and every choice breeds another set of the same amount. 5 years ago +2
    Then again, some parts would still be valuable. 5 years ago  
    Fire is stronger but Ice has more utility. 5 years ago  
    Judging by what happened in Northumbria and Wessex, Ragnar ftw! 5 years ago  
    Gee, i haven't seen those in years. 5 years ago +2
    That comment pumped me up beyond measure. 5 years ago +2
    Typing is technically writing, keyboards would need a more durable design though. 5 years ago  
    *cough* casuals *cough* 5 years ago  
    Red's theme could be nice. 5 years ago  
    Awesome question. 5 years ago +1
    Aliens used to be prey and predator=hunter so yeah. 5 years ago  
    Mediocre at best. 5 years ago  
    I don't want to live on this planet anymore. 5 years ago  
    It seems newer generation don't know the Queen. 5 years ago +1
    Depends on the mental capacity/stability of each human. 5 years ago  
    Getting hardcore up on this. 5 years ago  
    It seems like it's raining, here have an Umbrella. 5 years ago  
    Damn right 5 years ago +2
    Eeny, meenie, miny, mo! 5 years ago  
    Kilika Beasts! 5 years ago  
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