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    I have some pretty demented dreams...  
    Both places have people to wipe your buts for you so pretty much 50/50 but loony bins are probably more fun and if you die there you can scare the sh*t out of people I mean how many horror movies have you seen that are filmed at retirement homes...  
    Hawaii is a leper colony built upon an active volcano where the disappointing ending to lost was filmed...  
    It dosent matter if you're straight or gay, I hate everyone equally as much. And what is everybody's obsession with gays being bad or wrong or evil they're just guys that like to butf*ck!  
    Wtf I'm 13  
    Could I get a life time supply of Morgan freeman and have dinner with bacon???  
    In case you haven't noticed there are only like 3 girls in the whole of star wars, and one of them is princess Leiah, so I doubt many of them will be getting much sex unless they just butf**k...  
    F*** that s*** I want proper booze!!!  
    THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON and also Brad isn't real he's just Edwards multiple personality but Edward is a complete psycho soooo.....  
    Death note, soul eater, fruits basket, another, danganronpa, mirai nikki, bleach, fullmetal alchemist, one piece, attack on titan, my neighbour Totoro, kiki's delivery service, spirited away, arietti,(last 4 are studio ghibli) digimon, dragon ball, yu-gi-oh and fairy tail. +1
    Basically be peeta or be katniss... +227
    Harry probably has every STD known to man...  
    13 so yeah...  
    Wot is blue waffle (keeping in mind I'm only 12)?????  
    A coma is basically a really long nap I wouldn't actually mind that  
    I'm getting a tattoo of happy off fairy tail on my but!!! (my friend clicked piercing)  
    Is there a pee in the bushes option???  
    Lol I'd punch my granny anyway she's an annoying old sex tourist hag  
    I hate myself for choosing this but yeah... Dracula is a vicious blood sucking demonic creature that preys on humans and Edward is an emotional teenager who only eats animals and sparkles... Which sounds scarier... +149
    My mum just laughs if I get in trouble but my dads a grumpy bastard  
    Ignorance is bliss... think of how much easier his life would have been if he'd just ignored all of his problems...  
    Hmmm..... They both seem kinda fun but I think floating around naked in space forever probably wins...  
    I never drink water just orange juice!  
    I'd want the most dramatic death ever so a massive samurai sword or chainsaw would probably work  
    When I was 3 I ate a MASSIVE packet of skittles and my face swelled up... BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!  
    I'd love to die by being crushed by someone jumping off the empire state building  
    Just shoot yourself then  
    CUCUMBER!!!!!!!!WOOH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    I'd have to grow some first  
    Run coz if u surrender u go to prison but of u run u either escape or have a little fun before you die and get shot to bits!!!  
    Some kid I know bit his tongue off...  
    I love sleep without sleep my life would just be depressing  
    Who really gives a sh*t you're dead!!!  
    Lol u r probably eating a person when you have food from tesco you never know what sh*t you're eating  
    Enter 4 sh*t competitions then the Olympics  
    Sh*t would get pretty f*cked up if you messed with that sort of stuff  
    I had my first kiss when I was 4 and my first 4 boyfriends when I was 5 but I don't think that counts coz I was a bit of a slut back then...  
    What is the point of people remembering you after you die for all I care my family can stuff my dead body with explosives and blow me up when I'm dead...  
    I aint complaining  
    Screw other people  
    She just gets paid to do nothing dosent sound too bad  
    Huzzah I won  
    I'd do that just for that gravestone!  
    If it was topless then HELL YAW!!! If it was fully nude then probs no...  
    Just coz gay jokes are funnier if u r a guy and life would be soooo much easier as a guy  
    Bush was a t*at  
    I would invent invisible underwear and living candy  
    WOOH YEAH!!! HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Katniss kills people but she is a bit of a stroppy b*tch... I prefer Clove ( the one off orphan who goes psych and throws knives at everyone ( also if you have not watched orphan you have not lived. Google it.))  
    F*ck my friends I can get new friends  
    You cant do XD in a phone call  
    As long as its not serious racism is sooo funny  
    At least in the day you can see the SHARKS coming!!!  
    Then you get to b*tch about your teacher  
    Fire is cool I would take that job just to run around on fire!!!  
    Lol fire is cool I would take that job just to run around On fire!!!  
    NINJA SNEAK ATTACK!!!!!!!!  
    Depends if I could cheat...  
    I dont like sharing presents with other people  
    People really p*ss me off...  
    If you go to a hospital in India to have your wisdom teeth removed you wake up missing a kidney...  
    What if there was an "accident" involving your parents and a chainsaw...  
    Where's the fun in climbing stuff... It's a waste of time if you're not jumping of something so high you'd die if you fell off!!!  
    I would just send an empty box just to p*ss them off  
    Tepees are EPIC but in an igloo you could have a pet penguin...  
    Get a jet pack leg  
    Lol! Ninjas are epic!  
    Cats are cute!!! If you get attacked by a dog it scars you and the dog is put down, if you get attacked by a cat it's just adorable!!! XD  
    I'd say the only dogs anyone with a criminal record can get are yorkies poodles or chuawas then hardly anyone would get killed by vicious dogs  
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