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    I'll use the lightsaber to cut coconuts, apples, watermelons' and turkey for them. Everybody wins! +3
    Do on to others what you want them to do on to you.  
    SSSHHHH This is not a law yet, So stop taking about fight club but you got my vote!  
    Just cause you win the lottery, don't mean you'll be happy. I seen on the news how people get kill or get harass by others to give them money. Money can't buy everything. Living longer can make you wiser. But I have run into some stupid folks. Living long or the Lottery will not help them out.  
    What if your home is at the restaurant, most immigrants actually live this way till they make it to the top if all goes well.  
    They have cookies in them  
    I always wanted to fly  
    Diping is on thing, eaten is a whole other level. The crunch and flesh tearing is just to much.  
    AT least you die on top of the world!  
    Did it by accidents off course, Bled for 10minutes non stop, pain lasted for 3 days and lost 7lb. Eating was the hard part and the 1st day. You could smell and taste your own blood the 1st day pretty much all day.  
    That Glolar looks dead already, so there. That was easy.  
    My dreams helps others, them helps me cause it gives it more meaning.  
    Both, your mom and your daughter.  
    At least it wont get stolen  
    You had me at pluming  
    Cant take neither off road, so neither.  
    My 1st pet was a tarantula that I found in the woods, and turtles. We where poor back then. Would do it all over cause now I appreciate all the little things and don't worried to have the latest things  
    There both stupid.  
    They learn from their mistake, unfortunate 24% don't know how to forgive cause they don't make mistakes. No one is perfect, and the new generation don't agree with the past. Move on.  
    Justin Bieber is from Canada. I like people from Australia (CommunityChannel).  
    China is the Worst polluters ever! People are getting sick and dying just by being outside.  
    Neither, I root for my home town, good or bad.  
    Almost the same but worst, If your in a horrible relationship, is like your alone with some one else who hates you but wont leave.  
    So why did you pick no?  
    I like watching the extras and if I need to pee, there's a pause button.  
    At least you can steal their weapons and use them.  
    The Lightsaber runs on 4 "D" batteries. At least the one that I have.  
    As human, we need more!  
    As long as humanity gets save, our kids will thank us and my worries will banish as long as our future generation learns from our mistakes.  
    Everyone touching you, sneezing, farting, sweating like sardines. +188
    Politicians would be plentiful and more war and suffering we be more of a norm. Humans are more evil and selfish with out fear of a higher life being.  
    I have brothers a sisters I deferent states, don't spend money on hotels when we travel. When they visit they stay with us and its just so much fun having them around. Big families are awesome. +3
    That don't look so bad, I seen worst. +1
    Beauty fades...  
    I all ready do, no annual charge, clean my own sweat, shower in comfort.  
    Don't use neither but I don't like apple.  
    Most White wine is bleached. Red wine has more benefits.  
    If your not ready to have a child then don't have sex. Cute kid, just like my boo! +1
    For now.  
    Never heard Lil' Wayne music, will look it up... Look it up, wish I didn't.  
    I need a wing man  
    Don't have to wait to use the restroom or run out of toilet paper.  
    I ain't renting no tux!  
    This use to be Cingular.  
    I'll tell you wen you get older.  
    Take a nap  
    Didn't say I can't write it as a Tax Write Off. WIN, WIN.  
    Easy question. neither. Apple is over rated .  
    Replace the Bad drugs with Children's Tylenol and placebos mix with Red Bull.  
    The real question is "Live with rats or not". +1
    Better late than never. You loose it then what? Its gone for good.  
    Cleanest potty in the neighborhood.  
    To many famous people have no good relationship let alone a perfect one.  
    Isn't that what he does in real life any ways.  
    I have been a vegetarian for 16 years, last time I was at the doctors office or hospital was 14 years ago. I fell 18 feet, didn't brake a thing but was in pain for a week. Wen your educated on what to eat, you don't have normal diet, its just better than that. But everybody has a choice on what they want to eat, and I respect that.  
    Wen I tell them the truth, I tell them "I dare you to kick my ass". A lot of people don't like the truth.  
    Tell them what really think about them. Glad that's out of my chest. Play who wants to be a millionaire and answer till I get it right. +1
    I can always get new friends.  
    I love my parents, don't want to tell nasty things to my mum and at least I know my old man still got it.  
    Clean animation vs. Hate full, controversial, racist, make fun of others. Family Guy would never make it if they would have clean animated comedy.  
    I know a few beautiful people, I don't like them and there parents hate them. They treat there parents like crap. I know to ugly people, as so I though. Got to them, happy that I did. Their unselfish and good hearted. Don't know any body that hates them, that must be nice.  
    My phone is crap and I don't have a tablet.  
    Always go with the real thing.  
    So you been there?  
    I'm not black, but I isn't white either.  
    Largest animal in the world  
    I love Italian food, as its know there as food. YUM!  
    I got bills to pay, so I volunteer.  
    I hate them the same but Wal Mart has more stuff and crazy customers'.  
    If your dumb you wouldn't know, that and people will take advantage of you.  
    No earth quakes, and yeah we get hurricanes' , but at least we know their coming.  
    30 yo, Seeing two kids kiss looks weird.  
    vegetarian anyone. +1
    Harry potter drives a broom. Maybe he can clean my garage.  
    I like looking at the sun rise and day walks, and not depend on feeding on blood, and look sick all the time.  
    I rather get kill in one touch than loose an ear and say what all the time.  
    People believe in big foot, so why not.  
    This is the same, if you get married then everybody is rich.  
    No body wants an ugly child, but I'm given a choice so I pick. But if I where to, then I love that child the same because its my blood. Its that simple... Love.  
    wine is good for you and you get a better buzz  
    Back then they didn't have Nintendo, PlayStation etc., etc., etc..  
    Once he is free then its all fun and games after that. Once he is out of the cake, All hell will rain a pond him.  
    I'll do some thing just to get there just to avoid that whole centipede thing.  
    Appearance is just a plus.  
    I get to win a new car spin the wheel, trip to bora bora. And it all started with a bid of a $1.  
    Only if the alcohol content is 50%  
    They call me mini me.  
    I love movies, An athlete would just make me run and I don't play well with others.  
    Been there, done that, it's my time to chill.  
    I all ready have and didn't cost me a dime vs. change your appearance, don't like the idea to go under the knife.  
    Your best friend will never betray you, if they do chances are that it can be fix. A famous hot person is just that. No personal time or privacy, don't know if they will stick around and the hotness will fade away and their popularity.  
    Claws and a skeleton made of the strongest metal, self generation, immortality vs. tights', always hiding your identity, home made spider web.  
    Bad relationship just makes your life feel like crap all the time and hate or really dislike the ones that your with. No way to live.  
    Just because it said that it creates job, lows gas prices and help the people, others wise, we need better energy resources that wont hurt the environment and our selves.  
    The Bugatti gas consumption is the worst. Parts are horrible, insurance coverage cost you an arm and a leg. I don't like cars, I'm a truck or off road person, at least the Camaro can handle a dirt trail and wont worry me if I brake something. Bugatti is to high maintenance. +1
    The American dream and the world. So who's going to work for me.... the 26% Anyone who would work for me and stays would get a pay raise every 5years plus a pay vacation for a week of there place of their choice. Work another 5years, another raise and 2 weeks of vacation paid. 5 more years another raise and 3 weeks of and the vacation paid. 5 more years, another raise, 3 weeks of, a new car of their choice (under $40,000) plus vacation paid. But that's just a dream.  
    I had an Apple, hated their system and everything is expensive. Windows is people friendly and price ranges from a lot of $ to little $.  
    I can cut my hair bald, but I think this would be harder for females.  
    The whole worlds knows him better than Elves who still is a great singer but as a big and talented. I have Michaels cds but no Elvis.  
    Its like having a private watch dog that you don't pay.  
    Don't matter what I'm wearing, it will get dirty.  
    always wanted to fly.  
    invest some.  
    I'm the only one who knows what s wrong with my body. I need new lungs an a liver.  
    If I start the world I wont exist, if I stop the end then we haven't learn anything from our mistakes and all is lots. I would still start the world for the better and keep humanity alive and give it a second try.  
    If you love it, it really isn't working. Just look at her face. I want a hug like that.  
    Didn't mean to click on this cause its the same tham thing, the picture perfect may me do it!  
    Bath = Standing water with your own dirty self.  
    This is a bad example. Don't know no one that likes this guy now or in the past.  
    for what? the question is not complete.  
    Neither or both. Their both bad. So sell drugs to the gun dealer at my location of discretion as the drugs to the gun dealers, lock them in the same warehouse, see what happens. If I like bring in the next group. If not, fill the warehouse with CO2 clean up and try again.  
    $1,000 plus for an oil change fro the Lambo not including the crazy amount that you would pay for insurance and gas money. 10 Priuses, two for me in two colors the rest rent them out.  
    Shower at night in the winter, shower in the morning in the summer, we have long summers here in Texas.  
    I'm a vegetarian, it's all good.  
    Fresh air away from work.  
    You can read about the past. Wen you read this, this was written in the past. Creepy huh!  
    I do this already.  
    "SPOILER ALERT" Same guy but Edward lives on.  
    that's only $1 deference per kid.  
    If I achieve immortality, get a patent, register, what ever, help others with a five year test to see if you deserve it. after that its stilll in the works.  
    I'm spending my money on paying of my student loan... ;(  
    Don't care for it, but take the money from drug dealers, and have shops sale them , tax it, put back that money where is needed like schools or fixing all this potholes on the streets.  
    Sex before marriage is wrong but I already did it.  
    Gotta pay the bills  
    If there was a relationship all ready in place before that then I'll be with them. If not then no. Neither with an android, I like the real thing.  
    There still your bro or sis. Way to awkward...x-p  
    I only had 1 bad brake up, regretted and hope she is doing better. Plus some one already mention that's there's food and cake.  
    Educate them with technology is such a bad idea. The splitting of atoms suppose to help man kind with free energy. Instead we fear nuclear devastation. Not just from bombs but from nuclear reactors(Russia and Japan). But I would conquer and control people with technology that helps human kind, like indoor pluming, eating organic and use food as a medical treatment not medicine that have all kinds of side effects as death, blindness, bleeding, and so on. And no not all medicine is bad. Rotation crops to help protect the land, solar and wind technology and thermal energy. Washing your stupid hands after going to the restroom that people don't still do today and so on. Lastly, not like a God but and educator and a mentor, God is a definition of a being with power beyond our dreams, I'm just a man with ideas that will die in time.  
    Question said live alone. I was raised in a shack with 10 other family members wen I was little and I love it, cause I was always surrounded my love ones. Now I live on my own and not a mansion and it gets lonely sometimes.  
    Adopt, but from here not another country, got to take care of our kids here 1st. If chose to have another, then out side of the country, but its up to me and my mate.  
    Rather be with people that I know than people that I don't.  
    Cold and cozy not hot and sweaty, sticky, smelly, uncomfortable.  
    don't like earthquakes.  
    vegy all the way.  
    work less make more.  
    don't know the Olympians unless some one points them out.  
    a plane can go over land and sea.  
    A flag is not what a country is. the people are or those who rule them.  
    I do it all ready, especially wen I think  
    either, a date is a date.  
    sound like the Truman Show.  
    Wen you work for it, you enjoy it more. I have every right to say "that's mind B..." or I got this, all me.  
    People know me, but don't know who I am, My friend know me and they don't gossiped about me, cause they talk to me. Gossiped are never a good thing and are based on misunderstanding and hate or jealousy.  
    We get hurricanes, That tree house wont last.  
    I have both  
    I sleep side ways fool  
    Buy my own place with a small farm an a green house. Have a wind and solar panels next to a small river that's fed by a natural spring. The rest is history. +13
    its what I am  
    I can overpower a 7 year old if he steers into trouble, a drunk person can get me kill specially if you try to tell them what to do. That an cut me up pretty good with a broken beer bottle.  
    A person with low self-esteem does what others tell them. So teach them to have self-esteem. A cocky person wont lesson to others cause they think they know it all and hurt others with not a care in the world.  
    My family protects and loves me, society could give s...t about me cause they don't know me.  
    At least I know who is after me or to be careful around.  
    I live in one , don't know how the other is.  
    I camp and mountain bike a lot.  
    I stole a pack of gum(25cents) wen I was a kid and felt like crap for a whole week.  
    I'm a guy. So if I had an ugly girlfriend and I love her, then she wouldn't be ugly cause love will make her the most beautiful girl that I would know.  
    Knowing it all means you know being rich is not what will make you happy. Rich people always worried of loosing it all, or some else taking it. If you know their weakness and password, you can take it all and give it to those who need it.  
    I'm always on land.  
    I had wealthy friends. I love my new poor friends, they appreciate all that's around them. That makes me so happy cause I'm not rich my self and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who enjoys the little things.  
    I Value my life, Being sick an unhealthy cost lots of money.  
    I have an old cell with no internet.  
    war causes hunger.  
    What comes around goes around, there's no end to it.  
    I love food and love to drive  
    end it quick  
    Mirrors are not the only thing that reflect back, and there are video cameras.  
    I have been cheated on, hurts like hell, don't want anyone to go to all of that.  
    lost a friend cause of a bad driver. I only wait half of the time all ready anyways.  
    camping and hiking and mountain biking and stuff that ends in ing.  
    in a coma all you do is sleep, while being paralyze, your trap in a useless body. You have to be storng minded and emotional to do it if you had a choice.  
    I'm a vegetarian for 16years and plan to stay that way.  
    where do you think I'm writing this from?  
    GI Joy said " Knowing is half the battle"  
    Smart people change the world, hot people get no privacy, hard time finding true love, and get forgotten, and the majority of the world hate them. Smart people find cure for sickness and make our lives better, thank you for indoor pluming, ac, clean water, etc.  
    The actor Webster who was 3Feet tall was black, also had a black kid in my middle school who was harass in PE class for having a small Weiner. The color of your skin doesn't guaranty nothing.  
    Racism and woman cruelty still exist.  
    Only if my bad health changes to that other person as super healthy, I have lungs of a five year old.  
    I work long hours, all I do at home is sleep, eat , and s...! Guess what? I'm taking a s... then I'm going to bed. Going to work early and getting off late.  
    rather not have kids  
    Where I'm from, children had a 40% chance of living their adult hood. 60% are now dead.  
    No its not, one is 1 Billion and the other is 10 thousand. I take the 1 Billion and not just give to Africa but to the other 3rd world countries.  
    People have won the lottery with less than $10,000,00 and had there love one kill them cause of it, not to mention to those who don't love them.  
    monkeys carry deceases and bite and toss poop.  
    one word.... Shipping +1
    don't know what sh*t taste like.  
    i rather die  
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