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Heyy, I'm Zerenity, I'm 15 years of age, and I live in Alaska. I love this site...so far. My favorite movies: Pokemon - Hero's the movie, Hitch, I.Robot, and Hancock. My Favorite shows: New Girl, The Vampire Diary, Black Butler, Naruto, Lost Girl, and Beauty and the Beast. My Favorite Color: Black, Red, and little purple. My Favorite book: Nocturne. My Favorite song: (Hip-Hop, Rock, and Metal) Everytime We Touch - Cascada, Cool Kids - Unknown, Numb - Linkin Park, Beauty and the Beat - YouTube (Alex Goot, Kurt Schneider, and Chrissy Costanza) My Favorite band: Linkin Park, Dubstep, and Against the Current. My Favorite Games: Assassin's Creed 2, Black Ops 1, Modern Warfare 2, Grand Theft Auto 4, and Saints Row 2. I Spend all my free time on Playstation 3 - Online. :) Oh AND By the way im not very good at writing. lol so don't talk to me if you will correct my writing :) only a little correcting but if you correct everything, i'll never talk to you again :)

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    I wouldn't want to suffer, rrrather them than me. +1
    Crush, I'm sorry i was sent to jail for manslaughter... >.<  
    Please, I live in Alaska BORING... now where's that tropical island? lol  
    I don't know them I'll live.  
    well guess your not suppose to end up together.  
    Great short life I'll have  
    I'd rrrather not get beaten to death, shot to the head would be nice and peaceful.  
    Why are they such a big deal they're not very attractive.  
    I really wouldn't want to watch my family die off one by one, but seeing my grand-children would be awesome lol  
    Please, Ian Somerhalder is clearly Hotter than that kid.  
    Might develope feelings for the person.  
    Ha my friends would kick his ass XD  
    it's not like your loosing your true love  
    :) ill get them back 10 times worse  
    Probably die skydiving >_<  
    damnit i cant choose there both soo good  
    I'll live forever and when the richest man dies i'll say "HAHAHA I'LL LIVE FOREVER B TCH" (before he/she dies)  
    i want to get a tattoo but I'm only 15  
    Yes, what if he/she is gay/lesbian? than they'll be friends. i think that's the best kind of relationship :) +3
    better than your best friend  
    this is useless of course JACOB XD  
    MY FCKNG DAY SO SHUT UP ! lol +5
    hey i would murder my best friend if she did that lol but my crush nah  
    already live in a remote area with loved ones  
    i love my sisters but my fiance' hmmm that's a different story if he cheats  
    i already am -_- +3
    Dating online not the best but its better than a blind date.  
    Love isn't just bubbly crap it's trust and loyalty. . . +2
    If they don't like it they can fall in a hole and die. +10
    hmm i don't believe >_< better to sit through something that i at least believe happened. . .  
    Las Vegas is da BOMB!  
    i dont have them XD JOKES ON YOU SUUUCKERRRRR  
    i aint given up withput a fight  
    won't even get past the gate. . .  
    Hey you might need something to eat. . . +1
    My toe WTF NOOOO the tip of my finger hmmm maybe  
    people taking care of you, eat free, and do anything you want. come one lol  
    >_< Both worse and yet i choose to die underwater. . . -_- id be scared to death XD  
    Turning 16 + Presents + Friends & Family = Happiest day of my life . . . so far XD  
    HAHAHa fighting with someone "I CANT HEAR YOU B****" XD  
    I'd rather be hated than forgotten. . .  
    I'd be shy and awkward if i went with my significant other, with friends it would be a blast!  
    I play video games + no sleep = so much game play XD id be happy forever  
    Read mind so i can read what my bf thinks  
    i wouldn't want to be assassinated  
    i live in Alaska I've had enough snow for a life time. . .  
    I've seen a movie in a ski lift >_< terrible ending and the the elevator terrible but less terrible lol  
    They would just help me LOLOLOLOL  
    HAHAHa be at school than be in Paris etc.  
    He's a jerk who could miss him. . .  
    i'd rather hurt than to hurt others.  
    Love is better than money, even if you have everything you want more.  
    Being hit by a train isn't as bad as watching your love fall from your hands completely.  
    she would ask me how he looked.  
    waiting for the right one is better than dating every guy and never finding him.  
    being rich is fun but the lonely-ness weighs more.  
    enemy easy to kill, bestfriend hmmm little injury  
    please i already live in alaska JOKES ON YOU  
    Bye russia . . .  
    being close to the one you love than never talk to each other again  
    Love is hard to find, its better to be poor and happy than rich and lonely.  
    don't care what my friends say if I'm happy they should be to if not than there not really friends  
    id rather get killed with a single bullet than beat to death XD  
    Go with whatever you like. . .job that you hate or (a job that you like)  
    i'll never cheat on some i love/like  
    Zayn Malik IS HOT !!! harry styles hmm ok  
    Video games !! shes awesome not sure about the star track tho lol  
    friends always fill the empty ness lol  
    come one Lucas Till IS HOT!!!  
    if you have a supper/dinner you'll have emotions for him and its a ONE NIGHT stand . . .  
    id rather be by someone that will comfort me  
    you can get money maybe even more (if you work hard enough for it) true love happens once in a life time (maybe once)  
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