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Heyy, I'm Zerenity, I'm 15 years of age, and I live in Alaska. I love this site...so far. My favorite movies: Pokemon - Hero's the movie, Hitch, I.Robot, and Hancock. My Favorite shows: New Girl, The Vampire Diary, Black Butler, Naruto, Lost Girl, and Beauty and the Beast. My Favorite Color: Black, Red, and little purple. My Favorite book: Nocturne. My Favorite song: (Hip-Hop, Rock, and Metal) Everytime We Touch - Cascada, Cool Kids - Unknown, Numb - Linkin Park, Beauty and the Beat - YouTube (Alex Goot, Kurt Schneider, and Chrissy Costanza) My Favorite band: Linkin Park, Dubstep, and Against the Current. My Favorite Games: Assassin's Creed 2, Black Ops 1, Modern Warfare 2, Grand Theft Auto 4, and Saints Row 2. I Spend all my free time on Playstation 3 - Online. :) Oh AND By the way im not very good at writing. lol so don't talk to me if you will correct my writing :) only a little correcting but if you correct everything, i'll never talk to you again :)

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Would you rather Live In A Game or Live In A Movie 5 years ago 132 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a Panda (with no worries in the world)? or Ordinary human? 5 years ago 216 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be In a relationship with the Prettiest girl alive? (but be cheating on you behind your back) or In a relationship to an Ordinary girl? (she just loves you alot with a bit of a jealous issue) 5 years ago 202 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be an anime character? (Feel everything more intense; Love, break-ups, and more) or Be a video game character? (feel all the pain but be able to be your own charater not like "Gamer" and not like the Military) 5 years ago 175 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather kill a person with your thumb? or kill a puppy with your hands? 5 years ago 130 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to Teleport? or be able to be Invisible? 5 years ago 159 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have any game you want at anytime? or have money at anytime? 5 years ago 183 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have a Australian accent or Have a British accent 5 years ago 146 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be a teenager your WHOLE life? or Be a young adult your WHOLE life? 5 years ago 152 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Survive in the Sahara Desert or Survive in the Grande Canyon 5 years ago 100 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be A Kitten or Be A Puppy 5 years ago 235 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be with your True Love for a 1 year than loose him/her. or Be with your Loved Ones forever but never find your True Love. 5 years ago 95 votes 11 comments 0 likes

Zerenity has posted the following comments:

if you don't like the fxcking question don't look/answer it 5 years ago  
yeah, i didn't say forever... 5 years ago  
I'd rather lose my leg 5 years ago  
dosen't say you can't look for someone else. 5 years ago +1
go for it! 5 years ago  
haha Yup XD 5 years ago  
Nope. 5 years ago  
I wouldn't want to suffer, rrrather them than me. 5 years ago +1
Crush, I'm sorry i was sent to jail for manslaughter... >.< 5 years ago  
Please, I live in Alaska BORING... now where's that tropical island? lol 5 years ago  
I don't know them I'll live. 5 years ago  
well guess your not suppose to end up together. 5 years ago  
Great short life I'll have 5 years ago  
Do it? do what o.o play ball yeah okay! (~^.^)~ * .-.e 5 years ago  
His choice 5 years ago  
I'd rrrather not get beaten to death, shot to the head would be nice and peaceful. 5 years ago  
Why are they such a big deal they're not very attractive. 5 years ago  
I bet they both like it up the ass, so I'll say Hell NOO. 5 years ago  
ZAYN FOR LIFE 5 years ago  
I really wouldn't want to watch my family die off one by one, but seeing my grand-children would be awesome lol 5 years ago  
Please, Ian Somerhalder is clearly Hotter than that kid. 5 years ago  
Might develope feelings for the person. 5 years ago  
Ha my friends would kick his ass XD 5 years ago  
:'( beat you before i ever got to answer the question 5 years ago  
wtf o_o ones being physically hit and the other is being mentally hit 5 years ago  
o_o wow this is weird my friends wife is ceo & cheats, he has no job but loyal LOLOLOL XD 5 years ago +3
it's not like your loosing your true love 5 years ago  
adobtion :) already planning on not having kids 5 years ago +1
:) i already do that 5 years ago +1
same thing just being buried alive is better 5 years ago  
i don't know them ... 5 years ago +1
i don't wear make up that much 5 years ago  
:) ill get them back 10 times worse 5 years ago  
doesn't say you won't find your true love XD 5 years ago +3
if i had a bf lolololol 5 years ago  
to much sadness 5 years ago +1
o_o dumb question 5 years ago +6
I'd kick her out of my house 5 years ago  
Probably die skydiving >_< 5 years ago  
damnit i cant choose there both soo good 5 years ago  
CALL OF DUTY :) 5 years ago  
I'll live forever and when the richest man dies i'll say "HAHAHA I'LL LIVE FOREVER B TCH" (before he/she dies) 5 years ago  
i want to get a tattoo but I'm only 15 5 years ago  
Yes, what if he/she is gay/lesbian? than they'll be friends. i think that's the best kind of relationship :) 5 years ago +3
. . . 5 years ago +1
i would want to have my soul mate right next to me than loose them 5 years ago +1
better than your best friend 5 years ago  
this is useless of course JACOB XD 5 years ago  
ewww none of the above !!!!!! 5 years ago  
MY FCKNG DAY SO SHUT UP ! lol 5 years ago +5
hey i would murder my best friend if she did that lol but my crush nah 5 years ago  
already live in a remote area with loved ones 5 years ago  
people have no patience 5 years ago  
o_o serious you want sand and mud sh*t on you while you do it. you guys are gross 5 years ago +3
o_O alaready happen 5 years ago +1
hey a crush ya i can move on no big deal there are more times thats gonna hapen 5 years ago  
i love my sisters but my fiance' hmmm that's a different story if he cheats 5 years ago  
i already am -_- 5 years ago +3
hmmm . . . 5 years ago  
Dating online not the best but its better than a blind date. 5 years ago  
Lezb 5 years ago  
XD I'll ask a doctor to make a cure for me 5 years ago +2
Love isn't just bubbly crap it's trust and loyalty. . . 5 years ago +2
If they don't like it they can fall in a hole and die. 5 years ago +10
hmm i don't believe >_< better to sit through something that i at least believe happened. . . 5 years ago  
Las Vegas is da BOMB! 5 years ago  
i dont have them XD JOKES ON YOU SUUUCKERRRRR 5 years ago  
i aint given up withput a fight 5 years ago  
won't even get past the gate. . . 5 years ago  
Hey you might need something to eat. . . 5 years ago +1
My toe WTF NOOOO the tip of my finger hmmm maybe 5 years ago  
people taking care of you, eat free, and do anything you want. come one lol 5 years ago  
>_< Both worse and yet i choose to die underwater. . . -_- id be scared to death XD 5 years ago  
Turning 16 + Presents + Friends & Family = Happiest day of my life . . . so far XD 5 years ago  
HAHAHa fighting with someone "I CANT HEAR YOU B****" XD 5 years ago  
I'd rather be hated than forgotten. . . 5 years ago  
I'd be shy and awkward if i went with my significant other, with friends it would be a blast! 5 years ago  
I play video games + no sleep = so much game play XD id be happy forever 5 years ago  
Read mind so i can read what my bf thinks 5 years ago  
i wouldn't want to be assassinated 5 years ago  
i live in Alaska I've had enough snow for a life time. . . 5 years ago  
I've seen a movie in a ski lift >_< terrible ending and the the elevator terrible but less terrible lol 5 years ago  
They would just help me LOLOLOLOL 5 years ago  
HAHAHa be at school than be in Paris etc. 5 years ago  
He's a jerk who could miss him. . . 5 years ago  
i'd rather hurt than to hurt others. 5 years ago  
Love is better than money, even if you have everything you want more. 5 years ago  
Being hit by a train isn't as bad as watching your love fall from your hands completely. 5 years ago  
she would ask me how he looked. 5 years ago  
waiting for the right one is better than dating every guy and never finding him. 5 years ago  
being rich is fun but the lonely-ness weighs more. 5 years ago  
enemy easy to kill, bestfriend hmmm little injury 5 years ago  
please i already live in alaska JOKES ON YOU 5 years ago  
Bye russia . . . 5 years ago  
being close to the one you love than never talk to each other again 5 years ago  
i can deal with gay but cheating NOO 5 years ago  
Love is hard to find, its better to be poor and happy than rich and lonely. 5 years ago  
don't care what my friends say if I'm happy they should be to if not than there not really friends 5 years ago  
id rather get killed with a single bullet than beat to death XD 5 years ago  
Go with whatever you like. . .job that you hate or (a job that you like) 5 years ago  
i like younger guys/good looking. justin is gay so we'll probably not do it XD 5 years ago  
i'll never cheat on some i love/like 5 years ago  
Zayn Malik IS HOT !!! harry styles hmm ok 5 years ago  
Video games !! shes awesome not sure about the star track tho lol 5 years ago  
friends always fill the empty ness lol 5 years ago  
come one Lucas Till IS HOT!!! 5 years ago  
if you have a supper/dinner you'll have emotions for him and its a ONE NIGHT stand . . . 5 years ago  
id rather be by someone that will comfort me 5 years ago  
you can get money maybe even more (if you work hard enough for it) true love happens once in a life time (maybe once) 5 years ago  
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