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Which do you use Google or Yahoo 17,714 votes 146 comments 0 likes
Who's hotter... Jacob!! or Edward 10,866 votes 127 comments 0 likes
What would you rather See your friend kissing your boyfriend or Your enemy kissing your boyfriend 14,083 votes 205 comments 0 likes

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If I had a high pay I would only have to do it for a while as I could earn more quick then quit and get a job I love :) +61
Only have to suck on the sock for a short while  
Average is good enough for me  
A kid doesn't worry about anything and at that age most people get along  
Depends on how someone else would kill me cause I would want it over with pretty quickly... +1
Do the pictures have anything to do with the question??? +6
Was gonna say that ahah  
Snow is so much more fun +1
If you like what your doing you do it better and might get a raise! :O  
I don't wear make up any way so wouldn't make a difference +3
Could loose weight +8
If I had to live in the same place it would depend on how great that place was +1
I +1
Nissan 350Z looks much better thant the Mazda RX-8  
Surf coz its amazing  
A pool is bigger! and you can properly swim in a pool  
I already play Basketball and you get to move around more in Basketball. Golf bores me  
I love the water woooooo  
I am European so I would get the game ahah +3
Football is amazing Hockey is not  
I'm for it but I think people should think hard about it before they have an abortion and take it seriously because some people think its a joke and it's not +4
Burger King guy is old lol  
Twilight for me !!! +1
They are both rubbish but Rebecca Black is easy to forget about but Justin Bieber is so bloody irritating so you can't forget him  
Stuck on a ski lift could take some good photos of the view haha +1
Bieber can't sing Jackson could +4
It's one baby. It's 100 puppies. Could not do something like that 100 times it would make me a mass murderer. +4
Before because they might be able to get on with their life but I probably wouldn't be able to +2
Let people get on with there life if they want to be gay and have a gay marriage let them +1
If you broke up with your boyfriend you could no longer have the money +2
I hate Justin Bieber and he is not good looking so obviously it would be the hottest guy I know.  
Save my sibling because I would be unhappy otherwise  
Low self-esteem but it does depend how cocky. +1
Text message cause it makes the ex look bad :) +5
Worst enemy because then you could go over to her and kick her ass! and if it was your best friend and they broke up and her ex asked you out ....but if it was your enemy's ex... +3
Romantic beforehand because the guy normally pays for the dinner ;)  
You could still be with your friends and have your soul mate...  
I wouldn't have to walk across the rope so I could find an easier way to get across safely!  
I love animals so much +1
Big Bang! BOOM +2
Already have a PC so a Mac I guess  
I'm using Chrome right now!  
It depends on what I want to know the truth about  
I love dogs what is wrong with a wet dog they could of just had a bath and smell nice and clean! +2
$10,000,000 means nothing as I am in Britain so I use £'s lol  
Read mind cause you could find out loads of cool stuff +1
mayo makes me feel sick i hate it +3
best friend ask out crush cause the last time that happened he said no ha and 2 weeks l8r he asked me out coz he said he has had a crush on me for like 2 years and my best friend went crazy at him and not me lol x +2
Jacob!!!!!!!!!!!! +2
sorry the friend pic didn't come out  
yh lol  
Chocolate pudding +1
its only 1 baby but 100 puppies +4
h8 jb !!!!  
neither lol  
big bang but people believe diff things so i respect that x +1
a baby its only one but hard choice  
u could read ur crusehes mind and c if they like u as well  
ha lol  
love i live in england so dollars don't mean anything to me lol +1
dunno really  
twilight all the way woo woo lol :)  
been to croatia already so i'll try out hawai  
don't care lol  
h8 jb  
no suprizes i love suprizes :) +1
dogs i love dogs  
ha lol  
already hav a pc  
but then u would hv to pay off so much money  
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