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    im a bit late, but, i too will fill in  
    but guys suck  
    Poe's law. Do some research, Daniel.  
    oh yeah, dead and blind.  
    f-ck misclicked  
    i party by gaming :P  
    i don't like either of my parents.  
    This is not would you rather, it's "Are you right or wrong?"  
    Where tf did god come from?  
    Who created god?  
    screw futbol  
    vote for pedro...  
    Basically, Nikola Tesla or Hitler.  
    wish for the world's most expensive material and then sell it!!!  
    Who the fcvk created god then?  
    woah this is creepy  
    safari is faster than firefox. sorry, deal with it.  
    iPads are terrible. Sorry, mindless people. Macs are... okay, tho. A bit expensive, but OSX is 1000x better than Windows 8. And 7. And XP. And Vista. And 95.  
    Macs have a better OS. It's true. And, please realize, you ignorant PC mindless fans, that Mac does better in video editing and photo editing, whilst PC is better for gaming and everyday usage. Most of the newer movies heavy on SFX, like the new RoboCop, which sucked, used a Mac. Also, PoTC was edited on a Mac. Fin. 'Nuff said. Also, I'm 12, so feel free to dismiss my opinion cuz of that.  
    read the explanation...  
    Maggots don't eat alive stuff. They'd pretty much just be eating all the dead stuff in me, and anyway's, dying this way would be much less painful.  
    To be honest the one you chose looks a lot like Columbia from BioShock, and if you've ever played BioShock: Infinite then you'll be astonished by the racist raffle. Although to be fair Infinite was a videogame set in 1912.  
    viddy is good but youtube is better  
    I wanna watch Harley Quinn from batman then.  
    they put aishwarya rai as the photo cmon guys dont be racist  
    who created god? does god look like a human? is god a force as hindus believe or is it a person as christians believe? most controversial thing in the world.  
    a water gun +2
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