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    minecraft is old, decrepit, and boring  
    death note, attack on titan, i could listen to music as well, etc +1
    phuck ye  
    i have atheism, but i also have megalomaniacism  
    autocorrect be damned  
    been there  
    already happened  
    chrome rules all, but given the choices, safari really sucks dong  
    must have shpoon  
    im a guy sooo  
    mk9 is the best mk  
    jus cuz these look badass  
    depends if its which gets destroyed or not  
    wuts cvs?  
    they both suck  
    they both suck  
    prototype, cc, etc  
    dammit wrong button +1
    dont care  
    i dont have a phone  
    playstation all the way  
    never watched em  
    ive heard that linux is better  
    gmail fk yes  
    wuts miniclip?  
    i dont blog...  
    style over speed  
    wuts amd?  
    ios is ded to me  
    jus bc- wait is that the soul edge?  
    tetris is amazing but gets a little repetitive  
    jus did a random, been awhile since i played pokemon  
    my mid name is osiris.....  
    only bc i like testing my limits  
    well, its hd...  
    i am a megalomaniac who wants nothig less than world domination  
    i have no tv to watch  
    jus for the fact that its easier to click on a computer  
    i dont have a phone, so i clicked a random  
    oi what is this?  
    i can live alone with no freinds  
    so regal  
    i am from a playstation family  
    the almighty windows  
    dell forever  
    chrome all the way, baby  
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