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I was, like you, forged by supernovae: to fear a god or hell would be silly.

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Would you rather have a time machine that you built or travel with the Doctor 6 years ago 269 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Do you rely on Evidence or Faith 6 years ago 269 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have the power of flight or or the power to punch people over the internet 7 years ago 319 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Die having sex or Die in any way (other than having sex) while Morgan Freeman narrates it 7 years ago 2,357 votes 34 comments 0 likes
How old do you think the Earth is? 4.54 billion years or 6000 to 10000 years 7 years ago 358 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Do you think that guy watching My Little Pony is fine or agree with fox news that bronies are man-children 7 years ago 289 votes 12 comments 2 likes
Would you rather be Brilliant or a complete dunce, but always content Brilliant or dunce, but content 7 years ago 281 votes 7 comments 0 likes
For one year Would you rather Argue against someone who used a circular argument or Not be able to use your voice 7 years ago 249 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Religious or an Atheist Religious or Atheist 7 years ago 82,331 votes 1,204 comments 2 likes
Would you rather Hear the thoughts of those around you or Be able to see the future 7 years ago 30,633 votes 252 comments 4 likes
Would you rather Have a one way trip, for you only, as far forward in time or as far backward in time as you want or Technology becomes advanced to the point where we use time as money, so we are all essentially immortal 7 years ago 37,305 votes 234 comments 3 likes
Would you rather Live in a world with many religions that are constantly feuding or live in a world without religion 7 years ago 26,217 votes 251 comments 3 likes

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just one more block 6 years ago  
only humans: yes. only sentient beings: no 6 years ago +11
go and watch the original, it is available on netflix 6 years ago  
psychology, people will read that and it will make asses itch 6 years ago +2
bias question is bias 6 years ago +1
nope, holidays with the family would be a bit too strange for me 6 years ago +1
depressing? You, the whole of humanity, the elements that are us were forged by supernovae. We are the result of the universe being, how is that depressing? 6 years ago +1
college, no one gives a sh*t 6 years ago  
I need to ease up on Star Trek, I think I'm becoming more like Spock 6 years ago  
random, no picking 6 years ago  
no surviving making out with a creeper unless you're on creative 6 years ago  
squish, or om nom nom 6 years ago  
no need to steal, just buy stock 6 years ago +1
if we don't try, how will we know? 6 years ago +1
it's bigger on the inside 6 years ago  
neither, they both think that god gave them the crap land: if this is true, god is a sadistic asshole with a sick sense of humor, and they need to pull their sh*t together 6 years ago  
some creepy sh*t goes through my head, for the good of everyone 6 years ago  
PC gaming purist 6 years ago +1
Look up Iran–Contra affair 6 years ago  
holy crap! a legitimate presidential question? 6 years ago  
neither, both are as dense as a black hole 6 years ago +3
What soul, after brain death you're gone, nothing: a soul would require some remnant of your conscience, gone after brain activity stops 6 years ago  
super strength would apply to my legs also, giving me enhanced speed 6 years ago  
chuck norris is an old creationist who is weak, he was strong once, but now he is just a crazy old man 6 years ago  
there is no meaning to life except what we give it ourselves 6 years ago +2
/) 6 years ago +1
I live in America, F*ck America 6 years ago +3
they just haven't visited us, that would be like driving across the country just to look at a Mcdonalds 6 years ago  
Apple are moneygrubbing little f**ks 6 years ago  
The "big bang" was not a "bang," to put it simply, it was an expansion of a singularity. All the matter in the universe was in a singularity, then there was a spark of energy, and that spark ignited the expansion of the universe. This is all put very simply, because in reality science demonstrably disproves theism and just about any religion, remember that science relies on peer review and evidence. 6 years ago +5
clever little bastard, you win 6 years ago +5
“[E]xceptional claims demand exceptional evidence.” Christopher Hitchens 7 years ago  
but true 7 years ago  
I CAN'T DECIDE 7 years ago  
if you're gonna live in the DBZ universe, kill krillin for me 7 years ago +3
ah Canada, where there are gays, socialized healthcare, and no one cares if you smoke pot 7 years ago +8
well ok then 7 years ago +3
he's always angry 7 years ago  
one exists 7 years ago +8
Politics in America is like driving, if you want to move forward choose D, if you want to move backward choose R 7 years ago  
congress will not get anything done for a while, as we all know: the opposite of progress is congress 7 years ago  
I think someone enjoys 4chan a bit much 7 years ago  
you obviously have an incredibly valid argument because it is in all caps, this has changed my mind and I shall no longer be voting for Obama 7 years ago  
look bush f*cking made the deficit you retard 7 years ago  
uhh, turning a surplus into a deficit, sending out most of our troops he f*cked up more than any other president EVER 7 years ago  
Bush, you know the one that turned a surplus into a deficit 7 years ago  
bacon auto win 7 years ago  
Because Morgan Freeman 7 years ago  
punch her in the face 7 years ago +9
you don't have to like the show, but what Faux News was saying is that bronies need to conform and that they are a disturbing trend 7 years ago  
heart attack during sex 7 years ago  
(\ 7 years ago +4
Well, good to know someone gets it 7 years ago  
*72, born March 10, 1940 7 years ago  
no contest 7 years ago +7
played both versions, both suked 7 years ago +3
*wincest 7 years ago  
mage:sits in the back and blows up the enemy, fighter: on the front lines with a sword, typically the first to die 7 years ago  
immortality is the most painful torment for a sentient being to withstand, sure the first century might be fun but what about the Millennium after that, and Millennium, and you still have eternity to go 7 years ago +8
heard the argument before, and it is LAME: 1 when a genetic mutation happens, if useful it stays and moves on through generations otherwise it dies out. 2 we got our genetic code over time not in the instant that you are thinking of, so study biology before bashing it, moron 7 years ago  
without religion, no dark ages of scientific repression, thus humanity would be 1000 years more advanced... watch Family Guy 7 years ago +12
racism started out based in religion 7 years ago +6
and other dark age holy scriptures are.. not? 7 years ago  
We evolved from an ape like creature, not apes. Go further back, and all current life on the planet came from single celled micro organisms 7 years ago +1
HA! Have you even read that vile bloodthirsty piece of crap? 7 years ago +2
one leads to the other 7 years ago +1
I've argued against people who use circular logic, it hurts 7 years ago  
I like the bible, it is a good read, it promotes incest, rape, murder, and so much more 7 years ago +6
well, when in doubt: Monty Python 7 years ago +2
because fck logic 7 years ago  
I'd be a contractor, "oh you want a building here, one sec" *smacks ground "there ya go" 7 years ago +2
minecraft, punch through 7 years ago  
dat kid's face 7 years ago +2
wear a bulletproof vest 7 years ago +6
Don't grow up, IT'S A TRAP 7 years ago +2
money is best superpower 7 years ago  
I don't have a significant other, so 7 years ago  
my grandmother is dead, even so getting gummed to death 7 years ago  
the question is, is it masturbation, or incest? 7 years ago +10
colder all the f*ckin time= F global warming 7 years ago  
'murika, because f*ck logic 7 years ago  
tea 7 years ago  
Miley, Selena is a lesbian 7 years ago  
my parents already have bad hearing so yeah 7 years ago  
NOKIA 7 years ago  
burn 7 years ago  

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