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    im straight and im a girl so neither you guys got skipped 7 years ago  
    the one day of the year you can be somebody but yourself and theres xmas soooo 7 years ago  
    neither skipped 7 years ago  
    i didnt even read the questins i just saw cookie monster and choose away i hate veggie monster my kids will never be able to se cookie monster on tv anymore 7 years ago +3
    and wild things to do ctfu jason aldean is sexy 7 years ago  
    counrty for sure lots more fun 7 years ago  
    spider girl 7 years ago +1
    skipped 7 years ago  
    neither 7 years ago  
    STELLERS HUN 7 years ago  
    neither incest is NOT the best 7 years ago +2
    i meant to pick the first one cuz suicide is a sin and you go to hell for that 7 years ago +3
    tgif <3 7 years ago  
    killing yourself is a sin and you will go to hell so i dont want to go to hell soooo yeah 7 years ago +3
    ummmh neither 7 years ago  
    STEELERS <3 BABY 7 years ago  
    i could always change the carrot top but red heds are mean 7 years ago  
    thats animal cruelity so neither i skipped htis one 7 years ago  
    i could fix the place up and make it look beautiful and the ninvite my friends over 7 years ago +1
    cat with tats 7 years ago +1
    see no legs i would get an electric wheelchair and have fun and still be able to give hgs 7 years ago  
    if you guys ever watched the movie in the pic then i recommend the roller coaster 7 years ago +2
    this is my question i made this bahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahaha 7 years ago +2
    blues my fav color so i picked it 7 years ago +1
    yeah i know when im going to die so i have time to saygoodbye to friendds and family if i know how im going to die the nim pretty sure im gonna die soon soooooooo 7 years ago +1
    im already a girl so i pucked my gender duhhhh 7 years ago +1
    its blue so i picked it 7 years ago  
    see being the smartest in school can be useful since you know everyting everyone would want to be your friend if your popular only snobby people would want to be your freind and eventually wont be a ble to put up with your crap and you wont have any friends so smartest in school 7 years ago +1
    i NEED TO SLEEP 7 years ago  
    thats just crewl 7 years ago +1
    daniel has a nice body :D 7 years ago  
    most deff kicked by a mule because i dont want the ring girl to get me in the well 7 years ago +2
    i skipped this questin 7 years ago  
    neither 7 years ago  
    mines got a blue backround so i picked it lol 7 years ago +1
    i mean wouldnt 7 years ago  
    i skipped it thats just not gonna happen neither i would be able to do it 7 years ago  
    another 50 -50 ctfu 7 years ago  
    im straight soooo neither cuz i a girl 7 years ago  
    bahahahahhahaha it went 50 -50 lol 7 years ago  
    agree 7 years ago  
    its blue bahahah and actually looks like a nice car 7 years ago  
    wally world 7 years ago +1
    ok so i skipped this question becaue i cant rely on someone who is playing the game of saw to screw up and the ni die and i also couldnt be hannibel becuase i could be a canibal that just gross and ewwwwwwwh :/ 7 years ago  
    i love this movie it is my fav and i love tallahesse 7 years ago  
    killing tyour self is a sin and you go to hell for it and i dont want to go to hell 7 years ago +2
    i have boobs and would like to keep them and i already dont have a cucumber and i kinda want to keep it that way soooooo 7 years ago +2
    bahahhahahaha what a nice body :D <3 7 years ago +1
    i mean couldnt do it 7 years ago  
    its instant i could do the hangng it hurts so bad :/ 7 years ago  
    find out wrong things hes been doin behind our backs 7 years ago +3
    the flag looks coolier lol 7 years ago  
    i skipped this question cuz 1 im straight 2 neither of them are cute and 3 idk ctfu <3 7 years ago +4
    my name starts with a 7 years ago  
    are these like forgein candy bar i have never heard of these ctfu :D 7 years ago +3
    care bears are cute by they all have a different mood swing lol 7 years ago  
    inyuasha 7 years ago  
    most def a toad cuz hell turn into a handsome prince and the nspiders are gross and they biteewwwwh 7 years ago  
    bleeeeehhh i watched a nsty video about how diet pop is made >:( gross 7 years ago  
    most def A NINJA BAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA 7 years ago +1
    neither but i only said the dude because im a girl ctfu :D 7 years ago +1
    well just think of it this way if you get an eletric wheel chair people willstill talk to you but you might be crazy if you loose your mind 7 years ago  
    i would die with out music 7 years ago  

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