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Would you rather eat This or This 4 years ago 116 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather fly or have infinite doughnuts 4 years ago 120 votes 5 comments 0 likes

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make rrrrather :) 4 years ago  
cont care 4 years ago  
f*** religion 4 years ago +1
giver your slaves money and nice meals and presents and some freedom 4 years ago  
be super healthy 4 years ago  
8/7 4/3 5/8 much good so wow 4 years ago  
or you could use foam fingers 4 years ago  
that would make him a boring friend 4 years ago  
much good very wow 8/7 11/10 me gusta 4 years ago +1
there is 104090 rrathers WTF 4 years ago  
ay its only 44% 4 years ago  
piss her off by shooting her stomache 4 years ago  
Deadpool is F0CKING imortal 4 years ago  
laziken 4 life bruh 4 years ago  
WTF what does life mean 4 years ago  
would you RATher the picture is of a rat lollololollolololool 4 years ago  
rips off ears and pops eardrums 4 years ago  
abillity to have any power someone explains to me and abit=lity to revive pewople 4 years ago  
girls will finally touch my wood 4 years ago +3
panda would put up a better fight 4 years ago +1
freeze timne work out then have both 4 years ago +1
i change my ability to change myself 4 years ago  
pulls gun to head and pulls trigger trying to understand this question 4 years ago +2
i want htere to be no after life 4 years ago  
me two 4 years ago +1
kirito, lapras, genesect, the walking money producer, and keith 4 years ago  
cant decide jumps out of window 4 years ago  
the first half of the first season was my favorite thing in anime of all time (when they were actually in SAO) 4 years ago  
33% of the people who read this question wont get threw elementary 4 years ago +1
poor retarded 34% 4 years ago  
already have high expectations my mom andd dad are addicted to weed 4 years ago  
21% of the people reading this question are retarded 4 years ago  
bulbasaur best one of the three starters 4 years ago +1
kill someone with the iron steal their cellphone 4 years ago  
the walking dead even 2nd graders know about it 4 years ago  
they try but failed 4 years ago  
nice logo 4 years ago  
fire is super affective! 4 years ago +1
i didnt see this aniem 4 years ago  
didnt watch dat anime 4 years ago  
i didnt see it 4 years ago +1
didnt watch it 4 years ago  
100% OMFG 4 years ago  
BE A medic 4 years ago  
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