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    BOTH. DUH. 7 years ago  
    No idea who Collin Ford is, but the other option is Justin Bieber. Although, come to think of it, if this guy is only winning 56/44, he must be pretty awful. 7 years ago +2
    Neither. He's just some guy who had a good speechwriter in '08. 7 years ago +3
    Take option A, invest in corn futures a little bit at a time. Then, start selling $240 of corn every day. 7 years ago  
    Correction: real-life, actual jobs. 7 years ago  
    Cat food is just dried out chicken goop. Admittedly the can in the picture is mouse-flavored, but still. 7 years ago  
    If you prefer the MacBook: keep it. If you prefer the iPad: pick the MacBook, sell it, buy an iPad, and use the leftover money to get a life. 7 years ago +2
    Bush: bumbling, incompetent politician. Obama: masterful, scheming politician. Bush: spent trillions on a few pointless wars. Obama: spent trillions on one pointless war. Bush: increased federal debt by trillions of dollars. Obama: increased federal debt by trillions of dollars. Bush: appointed Ben Bernake as Federal Reserve chairman, allowing economic collapse. Obama: promised to fix economy and get rid of the people responsible for it, then re-appointed Ben Bernake as Fed chairman anyway. A tiebreaker is needed! Bush: in campaign, told us exactly what he was going to do. Obama: in campaign, told us he would do the exact opposite. Bush wins! 7 years ago +7
    For a smart person to lose weight is easier than for the strong person to learn not to be dumb. 7 years ago +4
    That's not even Japanese pudding. That's caramel flan. 7 years ago +4
    Psssht... Osama WISHES he had caused as much pain to America as Bieber has. 7 years ago +7
    Wait why does the million win by a bigger margin here than against five million? 7 years ago +2
    Chemotherapy or abortion? Hmm which is worse... 7 years ago  

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