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    i'm gay but i woudldn't date that thing on the right 2 years ago  
    kitties for life 2 years ago  
    sex gets you money 2 years ago  
    if trick or treating includes stabbing people trying to scare me then opt A for me 2 years ago  
    anarchy is basically freedom 2 years ago  
    with option B you can help her overcome it but with drugs and alcohol not so much 2 years ago  
    option B isn't bad looking 2 years ago  
    can turn into a werewolf and be a person warm pillow for bae 2 years ago  
    what friends 2 years ago  
    nothing says it isn't rough sex ;) 2 years ago +1
    since i am homosexual i'd choose that 2 years ago  
    under me, lol] 2 years ago  
    love the reaction from guest from Oregon 2 years ago  
    bush is white 2 years ago  
    Soviet Union Ending WWII before US] 2 years ago  
    my grandma is dead so yeah 2 years ago  
    oooohh 2 years ago  
    person you married could be a psycho and try to bury you alive 2 years ago  
    one: a lesbian wouldn't date a guy so that won't happen two:finding you son to be gay isn't that bad so yeah nice question author 2 years ago  
    sexism is already ended in 90% of the world ugh 2 years ago  
    i'm irish aswell 2 years ago  
    germans are nicer then americans *has WWI and WWII flashbacks* eh germans are still nice 2 years ago +2
    don't judge a book by it's cover 2 years ago  
    looks aren't everything 2 years ago  
    two and a half men men men men men men men 2 years ago  
    good luck on finding money or finding family that you'll watch die in your eyes 2 years ago  
    funny hitler's party were socialists but later on became fascists 2 years ago  
    Straya 2 years ago  
    war must be stopped with more war yey 2 years ago  
    yes puppies 2 years ago  
    Straya dards 2 years ago  
    simple be president and help that bumout 2 years ago  
    ye dard 2 years ago  
    easy, change lion to anaconda 2 years ago  
    okay change lion to anaconda easy 2 years ago  
    femin body eeeee 2 years ago  
    another nice option got proof to back it up 2 years ago  
    nice opinion got proof to back it up? 2 years ago  
    gay gay gay 2 years ago  
    religion allows you to rape your sisters and daughters and get away with it, no thanks 2 years ago  
    kadafi for president 2 years ago +1
    gay doctor? 2 years ago  
    nudey nudey 2 years ago  
    legalise weed 2 years ago  
    good ;3 2 years ago  
    be a sexy gay femboy for my bf lol 2 years ago  
    oh i get to meet some gay studs huehue 2 years ago  
    star trekking across the universe 2 years ago  
    your bestfriend or nice future bf ahahaha 2 years ago  
    size doesn't matter to me but smaller means cuter right? 2 years ago  
    rather have small ones cause cuter and more of a happy relationship 2 years ago  
    person under that's what sperm banks are for no marriage needed :) 2 years ago  
    holocaust is more tragic then a plane hitting two towers 2 years ago  
    either a pervy power to get into rooms or get those dirty thoughts of people 2 years ago  
    in WWIII people will recover in a zombie outbreak no one will recover' 2 years ago  
    under me aha true 2 years ago  
    live twice as long more of a chance to win the lot 2 years ago  
    what the one under me said 2 years ago  
    chocolate is life and it's just a name who cares you can change it after it says you can't 2 years ago  

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