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    if trick or treating includes stabbing people trying to scare me then opt A for me  
    anarchy is basically freedom  
    with option B you can help her overcome it but with drugs and alcohol not so much  
    option B isn't bad looking  
    can turn into a werewolf and be a person warm pillow for bae  
    what friends  
    under me, lol]  
    love the reaction from guest from Oregon  
    bush is white  
    Soviet Union Ending WWII before US]  
    my grandma is dead so yeah  
    person you married could be a psycho and try to bury you alive  
    one: a lesbian wouldn't date a guy so that won't happen two:finding you son to be gay isn't that bad so yeah nice question author  
    sexism is already ended in 90% of the world ugh  
    i'm irish aswell  
    germans are nicer then americans *has WWI and WWII flashbacks* eh germans are still nice +2
    don't judge a book by it's cover  
    looks aren't everything  
    two and a half men men men men men men men  
    good luck on finding money or finding family that you'll watch die in your eyes  
    funny hitler's party were socialists but later on became fascists  
    war must be stopped with more war yey  
    yes puppies  
    Straya dards  
    simple be president and help that bumout  
    ye dard  
    easy, change lion to anaconda  
    okay change lion to anaconda easy  
    another nice option got proof to back it up  
    nice opinion got proof to back it up?  
    religion allows you to rape your sisters and daughters and get away with it, no thanks  
    kadafi for president +1
    gay doctor?  
    nudey nudey  
    legalise weed  
    good ;3  
    be a sexy gay femboy for my bf lol  
    star trekking across the universe  
    your bestfriend or nice future bf ahahaha  
    person under that's what sperm banks are for no marriage needed :)  
    holocaust is more tragic then a plane hitting two towers  
    either a pervy power to get into rooms or get those dirty thoughts of people  
    in WWIII people will recover in a zombie outbreak no one will recover'  
    under me aha true  
    live twice as long more of a chance to win the lot  
    what the one under me said  
    chocolate is life and it's just a name who cares you can change it after it says you can't  
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