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Misclick. :( 2 years ago  
He's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready to drop bombs, but he keeps on forgetting 2 years ago  
You gad me at potato 2 years ago  
Eve & wall-e 2 years ago +1
No that's very serious 2 years ago  
13 ( in 2 days) 2 years ago  
Attitude and confidence 2 years ago  
I'd rather be on thanks 2 years ago  
Like and subscroob 2 years ago  
oh....... 2 years ago  
The more you know 2 years ago  
1 word : fabulous 2 years ago  
Me = 0 2 years ago  
At least there's wifi here 2 years ago  
Beethoven inspired from Mozart 2 years ago  
I just did a project about this man so... 2 years ago  
Uncharted 3 and what's a book? 2 years ago  
Crush 2 years ago  
Question :P it's not common to find the female species in this area 2 years ago  
Alan walker - faded 2 years ago +1
Onex is a chick? 2 years ago  
Not bad looking, but I can't smash a rascist 2 years ago  
I thought it would be funny if an old famous man vs's a fvckboy 2 years ago  
Julius Caesar 2 years ago  
At least I'll get some goosy bumps 2 years ago  
He will show us how to cure hiv. By getting cancer ( and more fun :D) 2 years ago  
The view will encourage you 2 years ago  
Suhtan 2 years ago  
I quack too much :( 2 years ago  
Rekt 2 years ago +1
100 layers of cum 2 years ago +1
Only non-cancer 2 years ago  
N0SC0P3D 2 years ago  
No gays please 2 years ago  
Was da difference? 2 years ago  
Exactly ;) 2 years ago  
MindlessPie, boorad and Goldmoon78 2 years ago +3
Lautye & usmanc 2 years ago  
Relatable 2 years ago  
Seems legit 2 years ago  
It's Denmark in a nutshell 2 years ago  
Canada 2 years ago  
Is da popo 2 years ago  
Sis no Hershey 2 years ago  
I'll comment later 2 years ago  
Hello tiny pests 2 years ago  
Gold moon makes me happy with all dem mind f*cks 2 years ago  
Genius 2 years ago  
Damn 2 years ago  
I'm dead 2 years ago  
He became legally blind overtime 2 years ago  
It's called "da foood chain" 2 years ago  
Lol, Imagine it 2 years ago  
Al we need now is alexw to fit the Alex gang 2 years ago  
Instead of a "T" rather a shwastica 2 years ago  
Like for that 2 years ago +1
Hits duh button instead of universe button :( 2 years ago +2
John snow 2 years ago  
oh yeah lel :P 2 years ago  
Then you know nothing about DBZ, he was but still got back up 2 years ago  
Do you watch dbz? 2 years ago  
Still ganna be a 1 sshhoott 2 years ago  
Add that with Kaia ken x10 and a kamehameha x4 O_o pray son pray 2 years ago  
Mentos 2 years ago  
Vengeance 2 years ago  
Useful :D 2 years ago  
Me in3 words 2 years ago  
Eyyyyy 2 years ago  
One word: walls 2 years ago  
Search Lights out creepsmcpasta 2 years ago  
Agreed 2 years ago  
Lights out is pure plagiarism 2 years ago  
Dislike ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2 years ago  
Only sounds a little bit stalky :D 2 years ago  
I have 400 hours on origin, I'm only a little bias here... 2 years ago  
Leafy 2 years ago  
QuAcK 2 years ago  
Is like ma diiick 2 years ago  
He fvcking dies 2 years ago +1
YaY!! More unoriginal questions :D 2 years ago  
Welcome back to another episode of dragon ball Z 2 years ago +2
That would be hilarious 2 years ago  
Yellow for teh win 2 years ago  
Mems r petty geeeewd 2 years ago  
Nnnnnnnnnnnnever have I ever 2 years ago  
Obviously!!! GO PATRIOTS!!! 2 years ago 2 years ago  
Those 6%'s r girls you idiot 2 years ago  
Jesus Christ calm down 4 year old 2 years ago  
It's lyrics to a song xD 2 years ago  
AND IIIIIIIIII 2 years ago  
Ask questions that don't have answers to them 2 years ago  
Do you even screw attack bro? 2 years ago +1
Then why come on this site? 2 years ago  
I'm with ya bruh 2 years ago  
Saw tranzit then immediately clicked the other one 2 years ago +1
I'm not on the list :(, I never see the rrsbrr questions though :/ 2 years ago  
Jo robin, batman not swallow? 2 years ago  
O_o 2 years ago  
If only it were dragon balls 2 years ago  
I've always wanted a sibling 2 years ago  
Arachnophobia:( 2 years ago  
Misclick: play fallout 4 on MacBook, use pocket charger to charge it and phone, order pizza and watch anime on mac ,swim and inv friends if in summer 2 years ago  
I wish it was 10 years from now ( ok it doesn't make sense) 2 years ago  
1.0nce w3 h4v3 danced can you tell me the wifi password, no actually skip the dance2.Waaaaaay to much makeup, like Jesus man 3.I don't know anyone here 2 years ago  
Oh coo, roman gods :D 2 years ago  
Boy: Jason,Tyler,James Girl: Jessica, Tyler, Jenna (you can easily spot a pattern here) 2 years ago  
Your like a blunt pencil, you never get the point! :( 2 years ago +1
Mickey Mouse saying hi but really slowed down and had the voice of a guy with a really low voice 2 years ago +1
0 :D 2 years ago  
The world has been saved 2 years ago +1
A=boring and lame b= sexual 12 year old, this is tough 2 years ago  
#NoHateToGays (like this if you agree & also I'm a sellout) 2 years ago +4
Your a guest, your cancerous opinion doesn't matter 2 years ago  
DISCLAIMER: When I die I wanna orbit around the earth in a flying kick position. This is my dream 2 years ago +1
He is your child, and it says you can't have children 2 years ago  
1.Afrikaaner* 2.Rascist ass toxic hobo not trying to hate 4. The world was born as a place of volcanoes and lava and stayed like this for a long period of time. Jesus 2 years ago  
For the first time in forever 2 years ago  
You are sick 2 years ago  
I'm a lover not a fighter yet I am a rebel...., hmmmm 2 years ago  
Only child. I WIN 2 years ago +1
Comments is all I really do 2 years ago  
In my lifetime or.......? 2 years ago  
Anyday 2 years ago +1
Think of the Mickey mice 2 years ago  
Any color I'm guessing 2 years ago  
:( 2 years ago  
Racist dogs r da best dogs 2 years ago +1
Suffer or scarred is obv 2 years ago  
That. Won't, Work. 2 years ago  
Quack 2 years ago  
Your ganna have to google before you comment 2 years ago  
O_o 2 years ago  
You mean piss right? 2 years ago  
Sadness :( 2 years ago  
1.was dat? 2.welcome 2 years ago  
Yet you still vote for A xD 2 years ago  
What? 2 years ago  
That's pretty geeeewd 2 years ago  
What's new? 2 years ago  
OG 2 years ago  
Damn I hate it when I make bad "commets" :( 2 years ago  
Ah suh dude 2 years ago  
Facebook is kek 2 years ago  
Anything but A 2 years ago  
I thought you were a Pokémon rock turd 2 years ago  
I have nothing to do I'm bored 2 years ago  
Kino duhhhh toten 2 years ago  
Okay? 2 years ago  
All 2 years ago  
Everything is gay to you. 2 years ago  
Anyday 2 years ago  
Misclick,Sparta only won because there was a plague going on that's wiped half the people of Athens out 2 years ago  
Would anyone recommend gunslinger girl? 2 years ago  
You can say that again 2 years ago  
Obviously 2 years ago +1
Yes 2 years ago  
Loud house is quite the cringe 2 years ago  
I would get so sick of just one thing forever 2 years ago  
Gaming 2 years ago  
Fvck death note 2 years ago  
Maman 2 years ago  
The bee movie is a meme now 2 years ago +1
I really wanna make a pun involving the word 'stoned' xD 2 years ago  
How bout no 2 years ago  
Seems legit 2 years ago  
Pineapples 2 years ago  
Its boring when ur too good at it :/ 2 years ago  
More intense and edge of your seat gameplay. 2 years ago  
The randomness is strong with this one 2 years ago  
It's not that simple.... trust me 2 years ago  
Misclick, friggin rascists 2 years ago  
I was disappointed with fallout 4 :( 2 years ago  
My retarded president 2 years ago  
Small loan of a million dollars 2 years ago +1
Where do I start 2 years ago  
I ship it 2 years ago  
I wish for more wishes...... you should've seen that coming 2 years ago +1
Rekt 2 years ago  
Meh, I went on a holiday and only boomerang was on and I saw like atleast 4 bear shows, and im not including other 2 IK so :/ ther could be more....... 2 years ago  
Rekt 2 years ago  
There are a wider range of these 2 years ago  
:O 2 years ago  
Prinplup sucks 2 years ago  
My friend jarred who says if you should reproduce or have babies, bear grylls (survival reasons) my gf,my friend and his gf, Elon musk ,my cousin, Jamie Oliver (he's a cook) & mr.bob Ross (my geography teacher) this if a zombie breakout were to happen 2 years ago  
Hotel penselvania xD 2 years ago  
He's a hero :/ 2 years ago  
Harry potter 2 years ago  
Meh, its common to find asses who cant say anything nice in their life so im not ganna argue 2 years ago  
Lol, You've probs never touched a comic book so stfu m8 2 years ago  
The questions are checked 2 days l8er so...................... 2 years ago  
ANYDAY 2 years ago  
Thats offensive bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 2 years ago  
MISCLICK, My aunts a photographer and already does that so.... lel 2 years ago  
Rebelious 2 years ago  
Talking to animals? jeez that would be boring, what would they say, they aren't as smart as dolphins or humans. 2 years ago  
K coo, will you do more? or was this it? 2 years ago  
We have Ellon musk for that and bill gates :P 2 years ago  
Yeah but hes done animes like in 1999-2016 (I think) Idk hes done so many 2 years ago  
:D 2 years ago  
You could be a meme 2 years ago  
So what's new? 2 years ago  
I'm sad fairy tale and one piece weren't mentioned 2 years ago +1
Rebelssssss 2 years ago  
Ohh baby a triple 2 years ago  
What if the U.K. Was the Illuminati??? 2 years ago  
FaRcRy 2 years ago  
Asdf movie 2 years ago  
Scotland 2 years ago  
Lol, anything but hell xD 2 years ago  
Charlie :( 2 years ago +2
I don't think b is possible 2 years ago  
People don't have the right to know the truth 2 years ago  
Arachnophobia 2 years ago  
Can it ever end? 2 years ago  
Never thought he would do it 2 years ago  
Haha my screen must be glitched Cuz I never saw his comment 2 years ago  
B then A 2 years ago +1
Both pleb 2 years ago  
Killed by a deagle killed someone with and awp 2 years ago  
Transformers 2 years ago  
PeDrO :v 2 years ago  
You would feel so important xD 2 years ago  
arent there 3 people in arctic monkeys? Or is that just Sneaky Beaky Tyler Joseph 2 years ago  
Lol, you would know... xD 2 years ago  
Dragah do you google these anime's or do you watch them all? just curious xD 2 years ago  
69 :> 2 years ago, a site used to indicate one's preference in a particular matter. People are curious to see what other people think and or just do it for fun. The man called sanara in this case is exactly that! Curious, so did I answer your question dumbass? (answer to TheMinecraftNoobsters question) 2 years ago  
Misclick : Best cs:go player ever 2 years ago  
Agreed 2 years ago  
Im sorry I didnt mean to offend Harambe 2 years ago  
Dont you mean Gorilla warfare xD 2 years ago  
Didnt he like get 4.7 mil votes in total or somethin? 2 years ago  
Meh, it was just fun facts with your host : ALEXF4 2 years ago  
Did you know there's a vault 69 with 999 girls and 1 guy 2 years ago  
They r random though and have quite the personality + they don't show their Christianity that much 2 years ago  
AxelF 2 years ago +1
Rayquaza comes from the sky to stop Groudon from fighting that other blue loser whale dude so uhh.... (btw that blue whale is Kyogre if you were wondering) 2 years ago  
Why do people hate Top? 2 years ago  
Hi 2 years ago  
Hardest 1 yet 2 years ago 2 years ago  
Heritage is scottish :D 2 years ago  
Just because of da memes 2 years ago  
We do already 2 years ago  
So what's new? 2 years ago  
(enable sexy nararator voice) Actually what is a gender in this "dream" called life. See we stress about gender yet we don't realize... why are we doing this. SO STFU there 2 genders PERIOD 2 years ago  
No, as a shark 2 years ago  
And another language 2 years ago  
Smack smack doe 2 years ago  
If it's my clone I'll do more than just fight him ;) 2 years ago +1
It's my clone??? I'll do more than just fight him ;) 2 years ago  
Comes off the tongue easier 2 years ago +2
It was cool but it was lacking some anime music 2 years ago +1
And as a prison guard you don't? 2 years ago  
I take it back.Me: Eyy want some cereal? Vegan: IM VEGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago +3
Phoenix time!!! 2 years ago +1
I hope to be older :D 2 years ago  
I hate these games but killing floor was so... ehhhh 2 years ago  
Anything but cod 2 years ago +3
I'm just curious,why do you say with gold?? 2 years ago  
BROOKLYN 2 years ago  
So glad they added a neither button....sico 2 years ago  
To dominate 2 years ago  
You'll be dead in 2 weeks tops 2 years ago  
Lactose :) 2 years ago  
JUVIA respect her guys she just died in the manga, In front of her Senpai ;( after 500 episodes she died ;( 2 years ago  
Russians be like : Trölołölöl 2 years ago +2
I have nothing to do with politics and America yet I still comment and make questions about them xD 2 years ago  
Who are you to say? 2 years ago  
yeah but I said it before you :P so suck deez beez kneez 2 years ago  
Who else saw the word religion and immediately clicked the other? 2 years ago +1
These Pokémon questions are really messing me up like I though lucario was gen 5 2 years ago  
Omg I love one piece :D 2 years ago  
But he despises mexico 2 years ago  
Table tennis!!!!!! 2 years ago  
So.... where does Donald trump fit into all of this? 2 years ago +1
What he said 2 years ago  
Sidekick : I HATE BEING CALLED A SIDEKICK! Main hero: haha funny, now go buy me a pizza :D 2 years ago  
Already do that, but with a computer and I do it for 14 :D 2 years ago  
DOG: *BARK BARK BARK* IM CHASING YOU FOR NO REASON :D Cat: *climbs tree* Idiot dog 2 years ago  
Horrible government who has like 11 children and plenty of wives and uses 90% of his money on them EDIT: President not government well actually both 2 years ago  
;( that didn't hurt at all ;( 2 years ago +1
Scarlett Johansson 2 years ago +3
Badass 2 years ago  
Wanna hear a joke about my dick? Never mind it's too long. Or wanna hear a joke about my vagina? Never mind you won't get it 2 years ago +3
Uptown f**k you up and Stop wait a minute pull my cup put some n***** in it 2 years ago +1
Yeah, I'm only on ep like 234 or wutever so I am retarded 2 years ago  
Just sayin I'm lactose 2 years ago  
What about smash mouth? 2 years ago  
Omg hard, that's so rude 2 years ago  
Wait wait wait...... who tf is azurill? Don't take mean maril or am I retarded 2 years ago  
AFRICA!!! 2 years ago  
THE VIDEO WAS EDITED! JFK shot first!!!!! 2 years ago  
Great poll, hardest one was mw3 vs bad comp 2 :P, rated it, welldone 2 years ago  
I'm chlosterphobic and piss scared of ships and islands 2 years ago  
I'll piss my enemy off so much xD 2 years ago  
I'm not a fan of cheeeeeese at all!! 2 years ago  
Do you guys not watch deathbattle? 2 years ago +1
Really good one, this one has better storyline, I e played Rayman and liked it but storyline was crap(ish) 2 years ago  
I'm just super Saiyan, it be obvious 2 years ago  
USMANC!!!be nice you rhyming poetic genius bastard!!! 2 years ago  
Chespin (Pokémon x y z) 2 years ago  
WE be living in Africa up in the hood yo! 2 years ago  
I HATE MINECRAFT!, MY 9 year old neighbour pisses me off cuz he comes here every week #KILLME 2 years ago  
Lactose!! 2 years ago  
PS4 2 years ago  
:P, Eating Hamburgers! But close mate! 2 years ago  
Since when is it not an option, I simply press the RAGE button :P, no but seriously I can skip these questions since I've seen neither But I know enough about sausage party to not like it. 2 years ago  
A brother........................ 2 years ago  
Mouse(CUZ I IS NINJA MATE) Eliphant (FOR DA BULLIES) Bird (I BELEIVE I CAN FLYYYY) FISH! (BReath underwater) SNAKE!! (its just a prank bro) 2 years ago  
SO ruuuuude 2 years ago  
Is i grammeticolly currekt??? matey, Pleb anser for mems and do it for vine p;ebs, spanks, I mean Tjanks!! 2 years ago  
Anything is better than Donald Duc *cough Cough* I mean Trump 2 years ago  
Bassically be the laziest Einsten or ................. be a (POTHEAD) IM SO FUNNY HAHAHHA kill me ;( 2 years ago  
Neither 2 years ago  
Cryin (LIKE A MAN THOUGH) 2 years ago  
HATERS BE HATIN BOYS 2 years ago +2
who's that other 00.0000001%? 2 years ago  
Education or sleep??? hmmm tough 2 years ago  
Depends the game, like Uncharted, where its mainly melee where cs:go is mainly range. (dont umm fraise me? (idk how to spells)) 2 years ago +1
I hate the feeling of not moving, it could literally make me insane 2 years ago +4
42 duh 2 years ago  
Chances are that Leander will take your money, I think its for the best 2 years ago +1
Lol, a prison record RUINS your life 2 years ago +2
I laugh a lot... 2 years ago +2
Just had it ;) 2 years ago  
Confusing 2 years ago  
So basically Katy perry or Steven hawking 2 years ago  
Gang 3 pleb :P 2 years ago  
Yeah sorry for this question but why was Leafy so famous? ( also where do babies come from?) 2 years ago  
Lol theodds1'sout references be like... 2 years ago  
Ping pong table 2 years ago  
I like potatoes 2 years ago  
We will get everything sir including that valuable coin. 2 years ago  
Mortal kombat X's final boss was Cthulhu :D 2 years ago  
No thank you.. 3 years ago  
That moment when your lack toast 'n tolerent........... 3 years ago  
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