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    Thanks GoldenMoon78. I'm glad we don't have cancer or mysteries or disease any more. Wow!  
    Intelligence is the ability to work things out using information at hand. Knowledge is stored information Very different.  
    Big Bang is the most annoying show that has ever been on television. Kill Sheldon and it might be okay. Just an advertisement with him on it makes me really angry.  
    Neither, but big bang is closer to right  
    I live on a remote Island in the Indian Ocean. We have a crap ton of lag AND anything online could crash at any time. When it rains, the lag gets worse.  
    Jack Daniels is really bourbon (American whiskey). Johnnie Walker is a blend but closer to the real thing.  
    Can you marry four wives outside of Utah?  
    Who came up with these atypical stereotypes? They didn't have internet 100 years ago.  
    What is a Maybach?  
    I always talk in rhyme. I do it all the time? It's really very cool, cos I'm a rhyming fool. (eat your heart out 'rappers')  
    Happy with either but I don't think anyone can have such preferences any more without being ostracised by the GBLTABCDEF wankers.  
    I have a car that looks quite beastly, but it has 415000 on the clock and will do the same again if I want it to. It has never let me down and I have driven most of the way around Australia.  
    35 as long is it doesn't mean I have to end up looking like her (yuk)  
    35 as long as it doesn  
    I live in Australia and LOVE it, but Canada is very, very high on my list of possible alternatives. Similar sense of humour. Only problem is: I can't stand being cold.  
    Eminem is human  
    Paul isn't a whiney sook.  
    Rihanna - she's pretty. Let's face it, you'd have to turn the sound off watching either.  
    I'd love to chat with either of them first. Would be interesting.  
    3 second rule  
    Chickens evolved from a prehistoric creature that wasn't quite a chicken yet. Therefore, the first chicken came out of an egg. Egg first. Reptiles laid eggs before chickens even eggsisted.  
    No contest, Britney is stunning and Lada GG has a head like a geegee (horse).  
    How far is it to get to work/school? How far to my friends' places? How far to Macdonalds/cinema etc? Does my gf ride a bike too? Are the roads safe? Too many variables.  
    Wouldn't have to become part of a subversive cult to be top chef.  
    If heaven were real, of course I'd want to go there.  
    Too dependent upon whom the other 12 were. If they were a mix of sexy, polyamorous, bisexual couples who had nice personalities and liked to share, I'd go with the 12. If they were old, ugly, religious prudes, I'd live alone.  
    Yeah Dad, I know. Me too Mate. Go for it if Mum's in the mood too.  
    Since I drive safely and sensibly (ie not a dickhead), I guess missing accidents is a good choice.  
    I'm over 5 years old, so had to go for Final Fantasy.  
    Neither and I dare you to try either. Nobody should have to take that sh*t from anyone. Does this really happen in American schools, or is that just horrible crap for the movies?  
    they are the same hair cut....  
    me too - bloody snotty-nosed, stuck-up, over-privileged, private-school snob!  
    There is certainly no cake, but what are the lollies if they're not lollies?  
    It'd be weird, but I'd want to take it a lot further than just getting naked together....  
    Then who took the photo of the landing and the other photo of the 3 'moonwalkers'? Why is the footage in Austen Powers more realistic?  
    They could both kill me, but at least Chucky has a sense of fairness and sticks to the rules. If Tyson weren't American, he'd have been banned for life.  
    not enough meat on a HAMster  
    You poor brainwashed things...  
    Could have picked a much nicer tasting brand than Smirnoff though. Errk!  
    neither... boring!  
    Movies are over quicker...  
    I just couldn't lie to a large number of people like that.  
    I think you have the wrong picture on the left  
    From the perspective of a married man, all these questions that ask would you rather have true love or lots of sex, are a bit too close to home. Would be marvelous to be able to have both.  
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