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    Ugh, yeah....just because I'm unclothed, doesn't mean you can see all of me if I stand behind say...a shower again, yeah.  
    Or maybe the percentage changed since I voted...?  
    Somebody seems offended....go hug a tree and calm your nerves.  
    Actually I graduated in the top 10% of my class, so suck your mom's saggy tit.  
    Somebody's a jerk....*looks at Assyla*  
    Sexxxx! +7
    Me too! I will NEVER touch snow.....ever  
    Elevator on the 1st floor... +1
    I'll just bring my inhaler  
    I DIDN't do it!!! +1
    Yes, Target has food, but nothing like Walmart.  
    Wtf is an R8? Guess it's a guys thing...  
    I can make my wishes come true with $10 billion and still have cash to spare and help the needy.  
    Football! +1
    Red heads are my favorite! +2
    Maybe I chose the wrong one. The police could handle the noise disturbance, but being nosy isn't really considered disturbing the peace. +1
    Social Network was awesome....maybe it's because I'm in love with Jesse Eisenburg +1
    She's stupid but she's also  
    It doesn't say how much less intelligent. It could be a few iq points under a genius.  
    The best magicians always die in the movies  
    even though that has to be the cutest kitty ever. +1
    Awww man, I have no water....? *texts bff using wifif on phone* "can you please bring me some water? thanks"  
    Why would you wanna live forever and see the people you love always die...?  
    If I own a gas gusler, I must have the money to fill the tank, right?  
    Sucks for all you 50k choosers  
    shoulda chose the free health insurance  
    secret service and benefits for life!  
    Sell the lambo and buy a toyota, a mazda, a honda, and a previously owned bmw. +91
    then why would you hate him..?  
    Maybe she'd die sooner...? j/k  
    White meat's the best! +1
    I can stand behind something and still be naked..  
    AA meetings here I COME!! +3
    I'm selfish... +2
    Lions = death....70 declawed house cats=lots of soft kitty hugs. +1
    Just because you're the most popular, doesn't mean you aren't the 2nd most smartest.... +2
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