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D; 7 years ago  
looks the same 7 years ago  
idk..that braid is just kind of a turn on 7 years ago  
can i get my ears pierced? 7 years ago +1
this girl is smart. 7 years ago +1
cancer because its your fault you had butt sex and got aids, its not the peoples fault they got cancer. 7 years ago +5
we obviously know guest from New York is ugly..k what is the point of this comment 7 years ago +1
we aren't jews 7 years ago +1
dumbass 7 years ago +5
dumbass 7 years ago +13
i'll have some fries with that mayo. yum yum 7 years ago +8
"all stereotypes accepted" 7 years ago  
Science is the work of the devil. So y'all gonna end up in hell. True story. The devil is tricky and looks like he got you. Not tryin' to be all religious, but it's true. 7 years ago +3
i'd pay for her implants. 7 years ago +2
ow theyd both hurt...and now i have to poopD; oh nos! 7 years ago  
wrong one...i could always cheat on the fat b*tch. 7 years ago +1
only if his name is Harry Potter of Gandulf. 7 years ago +2
in soviet russia ferrari drives you 7 years ago  
f*ck tebow. i hope he dies 7 years ago +1
ew asians 7 years ago  
if in doubt, pick the left side. 7 years ago  
i'd rather see me and jacob together. 7 years ago +5
i don't want to know then 7 years ago +1
please note that you're going to hell. 7 years ago  
jose and pedro ! lol 7 years ago +2
fyl on both 7 years ago  
as long as it's not sharp 7 years ago  
join in once then go get some serious therapy. 7 years ago +2
corn row and wig. 7 years ago +1
osama da man. 7 years ago  
aw(: 7 years ago  
really i just want that cat. 7 years ago  
as long as i get to be the queen. 7 years ago  
i'd join the tigers and gorillas. 7 years ago  
id get off just by looking at him.. 7 years ago  
saw is just gross 7 years ago  
i'm selfish. *shrugs* 7 years ago +2
i like being part of the minority. it lets me know what its like to not be white. 7 years ago  
cristiano is effing hot 7 years ago  
ugh ew 7 years ago  
leonardo makes my heart happy(: 7 years ago  
then i wouldn't feel bad killing her 7 years ago +1
only a person sick in the head could kill that kitten! 7 years ago +2
maybe they shouldn't have made a pact with the devil..the animals didn't ask for this 7 years ago +2
in soviet russia regular coffee drinks you 7 years ago +9
in soviet russia tv watches you 7 years ago +8
that toilet looks pretty clean to me 7 years ago +1
my friend actually has constipation every day...she just has to be on the toilet an hour more than everyone i absolutely hate diarrhea f*ck that sh*t 7 years ago  
i just saved 15% on my insurance by switching to geico 7 years ago +4
royalty b*tches. suck my c*ck 7 years ago +6
my cat can already walk like a human now he just needs to talk 7 years ago +1
new zealand! where lord of the rings was filmed(: 7 years ago +4
i would not want that in my mouth. ew 7 years ago +1
f*ck my life 7 years ago  
i love pianos(: 7 years ago  
i'm gonna need new pants... 7 years ago  
i like money. 7 years ago +1
eye candy mm 7 years ago  
i could never kill a kitty that cute): 7 years ago  
f*ck preps 7 years ago +2
unless he leaves you. 7 years ago +2
really i'd choose death. 7 years ago +1
taylor lautner is younger so i wouldnt feel disgusted with myself. 7 years ago  
doesn't mean i have to love her back.. 7 years ago +1
id kill all those mother f*cking chinese and then have it to myself. 7 years ago +2
just to say i did it. 7 years ago  
you'd have to be sick to want to get stabbed. 7 years ago  
i wouldnt watch as the cow blew up 7 years ago  
mexicans are gonna take over the united states so i might as well learn their language 7 years ago +2
this last year f*cking sucked 7 years ago +1
ew neither 7 years ago +1
i choose the wrong one damn. id rather be like "LOVE ME" 7 years ago  
that's a stupid song 7 years ago +11
it's called pulling out 7 years ago +2
i'd sell the ganja to buy prostitutes. WIN. 7 years ago +1
poor chicken...but i don't wanna be raped): 7 years ago +3
pink f*cking sucks 7 years ago  
CHEESE(: 7 years ago  
i just chose the most attractive one 7 years ago +5
damn. both would suck. 7 years ago +2
strippers do make some good money.. 7 years ago +1
oj never killed anyone. the glove didn't fit remember;D 7 years ago +2
ew! incest! 7 years ago +4
mia is pretty, ashleigh is just a slut. 7 years ago +2
ahh! i've been dreading this question ever since i got on here): they're both good! 7 years ago  
jackie chan is an unstoppable ninja that can doddge bullets..mike tyson on the other hand, can't dodge bullets. 7 years ago +1
they might be extremely ugly. i can't kiss ugly people 7 years ago +1
sex isn't event hat great. idk why our culture is so obsessed with it. 7 years ago +7
i would redo my last 10 years. 7 years ago  
f*ck them both 7 years ago +4
i would make sweet love to hannibal 7 years ago +2
quicker if you shoot yourself 7 years ago +1
ugh neither! 7 years ago  
50/50.thats a hard one 7 years ago  
i can talk to them. until they get annoying, then they're good food. 7 years ago  
i don't have one:D 7 years ago +9
techno is dumb anyways 7 years ago  
eff the jews! 7 years ago +5
its called a wig 7 years ago +3
bella gets true love and immortality..hermoine gets burned at the stake. 7 years ago +2
I HATE SHARKS 7 years ago  
id rather not get eaten by sharks 7 years ago +1
lets consider our eternal lifes people 7 years ago +6
i take abuse well 7 years ago  
i hate the dutch 7 years ago +1
wtf 7 years ago  
brutally murder my family then me 7 years ago  
i can wish to be rich:D 7 years ago +1
sharks will eat you! 7 years ago  
terrorists because they'd realize i like them and keep me alive so i can spy for them 7 years ago +1
you get weird diseases from eating humans so its not even worth it 7 years ago +2
i wouldn't have to eff her. 7 years ago +1
if i b*tchslap the lonely kitten i'll cuddle with it later and make it feel better 7 years ago +1
less creepy, burger king. 7 years ago  
God will forgive me. 7 years ago +3
polar bears grow up big and ugly. kittens stay cute FOREVER. and i can cuddle with it later. 7 years ago +3
that was a hard one. 7 years ago +2
I could be her friend and i don't want her to get prego 7 years ago +5
i'm 18 soo...10 years younger definitely. 7 years ago +4
eff justin bieber. he's not that hot. 7 years ago +3
MUSIC 7 years ago +1
i'm a bad person. 7 years ago +1
If you're immortal then you can invest your money and get rich. So I can have both muhaha 7 years ago +3
I've always wanted to get ate by sharks. 7 years ago +2
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