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lol. No one made a hermaphrodite joke. :D Cantthinkofawittyone's comment is just a wildcard for various of them. 6 years ago  
I'd call you maybe. 6 years ago +8
I could watch that scene for hours! ^^ 6 years ago  
Haha. I like this question. You're asking it if it made a difference, but it actually doesn't. Barber: Do smurfs even have hair? Tailor: They all wear the same clothes. ^^ 6 years ago +8
Like rrrather is drug. Come on! I don't even know anyone in this place. 6 years ago +1
I'd ban the hell out of Peritwinkle for posting one million freakin' questions with photos of celebs! 6 years ago +4
Porns are more interesting when seen on TV than in books.. ;) 6 years ago +2
I don't think that anyone on rrrather knows how it is to be 65 or older. But I'm open for surprises. 6 years ago  
rayman decided to have both. 6 years ago +1
Why not Zoidberg. 6 years ago  
hahaha. this made my day. :D 6 years ago  
Because I already know HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER!!! 6 years ago  
no. my mum had me tested. ;) 6 years ago  
not with that face. 6 years ago  
Too many tissues. 6 years ago +2
Wikipedia FTW. 6 years ago  
I'd ninjagrab some boobies. 6 years ago +1
Fingering gets to a whole new level. 6 years ago  
I've got three very long hairs. And one of them leaks. 6 years ago  
math. while dealing drugs. And chemistry. For producing them. 6 years ago +9
Still got the third leg to level out. If you know what I mean. 6 years ago +2
Because I am that guy on the right. 6 years ago +5
I think their flesh tastes better. 6 years ago +1
I earn moneye at work, but I am litteraly doing nothing. Does this proof the statement? 6 years ago +1
It's my own F*CKIN' crew!! 6 years ago  
I'd check if you are able to notice somone's fecies going down the slide. Most important factor for kids taking the ride. 6 years ago  
Which one slapped Jimmy Kimmel with a fish? 6 years ago +3
My destiny changed as I found out that you can avoid water splashing at your ass, by simply laying a toilet paper into the bowl before you actually take the dump. 6 years ago +1
my farts are even worse. 6 years ago +6
golden shower. 6 years ago +1
nanannanaanananananananananananana Batman. 6 years ago +2
Women. I collect women. In my basement. 6 years ago +1
absolutely seducing. 6 years ago  
I am using both of the options as a conference starter. 6 years ago  
I have a snake. But there's not much people that I have actually shown them to. If you know what I mean. 6 years ago +1
I like the 'long penis' powerup. 6 years ago +1
Got my rocket right here, if you know what I mean.. 6 years ago  
oh, come on... Really?! ^^ 6 years ago  
If I get chosen to battle, I'd jump out of the ball and be all like: 'Surprise, motherf*cker!' 6 years ago +10
seems about right. 6 years ago  
Most disturbing moment was, when I found out that the title of the film was not true.. :O 6 years ago  
I'd b*tchslap the sh*t out of some people. 6 years ago +2
You had your chance.. >:D 6 years ago  
Blastoise? 6 years ago  
14 minutes too late... 6 years ago  
Might be that with the new generation of consoles, there will be even more PS4-exclusives because of those strange control elements they have built into the contoller. 6 years ago  
well, because it's pretty annoying to read 20 senceless comments of the same person. Your death would solve that problem in just a matther of time. 6 years ago +1
Oh, watch out, we got a badass over here. That obviously doesn't understand sarcasm. 6 years ago +1
haha. happend to me eversince. :P 6 years ago +1
Big bang theory, anyone? 6 years ago  
hahaha.. This made my day. ^^ 6 years ago  
Oh, I really like your way of joking.. ;) No, I'm pretty sure you're NOT 5 years older than me.. ;) 6 years ago  
Says a boy that's asking a gay question about people being in love. Go listen to some Justin Bieber, kiddo. 6 years ago  
I pick you, Charizard. 6 years ago +1
You know that you just posted three comments for saying one single sentence, right? 6 years ago +2
Says a 14 year old girl. ^^ 6 years ago  
I like big butts and I can not lie. 6 years ago  
join me on the battlefield and I would be pleased to do that. :D 6 years ago  
My sincere condolences to you. 6 years ago  
get a tan, bro. 6 years ago  
It was the day Battlefield 3 came out. 6 years ago  
I love it! :D 6 years ago  
Just as you do with a bullet. ^^ 6 years ago  
Oh, you payed attention.. Not bad.. :D 6 years ago  
It's stolen from Einstein but other than that, I agree with Einstein. ;D 6 years ago +8
Right. But now you're talking to his ass. 6 years ago  
I think you mean sweden. 6 years ago  
I think that's sweden you're talking about.. 6 years ago  
That's sweden. xD 6 years ago +1
Whoho! Somone likes me. ^^ 6 years ago  
swiis cheese! Whoo! \o/ 6 years ago  
swiss. Whoo! \o/ 6 years ago  
Wow.. Calm down... Im' just saying that I don't know anything above third gen. 6 years ago  
Hässlich war das Wort das ich gesucht habe. xD Es kam mir immer nur das schweizerdeutsche Wort dafür in Sinn.. ^^ 6 years ago  
says no, still pciks the option. ^^ 6 years ago +2
nononononono.. As a gamer, it is a MUST to know all those legends. For example Zelda and link, the Duke, Sonic and all this kind of stuff. 6 years ago  
Dang it, you got me there. ^^ 6 years ago  
That's what your girlfriend said last night.Sorry mate, had to do this. ^^ 6 years ago  
yes 6 years ago  
Just change it quickly. What's the matter with it.. :S 6 years ago +2
I'm the humble telescope. 6 years ago  
That doesn't mean sh*t in german.. xD It would rather be: 'Du bist ein ekelerregender Scheisskopf' 6 years ago +1
good for you... -.- 6 years ago  
I can't believe that there's so musch materialism going on in this world. 6 years ago +2
then you would have tricked the system.. :O 6 years ago  
Swiss invention. ^^ 6 years ago  
You're part of it, you know? 6 years ago  
Well, I hope not. Would be better for your own good. :S 6 years ago +12
hahaha... u mad bro? ^^ 6 years ago  
Mes sincères félicitations. 6 years ago  
If you would want to, I could do some translation work for you. 6 years ago  
And what does your second statement even have to do with your first one?! O.o 6 years ago  
So darn epic. xD 6 years ago  
And still, you jdon't know the meaning of sarkasm. ^^ 6 years ago +1
thehe.. :D 6 years ago  
I'd like to do that.. xD 6 years ago  
hm.. True. As I am not buying her records.. Didn't quite think that one through. ^^ 6 years ago  
no sh*t, sherlock. 6 years ago  
getting cash? not mine. sorry, bro. 6 years ago  
unnecessary...-.- 6 years ago  
hahahahhahahahaahahaha... An argument about a damn candy.. xD I'm dying of laughter. ^^ 6 years ago  
smack ma b*tch up! ^^ 6 years ago  
Pf.. Great britain beer smells like water mixed with a droplett of beer. 6 years ago +1
Because it's awsum!!! ^^ 6 years ago  
That doesn't make any difference. I mean, it didn't make a difference for you either. 6 years ago  
one male american has voted for bollywood. ^^ 6 years ago  
It was a pleasure.. ;D 6 years ago  
ah. oh. ^^ but what do you mean by it's not new. i mean for me, everything above second generation is new... 6 years ago  
hahaha... calm the F**K down. ^^ Everyone knows that pac and biggie are legends.. He's just being sarcastic.. ;D 6 years ago +5
Life is unfair. ^^ 6 years ago  
What is a Dialga?! O_o 6 years ago +2
oh noooez.. she such a ho. me no like dat. O_o You jelly? 6 years ago +1
Don't ask me.. Ask her yourself.. ;) 6 years ago  
STFU, fatty. 6 years ago +2
The reason why PS3 won, is that this site is mostly visited by American people. You all use the xBox, whereas in Europe we widely use the PS3. 6 years ago +2
grizzly bear voice. 6 years ago  
congrats on that. 6 years ago +4
What would I rather? Shoot them? Eat them? Lock them up? 6 years ago  
What? They're twins.. TWINS!!! 6 years ago  
Wow!!! What a coincidence. You listened to the same song as I did.. We're like brothers! 6 years ago +2
WOW! I can't believe we actually listened to the same song!!! We're like brothers! 6 years ago  
Yeah, and you're annoying. 6 years ago +4
What is wrong with you internet pepole.. O.o 6 years ago +6
but I'd still do her. ;D 6 years ago  
Gramatically, it isn't even a sentence, because there is no verb. So l_bres24 would be right.. 6 years ago  
-Said no one ever. 6 years ago +10
Hip-Hop all the way!!! 6 years ago +1
no, but she's a woman.. ;) 6 years ago  
dang it. You're right!!! 6 years ago +1
According to this survey, we can clearly see that half of the people using is under the age of 16. 6 years ago +1
haha. Then you'd be like: 'Hey man, take this.' *hand him the chicken* ^^ 6 years ago  
lol.. your name has to be the most suitable answer for this question. ^^ 6 years ago +3
Stars don't lie. ^^ 6 years ago  
Did they speak swiss german or solely german? ^^ 6 years ago  
aaah... So your question would be: 'would you rather who is cuter?' 6 years ago  
oh god!! My imagination.. xDYou created pictures in my head that I didn't want to have in there. ^^ 6 years ago  
I like this band.. They got this track called: Show me your ID. I love it!!! 6 years ago +1
No masturbation for me anymore... :(( 6 years ago +2
Does a pronstar count as fictional? ^^ 6 years ago  
never had any of them.. O.o They don't even exist here. 6 years ago +2
I want to build little paper ships and have a radiation in my room. I'll go with the coward. :D 6 years ago  
wohoo! Finally sex! ^^ 6 years ago +1
nice try, twilight fag. ^^ 6 years ago  
nice reference you did there.. ;D 6 years ago +1
Scheiss auf Deutsch. Français a le cedille!!!! 6 years ago +1
lol.. you obvously didn't get his point. ^^ 6 years ago  
- Justin Bieber... Pfffrchchch.. Just kidding. xD 6 years ago  
It's been an odd honor. 6 years ago  
Say whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! 6 years ago  
the words "they're" 6 years ago  
You both misspelled 6 years ago  
me too.. ;D 6 years ago  
saturday is the day to party. 6 years ago  
tits or gtfo! ^^ 6 years ago  
that's the spirit! :D 6 years ago  
does this question really need an answer? ^^ 6 years ago  
think we had that one before didn't we? ^^ 6 years ago  
explains the likes.. ;) 6 years ago  
I searched through your profile and found out that being a human living on the same earth as you do is one hell of a shame. 6 years ago  
no, she plays little big planet. Oh course she plays Call of Duty!!! 6 years ago  
Gave you 4 FB-Likes for those questions. :P 6 years ago +1
i've always wanted to be Eskimo. ^^ 6 years ago  
I like this kind of questions. Simple, but still representive. ^^ 6 years ago +1
Jass is our national cardgame. So you know what I picked. ^^ 6 years ago  
Damn, I wouldn't have started smoking if I didn't knew those basterds.. x) 6 years ago  
Verb missing... 6 years ago +1
Verb missing... 6 years ago +2
come at me bro! :D 6 years ago +3
congrats on that. ^^ 6 years ago  
eew.. lolz. ^^ 6 years ago +2
fingering gets to a newer level. ^^ 6 years ago +10
Why not zoidberg? :S 6 years ago +5
Anyone that knows Pokémon, knows to chose the superior type. 6 years ago +3
because asking a question once is too mainstream.. -.- 6 years ago +7
Yes, i think this word exists in almost every language. A zit is just one huge pimple, and acne are pimples distributed all over the face. 6 years ago +1
no way.. :O 6 years ago  
wouldn't that be a very good point of not to choose bella? 6 years ago  
I'm so sorry for you.. :( 6 years ago  
lol. way to go, guest from pennsylvania. :D 6 years ago  
unbelievably boring, isn't it? 6 years ago +1
You don't, but I'd like your girlfriend to be a complete cum dumpster.. 6 years ago  
maybe because he isn't an english speaking person? -.- 6 years ago +1
no argument? just a plaine statement? you dissapoint me.. 6 years ago  
gunz? 6 years ago  
good question indeed. 6 years ago  
demon zombies smell awful. O.o 6 years ago +1
Well, I actually was honest. But I misread the option. ^^ 6 years ago +1
America MAAAD!!! >;D 6 years ago  
When I am high, I start to search for a glass of smurfs to peel them and feed them to my 2 years old hellhound. 6 years ago  
Shaqiri FTW! :P 6 years ago  
mila kunis is having Heterochromia iridum. I like that. :D 6 years ago +1
not sure if trying to troll, or really an unknowing person.. 6 years ago  
DO, damit!!! Where's the damn verb?!?! 6 years ago +2
*DO, would you rather DO!!! 6 years ago +2
Look where i'm from. nuff said. ^^ 6 years ago +12
typical timetraveler mistake.. 6 years ago +3
Well, if I HAD to join a human centipede, I'd hope to be the person on front. 6 years ago  
This would, for example, eliminate all the 'who would you rather do' questions. Oh, and by the way.. on the right side of the page is a 'suggestion'-page where you can put your suggestions in. 6 years ago  
european car.. 6 years ago +7
durex.. It has protected me ever since. 6 years ago +2
Swiss guards.. Like the pope. :P 6 years ago  
The grow big ass beards.. I'm scared of them.. :S 6 years ago  
correction: You let the world know that YOU THINK JB is awesome.. ;) 6 years ago  
so there are even more people not caring about it. so please leave your interests unspoken.. 6 years ago +1
got no girlfriend.. problem solved.. ;D 6 years ago +3
what do you mean with 'no'? you mean there weren't gas attacks? you mean there weren't about 17 million deads? do you even know what you are talking about?! 6 years ago  
what? :D 6 years ago  
It's the users not the site itself. ;) 6 years ago  
oh, believe me, you will miss being 17 very soon.. 6 years ago +1
alwasy wanted to go once just to see the ambience. 6 years ago +2
in the air you have planes eat you. ^^ 6 years ago  
sexy time. If you know what I mean.. :D 6 years ago  
You are right, but there's a difference between all the other climate changes. This one we are causing ourselves! And that's why it won't stop as fast. 6 years ago  
so what's the reason for your choice?! 6 years ago +2
neither i'd say.. 6 years ago  
how the hell the who the how the f*ck!!! 6 years ago +1
it's sooo fluffyyy!!! 6 years ago  
would you rather what? Watch their games? have sex with 'em? Be more specific... 6 years ago +1
doesn't have to be in the same tub. ^^ 6 years ago +2
no sh*t, sherlock? 6 years ago  
Seems you have never heard of the phrase 'Hakuna matata'. ;D 6 years ago  
Hufflepuff sounds too fluffy in my opinion. ^^ 6 years ago  
it's also a lighter brand.. :P 6 years ago +3
this whole question looks quite gay to me.. 6 years ago +6
That's a really clear sympthom of a mental case. 6 years ago +8
Damn you twilight for letting our children forget about what real vampires were meant to be... 6 years ago +4
You sir, made my day. ^^ 6 years ago  
Burn it before it lays eggs!!! 6 years ago +6
No. I get your feel, bro. :D 6 years ago  
yes.. but SWISS german.. :D 6 years ago  
dafaq is survivor?! O.o 6 years ago +2
fight, fight, fight!! 6 years ago +3
Thought hollow-point bullets are illegal? O.o 6 years ago +1
f*ck all those fake rappers trying to make fame and money.. It's all about music, so f*ck this!! 6 years ago  
This would freak people out.. :D 6 years ago +2
seems like it, yes.. 6 years ago +3
no sh*t, sherlock? 6 years ago  
Nade launcher goes boom. ^^ 6 years ago  
wanna hug a wookie for once!! 6 years ago +2
that's what she said.. 6 years ago  
none of 'em. 6 years ago  
What in gods name is this... thing on the right side?! Ugly as hell.. 6 years ago +5
what do you want to say by: 'in CASE global warming is real?' It IS real.. 6 years ago  
I had to skip the question, as I cannot select both of the options. 6 years ago +5
bacon strips are great and all, but beef rules!! >:D 6 years ago  
that was exactly my motivation. ^^ 6 years ago +1
google it. ;) 6 years ago  
Are we all mutating to chinese? ^^ 6 years ago  
*you're / your. So hard to separate.. 6 years ago  
Switzerland! \o/ ^^ 6 years ago  
GG Tesla. :D 6 years ago  
No work, B*TCHES! ^^ 6 years ago  
both boring and sh*tty. 6 years ago +1
I'd rather listen to HSDFHGERHSDFBF. They rock. 6 years ago +3
damn difficult question. :O 6 years ago +1
IT Specialist. I'm gonna be their master! >:D 6 years ago  
don't know any of these stores. 6 years ago +1
password recovery? 6 years ago +4
dolphins are some of the only animals having sex just for fun, so... Dolphin. 6 years ago +3
vote it down... Before it lays eggs!!!! 6 years ago  
at night, i can sleep. 6 years ago  
F*ck you.. F*ck you and your YOLO sh*t. 6 years ago  
You see? If it was legal, your parents would be in jail.. 6 years ago  
public transport! ^^ 6 years ago  
The lenght of a life isn't what is important. Important is what you do with it. 6 years ago  
sans-serif FTW! ^^ 6 years ago  
I got my own little Eiffel Tower. If you know what I mean. ^^ 6 years ago  
would i rather what? stay the f*ck away from them? let them eat worms? Be more specific! 6 years ago  
no waay, sherlock... 6 years ago +1
Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah! 6 years ago  
lol. I like this trickquestion. ^^ 6 years ago +7
kill 'em? eat 'em? stomp 'em? 6 years ago +2
I would wear Puma adfgjgewruiohnsdfg.. If that's ok for you. 6 years ago  
It is just the tribute!!! ^^ 6 years ago +3
Never seen a peanut sh*t either.. ^^ 6 years ago +4
Giga Bowser throwing hammers and fire.. Eat that, b*tch! 6 years ago +1
without adverse affects toward your body.. Read carefully.. 6 years ago +1
I would be able to enlengthen a perticular muscle to 20x the size... If you know what I mean.. ;D 6 years ago +2
*an ^^ 6 years ago  
I wouldn't be able to go to work! ^^ 6 years ago  
yes, but then it's going to be finished faster.. :S 6 years ago  
meh.. i like it.. ^^ 6 years ago +3
lol. very good question. ^^ 6 years ago +5
would i rather what? feed them? smack them? kill them? You must be more specific. 6 years ago +9
very good question. ^^ 6 years ago  
Like a pimp. :D 6 years ago  
that's the smaller problem in this case, my dear.. ;) 6 years ago  
WHAT?! You must have had a very boring childhood, my friend.. 6 years ago +3
Would you rather what?!? 6 years ago +1
girl, stop posting such uninteressting celebrity stuff. 6 years ago +7
and who gives a f**k about teenwolf?! 6 years ago +2
don't even know those guys.. 6 years ago  
would you rather what? burn one? lead one? 6 years ago +2
x-factor is still sh*t.. 6 years ago +12
well, it's easier to have a conversation with the people speaking the same language as I do. ^^ 6 years ago  
both sh*t. 6 years ago  
bad question. -.- 6 years ago  
They are both big moneystealing pests. 6 years ago  
so what would i rather do to the blonde or the redhead? hate them? change their gender? let them eat worms? Be more SPECIFIC!!! 6 years ago  
This ain't no ninja. -.- 6 years ago  
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