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    no internet=no cell phone usage bc all you would be able to do is text  
    im bi curious so uh yeah  
    im already this the only difference is im not ugly  
    me two XD  
    well they say to be ANYTHING we want when we grow up  
    i have no arch enemy +1
    im 11 so its only been 1 year  
    obama was just president  
    lol same  
    who says the aliens are mean  
    so if you forget to wash something you dont have to wear it but if you Had to wear it you would be wearing dirty clothes to school  
    i like dumb questions  
    f*** people who hate nicki minaj  
    wqq i hate mayo and butter D:  
    i dont have a car lol im 11  
    in small id get out with 0 problem  
    lol me two dude  
    assassins creed duh  
    i practically already live in a desert so ill always be warm and not freezing  
    the tennis pic is an old lady D:  
    i need glasses  
    I'll spend it to quickly  
    grand mac  
    a hot DOG it doesn't have to be a real one lol  
    ewww tmi dude annewman  
    chuck norris  
    scarlett is a whore  
    secretly kiss your date  
    There is no such thing as a light meth user  
    buy water duh  
    im already dating my bff im a girl he is a guy so it works out  
    No one notices me anyway.  
    i have a ps3 but i love them  
    me too lol  
    its 2017  
    i hated my first kiss it was with my jerkface ex boy i want it to be with my now bf  
    if u have true friends ur not a loser plus im already a looser with true friends  
    i dont drink these in 11  
    im both of these things  
    i hate what does the fox say  
    i already always do scream  
    my bff he likes me and i love him and we are together  
    I am not selfish plus i love the one around me and every chance i got i would give money to charity because i am not selfish and a hog and they are the ones who really need food  
    I am a food crazy girl plus I hate masseuses  
    i'm from missouri D:< plz help me lol jk my bf is to  
    i don't have sex also i have always thought it would be funny if i did walk in on my parents  
    i love jessie  
    Its the thought that counts  
    its 2017 baby  
    i hate harry potter either way  
    i'm scared of heights  
    me to i'm 11 so win win for me  
    lol teen titans go  
    watch the lesson on youtube  
    i don't want kids so I WIN LOSERS!!  
    just buy a new computer duh  
    you will end up peeing in their anyway because the water will never help  
    ikr i picked that because im a girl so WE RULE AND BOYs DRULE  
    i'm 11 so win for me  
    movies are at least not lame and they do not have to take 48 days to finish duh you ppl who picked book are a geek  
    im not a thief  
    no porn  
    lol that was what i was thinking i will just eat them if i get hungry  
    neither +1
    my crush is my best friend and also my boyfriend so boom  
    mj4l #got that from dk4l  
    i already don't want any sex so #win for me!! plus i love my true love because i have already found him  
    the holocaust was sadder i learned about them both in history and i cried in the holocaust and not in 9-11 but it did scare me when i heard the ppl were jumping  
    i will never have sex so a excellent relationship yes plz  
    i would pass out my first day if i was a doctor  
    i would rather be twice my weight but youtube challenge and try to pick the right ones have a great day everyone  
    i would not have to worry about properties  
    if i know the cause i can prevent it from happening  
    i already do surf the internet all day and i don't even know how to surf  
    i would take my bf with me  
    if i could read a mind i will never worry if my crush likes me or not because i could read it in his mind  
    just tell him no one will ever pull us apart and tell him how you feel and if he don't feel the same he is the one that is missing out and if he leaves he never cared about you anyways  
    im 11 to and i have the guy of my dreams and we are going to grow up together and be so happy because yes he is cute but i like him because he is nice and funny and all of his personalities  
    if you chose lightsaber you are an evil person dude damn i could not even begin to say how mean that is  
    dude i need my internet dude ill just keep my computer...  
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