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Loves finding loopholes. Has a solid, unchanging set of moral values. Logical. Calm. Described by some as emotionless due to reserved nature.

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    The pic for Miami is very misleading 3 years ago  
    Like if you're gonna watch Star Wars 7! 3 years ago  
    Like if you've been a victim of a hacker. 3 years ago  
    I can hear your thoughts... 3 years ago  
    'Cause tonight I'm feeling like an astronaut, sending SOS from this tiny box, and I lost all signal when I lifted up, now I'm stuck out here and the world forgot. Can I please come down? 3 years ago  
    What keys? :D 3 years ago  
    Most hunger is CAUSED by war. Eliminate the source, eliminate the problem. 3 years ago  
    With a mean teacher that can teach, he/she induces a sense of discipline into you, and that's a good thing. 3 years ago  
    It says you 'love' said life, so you'd be happy 3 years ago  
    It says it's an AWESOME book. It doesn't specify for the movie. For all you know, the movie could be sh*tty! 3 years ago  
    Most of the time, the popular people are the idiots. 3 years ago  
    Starting my own religion would go against my beliefs. Sorry. 3 years ago  
    Just say no 3 years ago  
    Never speak again? Use voice synthesis! 3 years ago  
    I picked male 'cause I feel like he would relate to me better, and I feel that that is an important trait for doctors 3 years ago  
    Is it just me, or are a bunch of logos being remade into something sh*tty? 3 years ago  
    Cats actually LET YOU SLEEEEEEP!!!! >:-O 3 years ago  
    If you're paralyzed, you can still get things done. 3 years ago  
    Give up the computer...get an iPad XD 3 years ago  
    If you're smart, you can figure out some way to get able again; after all, as long as the brain is operational, you can just figure out a solution to anything else. 3 years ago  
    He can get out of his drug habit slowly instead of suffering major withdrawal on the streets. 3 years ago  
    God made two genders for a reason. 3 years ago  
    Seeing someone trip and fall...What if that someone is your great-grandmother, and she falls...down the stairs and dies. Yeah, no. I'd rather see her dance. 3 years ago  
    4 people I hate, so just manipulate them until you have a chance to escape. Use them. When you get the chance to escape, dispose of them; leave them on the island. 3 years ago  
    70 house cats probably won't kill you 3 years ago  
    You're happy in the job, so for the long term, the second choice is WAAAAY better 3 years ago  
    If you're tired, you still have your logic. If you're high, well, you're high. No logic there. 3 years ago  
    You can take a selfie 3 years ago  
    The law I'd make is that I can make infinite laws! :D 3 years ago  
    Listen; that way, you can understand, it's like radio in the 1900s 3 years ago  
    It rains every day here anyway 3 years ago  
    I would rewind so I could 'predict' the future! :D 3 years ago  
    Being homeless b/c I'm constantly traveling? Makes sense; doesn't say you're poor and homeless 3 years ago  
    Did you know Justin Bieber is actually a convicted criminal? Yep. Dispose of him. 3 years ago  
    Go outside...then come right back in 3 years ago  
    Stuck in an elevator for five hours...You'd suffocate. 3 years ago  
    "Ignorance is bliss". Well, not really. Ignorance gets you killed. At first, the truth may shock you, but you'll get over it. 3 years ago  
    Why not a ninja pirate? :D 3 years ago  
    Oh, the word play! I love it! 3 years ago  
    Today's music is either 1. BANG BANG SCREECH BANG SCREECH SCREECH BANG, or 2. [insert fluff here] [insert stupid message here] [insert fluff here]. 3 years ago  
    Most of Earth is evil incarnate (with exceptions), while heaven is good incarnate and is everything you want. People who chose Earth are idiots. 3 years ago  
    You got rich...through being a top secret agent working against terrorism for the government, but couldn't tell your family due to your job's nature, so they thought you stole it. 3 years ago  
    Families don't judge, but colleagues do. The choice is clear. 3 years ago  
    You can steal once. That makes you a thief. Give it right back. You still stole it at some point, so you're still a thief. Never steal again. BOOM GOD IS HAPPY 3 years ago  
    STAR WARS FOR DA WIN 3 years ago  
    I CAN'T DECIDE 3 years ago  
    First option saves lives. Option 2 makes everyone DIE (with everyone dead, there are no lines). No thought necessary, hands down. 3 years ago  
    Was I the ONLY one who actually read the author's comment beforehand? 3 years ago  
    Mac's don't get viruses every two minutes XD 3 years ago  
    Wish for an infinite number of wishes, then wish for an easy method to make money. Simple. 3 years ago  
    The holocaust had a much higher death toll, and if 9-11 didn't happen, 9-12 would 3 years ago +1
    Rather breathe like Darth Vader, I would. 3 years ago  
    Yeah, and I'm the last 1%! Sleep is for the weak! 3 years ago  

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