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    if you both hate each other then end the relationship[  
    write a detailed diary  
    I've gotta be more talented than some of those people on there!  
    I'd keep a few millions and give the rest to charity, I wouldn't keep it all or give it all away  
    delete, delete!  
    who hasn't kissed their dad?  
    I've been to positano. It's beautiful!  
    beach volleyball doesn't have women screaming at each other  
    there's not walmart in australia  
    I'd share with him, but he might not share with me  
    did anyone else see Bieber and immediately click the other option? +1
    I'm a girl and almost 6.4, if I was a guy I'd give the tall girls a chance!  
    it'd be rated too high for many people at school to see  
    you'd be more famous for longer if you worked hard...  
    make more friends...  
    Everyone gets involved more at christmas, and you get presents from your family and santa! (I'm still 12, and have an 8 year old brother)  
    If I was male, I'd prefer male, but because I'm female...  
    Ski lift, you could jump off and walk down. If you were in that climate you'd be wearing appropriate clothing anyway  
    Killing Hitler would bring back (or at least save at the time) thousands of people. And it wouldn't alter history because if you really think about it, we never would have known it or probably even thought about it  
    well what about non-drivers?  
    I could get second piercings on my ears, I can't stand tattoos  
    who are these people?  
    I could NEVER kill animals!...  
    as long as I could choose not to listen to rap  
    the place has gotta be bigger than the home  
    I'd wish for more wishes that I could use to wish for money  
    dogs are cute  
    celebrity dates/marriages never last anyway  
    depends what you're used to using...  
    I like gangnam style  
    as long as the fails weren't causing severe lasting injury or death  
    infinite power can only lead to uprisings and ultimately, death  
    I'd prefer it to have happened  
    that'd be like having songs stuck in your head all day  
    I think they're both adorable! But the penguins can't turn out as ugly as monkeys  
    My life is worth more than 100 million dollars... and Russian Roulette is where you have a gun with 6 chambers and a bullet in one of them, you spin the barrel and shoot yourself in the side of your head, and just hope you don't get the chamber with the bullet! Totally stupid I think  
    I saw a question that was: would you prefer to be able to read minds or fly? I found it so hard to choose! Besides, floating/flying would be so much more fun than just teleporting!  
    wizards have even better self-defence than ninjas  
    Does this include a fast-forward button too? Because what if you wanted to change something 10/20/30 years in the past? You wouldn't want to have to live those years again.  
    wars can be stopped much more easily than zombies...  
    Real-world hearing is so much more important than fake online worlds anyway  
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