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    im a girl tehe 3 years ago  
    owww 3 years ago  
    butts are gross 3 years ago  
    none why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 3 years ago  
    none of them ewww 3 years ago  
    idk what they mean im 11 3 years ago  
    shame on the 11% 3 years ago  
    rock is love rock is life 3 years ago  
    i just make fun of js 3 years ago  
    idk who they are but riley doesnt have fake boobs and baboon lips 3 years ago  
    wth with a the 1st pic theres a cbs logo too lol 3 years ago  
    is that botdf 3 years ago  
    who said it was unheathy food 3 years ago  
    they didnt say have a bad love life for 100 years 3 years ago  
    idk who these ppl r 3 years ago  
    i live in a desert 3 years ago  
    im too young to pick 3 years ago  
    im 11 and 5'3 3 years ago  
    im 11 idk whats this means 3 years ago  
    none of them 3 years ago  
    the talent can earn you money 3 years ago  
    none omg this is really sad the 27% should be changing their minds 3 years ago  
    *then 3 years ago  
    ten i cant showers 3 years ago  
    none 3 years ago  
    i ment to click soviet 3 years ago  
    who is ms sirois 3 years ago  
    none 3 years ago  
    cut it ur self 3 years ago  
    im 11 3 years ago  
    NONE 3 years ago  
    CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
    in hot hots dogs 3 years ago  
    in 2% of the ingredinents they found human dna 3 years ago  
    oreos r life 3 years ago  
    i loooooove basket ball! 3 years ago  
    *say 3 years ago  
    id sat pwease 3 years ago  
    start a taxi company 3 years ago  
    buy a new shirt for 5 bucks 3 years ago  
    it is now 3 years ago  
    im a girl so gay men would not be interested 3 years ago  
    im 11 3 years ago  
    im 11 3 years ago  
    im 11 3 years ago  
    my fav celeb is Andy biersack so heck yeah 3 years ago  
    tsk tsk to those 8 ppl 3 years ago  
    im too young 3 years ago  
    you rarely win 3 years ago  
    im a girl but im taller then almost every boy in my grade so 6'4 cause im tall for my age 3 years ago  
    im kind of annoying things annoying ppl say 3 years ago  
    im already the older sibling 3 years ago  
    hair grows back and i can put on a wig 3 years ago  
    it doesnt say that the house has to be ugly on the inside or really small 3 years ago  

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