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damnit wrong awnser 5 years ago  
dont look at the pics 5 years ago +4
if you ax gets stuck... yeeahh... 5 years ago +1
steam 5 years ago +1
uuuuugggghh this was hard 5 years ago  
if you surrendered they let you live and you weren't tortured 5 years ago  
didn't Russians count as 1/3 of the wars deaths in total? 5 years ago  
PC 5 years ago  
kill the north koreans 5 years ago  
live in a zombie apocalypse no matter what... 5 years ago  
i type with one finger 5 years ago  
people can deal with a simple bully, even block them... 5 years ago  
i am a gamer so it is obvious 5 years ago  
pc 5 years ago +2
how about no 5 years ago  
never run out of ammo 5 years ago +2
the fastest pc (titan supercomputer) is 97,000,000 dollars so... 5 years ago  
at&t connection sucks 5 years ago  
i dont agree with either combination 5 years ago  
just sleep somewhere else 5 years ago  
i hate my iphone 3 anyway 5 years ago  
im a gamer so... yeah 5 years ago +2
what about green? 5 years ago +1
the last time i watched tv was about 6 months ago...so.....yeah..... 5 years ago  
friends? is that a new website? 5 years ago  
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