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    he said thot 1 year ago +2
    lmao 1 year ago  
    NONE BITCH 1 year ago  
    like, right 1 year ago  
    same here, it sucks 1 year ago  
    LMAO dat aint a choice 1 year ago  
    YEAH 1 year ago +1
    lol 1 year ago  
    true 1 year ago  
    ONLY CHILD 1 year ago  
    LMAO literally 1 year ago  
    very VERY true 1 year ago  
    lol 1 year ago  
    same here 1 year ago  
    um, hes not stupid 1 year ago  
    true 1 year ago  
    and i think the person that spit on it has aids 1 year ago  
    i think someone spit on that 1 year ago  
    none 1 year ago  
    TRUST 1 year ago  
    Oh, true! 1 year ago  
    dis one is hard 1 year ago  
    wait, what?! 1 year ago  
    i think he or she was, VERY high 1 year ago  
    lol true 1 year ago  
    Well true, very true 1 year ago  
    lol 1 year ago  
    lol 1 year ago  
    That is very, VERY true! 1 year ago  
    Adam Levine, Ed Sheeran, and Ed Sheeran 1 year ago  
    Adam Levine, Leonardo Decaprio (the Romeo and Juliet version), Harry Styles, Robert Pattinson, and Zac Efron 1 year ago +1
    lol 1 year ago  
    Emma Watson 1 year ago +1
    JB 1 year ago  
    lol 1 year ago  
    u posted a nude 1 year ago +1
    YES 1 year ago  
    CHINA ALL DA WAE, Wait, DO U KNOE DA WAE 1 year ago  
    well true 1 year ago  
    yep, true 1 year ago  
    STEWIE 1 year ago  
    LMAO 1 year ago  
    FUGCK NO 1 year ago  
    yeah 1 year ago  
    ADAM LEVINE 1 year ago  
    OLD, but shes getting back into her country roots 1 year ago +2
    JONAH 1 year ago +1
    Owen for life 1 year ago  
    That's Adam? 1 year ago  
    Um, yeah 1 year ago  
    its because she is a giraffe 1 year ago +1
    right here! 1 year ago  
    yas 1 year ago  
    BFF ALL DA WAY 1 year ago  
    Cardi B and Adam Levine 1 year ago +3
    LMAO 1 year ago  
    dats da point 1 year ago  
    harry is my life, literally 1 year ago +2
    ANISTON 1 year ago  
    EWWWW DA PAULS 1 year ago +3
    hey hottie 1 year ago +2
    1D FOR LIFE 1 year ago  
    NOO DIS ONE IS HELLA HARD 1 year ago +2
    DO U KNOE DA WAE? 1 year ago  
    EMMA ALL DA WAE 1 year ago  
    oh god 1 year ago  
    oh god florida person 1 year ago  
    neither 1 year ago  
    SMOSH 1 year ago +1
    Celeb, DUH 1 year ago +1
    dis ones hard 1 year ago  
    i love nicki 1 year ago +2
    HELL TO DA NO 1 year ago  
    SELeNA 1 year ago  
    adam Levine 1 year ago  

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