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Would u rater go forever alone or 2 sibling one annoying 4 years ago 90 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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my hand will probablly be gagged and that ain't good I CAN'T HOLD MY BURGER! 3 years ago +1
spike is cute he's so KKAKAKAKKAWAI!!!!! and gravity falls is illuminati confirmed they ruined my child hood! 3 years ago  
bunny 3 years ago  
punching feels good ur like SMACK THAT AND THIS AND THAT BAM BAM BAM 3 years ago  
that is pretty random cuz im 10;.... 3 years ago  
yeppers that wat they pretty do in gta 3 years ago  
i like the way u use squidward 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
ok that must have had been a tie 3 years ago  
GET IN THE CEEEEER! 3 years ago  
WAT DO U MEAN BY NO TUNA?!??!?! 3 years ago  
why will it knock me off? 3 years ago  
actually true me too! weird... 3 years ago  
i was addicted to them when i was 7 i used to be like SLICED CHEESE! 3 years ago  
teapot 3 years ago  
NOPE it already came about a week ago! i mean a year ago awww that ruins the vine 3 years ago  
i do have friends bat im just this type of SOLO SUCKAA! girl u know that nerdy person who sits on his computer but when u talk to him u know ur the perfect match? yeppers that's me! 3 years ago  
too much foots smell terrible my classmate always makes me smell his foot when he shows me his taekwondo moves UH 3 years ago +1
UH darn it wrong pick terryjuice 3 years ago  
JUST DO IT! 3 years ago  
blondes are stupid! 3 years ago  
yes and that's the reason my mom's grandpa died a nail.. 3 years ago  
lego's are just horror i don't wanna tell u the reason 3 years ago  
gay is just terrible im still in primary section guys come on! 3 years ago +2
watcha say.... am i the only one who likes boiled caulliflower here? 3 years ago  
i have no favorite... 3 years ago  
i still really don't mind others like jeff the killer right now im like I DON'T CARE I LIKE IT I LIKE IT! 3 years ago  
im just ten and YEP i watched the russian expirment one i had terrible nightmares and visions for 2 years!!! luckily now theyr'e gone 3 years ago  
i talk alot so NOPE i will set the whole city on fire 3 years ago +1
u red my mind!!!! 3 years ago +1
first commentt srsly just tell me why? 3 years ago  
she looks natural 3 years ago  
i like big cars they make me feel like a BAAAAAAD AAAAAAAS 3 years ago +1
no high pitched anymore!!!! i will call it grandpitched 3 years ago  
i just thought to myself as long as ur hot u must be captured! 3 years ago  
i don' like pink... 3 years ago  
i dunno wat's geases????!?!?!?! 3 years ago  
i don't wear make up im at the minum website vistior age! 3 years ago  
why are ppl asking these non sense questions????? 3 years ago  
me neither lol 3 years ago  
im just ten WOW 3 years ago  
WHY just tell me WHY?!?!?!?!?! 3 years ago  
wat in the world is viddy?????? 3 years ago  
i would go to the hairdresser B) 3 years ago  
i do im lazy at watching tutorials instead i let my big sis watch them for me LOL 3 years ago  
why should i live in a world of horror where im very close to the edge other wise than take a jeep off into the himalyas? 3 years ago  
why should i rule the world in this way ill have no purpose to have fun at all 3 years ago  
i would take a selfie on a REAL hoverboard with awesome ppl i never met lolzy 3 years ago  
i mean like it will break my heart when ill go to heaven i mean like think about it! 3 years ago  
me neither LOL 3 years ago  
there are kids like me on this web u know and u can acctually drink using a needle haha i win!!! 3 years ago  
omg its a ham sandwich!!!! 3 years ago  
what are you talking about? 3 years ago  
for pooping on another persons car to get the parking lot 3 years ago  
i bet you im still 10 and i draw like no one else i rock at drawing!!! 3 years ago  
ME TOO!!! 3 years ago  
i really dunno but most ppl prefer ian for some reason cuz hes cuter an funier and anthony cuz hes hot 3 years ago  
yes and you would be frozen alive in jello 3 years ago  
yes 3 years ago  
i would get a bikini for my wedding soon :p 4 years ago  
i like to swim 4 years ago  
LALA LAND HERE I COME!!!!! 4 years ago  
i love canddel wax 4 years ago  
young at 20 years old B) 4 years ago  
B) 4 years ago  
in my butt wich no one will see :p 4 years ago  
i never went to the dentist and i never will but who cares this is would you rather 4 years ago  
i look ultra ugly with make up and im still 9!!!!! 4 years ago  
saddly i have experinced that with my popular friend and i felt sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad and mad she's even a girlygirl wich is annoying plays babish when i changed my personlize cuz i wasn't comfortable with it she was like WOW how did u change it i mean like my other friends are hackers,web debugers etc i mean like GET A LIFE DUDE!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
what is even five guys? when i saw eat five guys or pizza hut i was like DAFUQ? 4 years ago  
i want ot be a boy 4 years ago  
HONK GONG MCDONALDS!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
ORANGE CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
EGG ROLLS!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
RAMEN!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
NINJA!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
the choco chip cookie is my love 4 years ago  
i would hack my schools web and close it and write FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago +1
what if i woke up next to the hat in pizza hut with an infinite amount of pizza?? 4 years ago  
babies are cutter 4 years ago  
nooooooooo its FANTA!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
yes with you 4 years ago  
╔═══════╗╔═╗─╔═╗╔═╗─╔═╗╔══════╗ ║███████║║█║─║█║║█║─║█║║██████║ ║█╔╗█╔╗█║║█║─║█║║█║─║█║║█╔══╗█║ ╚═╝║█║╚═╝║█╚═╝█║║█║─║█║║█║──╚═╝ ───║█║───║█████║║█║─║█║║█║ ───║█║───║█╔═╗█║║█║─║█║║█║╔═══╗ ───║█║───║█║─║█║║█╚═╝█║║█╚╝█▀█║ ───║█║───║█║─║█║║█████║║█▄▄▄▄█║ ───╚═╝───╚═╝─╚═╝╚═════╝╚══════╝ ╔═╗────╔═══╗╔════╗╔════╗ ║█║────║███║║████║║████║ ║█║────╚╣█╠╝║█╔══╝║█╔══╝ ║█║─────║█║─║█╚══╗║█╚══╗ ║█║─────║█║─║████║║████║ ║█║─╔═╗─║█║─║█╔══╝║█╔══╝ ║█╚═╝█║╔╣█╠╗║█║───║█╚══╗ ║█████║║███║║█║───║████║ ╚═════╝╚═══╝╚═╝───╚════╝ 4 years ago  
at the end this is 10,000 on 100,000 FAMILIES so if i have a billion dollars ill donate at the end too about 3% out of 10 to em this is what i call 4 years ago  
NINJAAA!!! 4 years ago  
me to im also 9 and theyr'e like LET IT GO!!!!! and this one dump joke DO U WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN?? 4 years ago  
now i saw it#just the cover freeked my out but atleast i won't pee in a small tiny room without and light and no one will know im inside and plus i neer went on a ski lift to expirince it 4 years ago  
idiots like u! 4 years ago  
i have the itunes on my brain already :p 4 years ago  
if there was a netflix burrito roll i would choose that 4 years ago  
if my teacher was my sibling i will vote for me cuz she's rascist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
minecraft is also sorta free 4 years ago  
roblox is dumper and stupider 4 years ago +1
who even plays leugue of legends the only people i know play it are acctually all jerks 4 years ago  
DANTDM u jerk!!!!! 4 years ago  
i hate them both soooooooooo none 4 years ago  
FANTA Is the best!!!!!! 4 years ago  
you don't know a girls friend omg theyr'e like super girly at the end i don't go to the principal with them for ass hole thingies and im in the manga and anime club so bye bye jerks!!!! 4 years ago  
NINJAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my dear suskae 4 years ago  
i can handele i could prove my teacher is rascist!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
and im also a thin struggler 4 years ago  
small ones are less painfull in running and way to much energy is wasted on it and also i will never ever have boobs beacuz theyr'e so much pain and energy 4 years ago  
and in case u didn't know what is centipede it's a kind of caterpillar 4 years ago  
nope they know 4 years ago  
at least i don't kill my family 4 years ago  
what is a cellphone without internet you idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
i would wish for my grandma to be alive and my rascist teacher to die!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
omg how sad i wish ull meet her soon at heaven 4 years ago  
chrome is for non addons non google kind and simply dumpasses only 4 years ago  
ya atleast ii can't hear that sound for ages!!!! 4 years ago  
yay her dog was to fast so that he pulled her allway just like my dump ass layer classmate dragged me allway in the sports lesson in fish net and pealed of my skin and didn't even say sorry 4 years ago  
while i could opera they really don't care about us!!! 4 years ago  
soo i was like no aby baby my voice sucks!!!! 4 years ago  
at least i don't see a persons heart 4 years ago  
how about i punch my rascist teacher in the face??? 4 years ago  
lying is bad for u and if u get away every time ur gonna be the world's biggest layer 4 years ago  
am i gonna waste this much money and people in africa are starving to death >_< i acctually kinda wanit but for this much?????????? 4 years ago  
what are thoose even????????????????????????? 4 years ago  
world warIII happened already don't u know it 4 years ago  
animal is not a language 4 years ago  
harry potter even though it has more terrible photo shop and edeting 4 years ago  
if u have the rewind button you bassicly have the pause if u rewind the button you can reverse when your mom was shouting as loud as thunder for not studying and playing mc and failed just like i did but i didn't fail 4 years ago  
if the cause was god,death?? it means like death for no reason atleast i'll have some time to tell all the people i know bye andblah blah blah i love you xoxoxo and right my last words or last thing i wanted from them to do for me 4 years ago  
at the end im not LONLEY IM SO LONLEY 4 years ago  
oh i would finish starbucks out of stock everyday theyr'e milk shake,latte,cheesecake and all those lovely thing and drinks yay! 4 years ago  
what if the celerities all around the world are ugly??? 4 years ago  
omh don't remind me in the scince lesson my teacher was a turk so she speeled air sacks air sex all the time only four where laughing two where trying to hold the smile the rest where like???????????they don't even know the meaning of sex we started to make jokes like i did with your nacked eyes!!!!!and my classmate told me HOT air comes from the sun and today at art i coulered my cheetah in orange he told me cheetas are yellow i told him tomake the cheetah more beutifull he replied do you mean SEXY? 4 years ago  
and prove that my teacher is rascist 4 years ago  
╔═══════╗╔═╗─╔═╗╔═╗─╔═╗╔══════╗ ║███████║║█║─║█║║█║─║█║║██████║ ║█╔╗█╔╗█║║█║─║█║║█║─║█║║█╔══╗█║ ╚═╝║█║╚═╝║█╚═╝█║║█║─║█║║█║──╚═╝ ───║█║───║█████║║█║─║█║║█║ ───║█║───║█╔═╗█║║█║─║█║║█║╔═══╗ ───║█║───║█║─║█║║█╚═╝█║║█╚╝█▀█║ ───║█║───║█║─║█║║█████║║█▄▄▄▄█║ ───╚═╝───╚═╝─╚═╝╚═════╝╚══════╝ ╔═╗────╔═══╗╔════╗╔════╗ ║█║────║███║║████║║████║ ║█║────╚╣█╠╝║█╔══╝║█╔══╝ ║█║─────║█║─║█╚══╗║█╚══╗ ║█║─────║█║─║████║║████║ ║█║─╔═╗─║█║─║█╔══╝║█╔══╝ ║█╚═╝█║╔╣█╠╗║█║───║█╚══╗ ║█████║║███║║█║───║████║ ╚═════╝╚═══╝╚═╝───╚════╝ 4 years ago  
i would pass my test like this 4 years ago  
well i mean like dead come on guys some one had died and your like who cares it's just a funeral? 4 years ago  
i never went to the dentist and i will never and i acctually enjoy watching womens running 4 years ago +1
im going for sibling at the end im always the one in the middle always 4 years ago  
i reccomend mine craft i mean like mineccraft is simply life you build,play with friends,create ur very very very accurate skin etc minecraft is life bro as soon as i go to heaven im gonna wish if i had minecraft there not as soon of course i mean like u never get tired of minecraft and u never get tired from anything in heaven 4 years ago  
acctually i sholdenv'e voted for the other some times i don't even fell the pain till i see it wow im really stupid 4 years ago  
every one likes me 4 years ago  
tweet tweet 4 years ago  
lazy rule! 4 years ago  
family guy makes non-scence i didn't even watch 1 full episode!! southpark first sight omg that cartoon rocks! later i watched a 1 hour full coplintion 4 years ago  
some teammates just ruin every thing 4 years ago  
billy 4 years ago  
and sugarry cereal is my fav real food 4 years ago  
lazy rule! 4 years ago  
pizza! spaggettI! volcano tours awesome cruise's in all it's beutiful beaches rome defo italy 4 years ago  
i would be more likely to that baby more than this girly grumpy girl 4 years ago  
lazy rule! 4 years ago  
the lazy rule 4 years ago  
being lazy is cool 4 years ago  
i wish i was a man they have millions of things to do i wish i was a man 4 years ago  
u don't want to eat a lraw egg do u? i mean like brownie has 100% choco and no eggs and u can drink it 4 years ago  
lets go die amyways climbing is more likely to be less likely to heart stopped leg tooke of rope commits 4 years ago  
back to the clasic 4 years ago  
oops i meant the other how about i tell my mother i hate ur so annoying shut the hell up! don't u understand it u dump ass? what now? 4 years ago  
i don't drink way toooooooooo young and not allwoed to do in my religion 4 years ago  
u can create ur own food and dishes and every thing! 4 years ago  
it said a controller only wich means any controler #joystick 4 years ago  
ur keys means ur car,appartment and every thing really special ur phone means some numbers 4 years ago  
adult can do more stuff u know 4 years ago  
i will pee in space? amazing! 4 years ago  
if th ship sinks u drown if the plane falls u crash insttantly and u will belive u will fly 4 years ago  
the gamer unite! 4 years ago  
who likes harry poter?wo likes minecraft both genders accept games! 4 years ago  
he might murder u but there is no such thing as ghosts its only called connection with the death one day my mom di it the soul had to take one of anyones soul to live luckily they had an expert he was like i don't care and stopped the connection and voilla 4 years ago  
that smell ugh!!! no way 4 years ago  
dogs aren't that fluffy and attractive maybe pugs i would but that owner just didn't put a pug!! 4 years ago  
money means u get to buy what ever u want way much better! 4 years ago  
who cares about friends stick to the computer bra! kiss the computer! buy online with the computer 4 years ago  
well this is wy much better than doing the other one 4 years ago  
well that will be embarrasing ut atleast u knew each other scince a long time wich means better realationship 4 years ago  
probabbly stupidty not into it 4 years ago  
anyways friends leaves u when ur not married this is what happend with my mom's friend her husband died and bye bye friends only my mom stayed with her she had like friend gang 4 years ago  
who cares about friends how about ur future? 4 years ago  
i dont care but bye to the traffic and hello to aloha!!! 4 years ago  
gay marrige means humanity will get extinct and also if a woman marries another which one will be mommy?SUB MOMMY how about who gets to work and who gets to go homework. or if a man marries a man where's the son and who will dare and go to the grouciery store with that giant list in his brain that he will probabbly forget 4 years ago  
whats about lions? i mean like cats scrach but lions eat flesh 4 years ago  
no way i mean like drugs to kill pl no way! 4 years ago  
cannibalism after they die amazng!! and plus im not that kind of a hungry person wich means i will probabbly die the first lol 4 years ago  
me too but about from nowhere creeps the hell out of me 4 years ago +1
if the money runs out what now? 4 years ago  
i really dunno both are utra dangreous but i prefer high so that u can avoid stuff in the street 4 years ago  
well if it ment all the sinks in the world or use water no way! 4 years ago  
oh baths 4 years ago  
well if i control my dreams ill finally have the choice to go to lala land and after i gather the candy i eat it up not get woken up for school 4 years ago  
hello to the free icecream!!! 4 years ago  
schools shut down amazing evn if they still work u have snow at the break!!! 4 years ago  
whats even a movie without a picture? 4 years ago  
wow how sad still 4 years ago  
no way big ones have way to much weight ppl stare at it soooo annoying 4 years ago  
minecraft defo 4 years ago  
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