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    I don't wear bras so I won't mind going nakes..  
    I'm a girl... so I win either way!! +1
    Nether, because I don't want to spend the rest of my life worrying about it.  
    I'm already short and personally I think redheads are hot, so...  
    Gay marriage is already legal so..  
    So would you rather be an low life scumbag or a honest person who will someday be rewarded?  
    I heard it tastes good.  
    At least it could protect me.  
    I'd beat his ass.  
    It's the least annoying one. -_-  
    Hope they get rejected  
    42% have never watched the movies...  
    Why did it make me choose!? +1
    What does the cookie monster have to do with this..?  
    Why can't I have both!? D:  
    It doesn't matter.  
    Less scary  
    It was a hard decision...  
    Beat those b*tches up.  
    Don't have a dog, so I win! :D +1
    Whoever thought of this in a different way, get your filthy mind of the gutter.  
    I don't have a dog :D  
    Dead jellyfish can still sting if touched.  
    That's what diapers are for.  
    I feel so dirty...  
    Space pressure will kill you immediately.  
    Bras actually cause health problems such as sagging breasts and cancer.  
    It already is hell on earth. -_-  
    Dish tries too hard with its ads now.  
    Everything would be boring, if you knew everything.  
    Such a difficult question, personally I think both are awesome.  
    You can watch your fav shows on the computer, I win! :D  
    Eh, f*ck popularity, so overrated. :/ High school only lasts four years so...  
    I'm a girl, so I win! :D  
    Who the hell wants immortality anyway?  
    Last one, whyyyy +1
    Facebook is crap -_-  
    Dogs are mindless drones that obey their master's every command. Cats on the other hand can think for themselves. +2
    I'm already short but I'd like some sexy ginger hair ^_^  
    minecraft is for losers -_- +1
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