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    skype instead 4 years ago  
    i do anyways 4 years ago  
    books wont help u on the streets 4 years ago  
    id help the person who fell unless it was someone i hate then i laugh and ask if the floors ok 4 years ago  
    snowmachinein 4 years ago  
    rather find out 4 years ago  
    normal size 4 years ago  
    could die eathier way 4 years ago  
    i just wanted to c who was picked the mosted i got my girl 4 years ago  
    some people can c ghost 4 years ago  
    dupstep all the way 4 years ago  
    want to c my family live on when i have one 4 years ago  
    i have my reason y i chose my answers an people might under stand 4 years ago  
    did not notice his quote oops rather me friend zone 4 years ago +1
    if i have a family i just dont want to die out of no where 4 years ago  
    im already datin my crush an hottest person i know 4 years ago  
    love my music 4 years ago  
    im a guy 4 years ago  
    alot of people cant read soo... 4 years ago  
    if im dead ohhh well im not coming back anytime soon 4 years ago  
    weird..... 4 years ago  
    rather have an awsome realship dont care about sex 4 years ago  
    most of my dreams where crush so i want to c how they pllay out 4 years ago  
    love music 4 years ago  
    or the person who though of the this 4 years ago  
    i need alot of thing to fix i hurt my girl mentally too much not know it but if i could pause i could prevent it from happening 4 years ago  
    do i even have to do a vote people should already know 4 years ago  
    some times being smart gets in the way cause u think about what your doing to much an wont do it 4 years ago  

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