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    Of course! We can't just be the only ones in space  
    You have no childhood  
    I didn't mean to do that  
    How about both  
    Instant transmission  
    I can't decide  
    Why did I choose this? #Bacon For Life  
    God is real you poke fags  
    Well sh*t  
    Welp, time to protect my anus.  
    Dammit why you make me choose!  
    I would say you have been a good arch enemy, I wish we could of been friends.  
    At least it's quicker  
    I would just tell them to shut the f*ck up  
    Hell no  
    Thy can not choose  
    I'm 15 and I'm male :^)  
    B*tch Please both  
    Nope, hell no  
    Are y'all serious  
    So true  
    Boi you gay  
    I not gay.  
    Live with undertale characters  
    You could just wish that the person on you loved liked you  
    Both are funny as hell  
    Don't even watch tv lol  
    How about both  
    If you count a teen  
    Standing up makes your legs hurt dumbass  
    Scared of Heights  
    I'm not gay.  
    I guess I'll be future Gohan  
    Cookie dough is delicious  
    Nah, I don't want to get eaten by a bear  
    At least you don't to hear loud asss people  
    Oh Please, Unlimited games for life  
    I will be happy for them at least  
    Either have no food or get raped  
    I would rather save my brother for the greater good.  
    Loving grandma's all day  
    Well Shit.  
    Fails are funny  
    Well sh*t.  
    Are you serious:^)  
    People would rather have money than 10 wishes? Wtf is this world now.  
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