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    The only thing good in Chicago is pizza 3 years ago  
    There were thunderstorms in Texas 3 years ago  
    I like modern homes. 3 years ago  
    3 siblings 3 years ago  
    Some people say that horror movies could be addictive 3 years ago  
    That would mean you have to eat the leaf part of the strawberries also 3 years ago  
    alternative energies baby 3 years ago  
    Almost fell off the Grand Canyon but my aunt caught me. 3 years ago  
    You can flush your trash down the toilet 3 years ago  
    Bruce Lee is already dead 3 years ago  
    Trees are already alive you stupid idiot. 3 years ago  
    There could be something soft at the bottom. 3 years ago  
    Cookie monster waited until he found the food he liked(cookies) and the green monster just tried all the food he saw 3 years ago  
    There is actually a watch that counts down your life based on your body health. 3 years ago  
    kill them 3 years ago +1
    just adopt 3 years ago  
    you could fly 3 years ago  
    im a guy 4 years ago  
    im a guy 4 years ago  
    liar 4 years ago  
    they are dead 4 years ago  
    so cute 4 years ago  
    If u never die you would have enough time to get lots of money. 4 years ago  
    i know i spelled whoole wrong 4 years ago  
    a whoole night 4 years ago  
    im a boy 4 years ago  
    homework 4 years ago  
    drake 4 years ago +1
    racist 4 years ago  
    knowitall 4 years ago  
    neither 4 years ago  
    fart 4 years ago  
    it already came out 4 years ago  
    guys included!!! i'[m a guy. why would you make this question 4 years ago  
    none of the above 4 years ago  
    you have two dads 4 years ago  
    justin bieber's gay 4 years ago  
    I touched your fish 4 years ago +3
    are you a boy or a girl? 4 years ago  
    duuh 4 years ago +1
    duuuhhhh 4 years ago  
    duuuhhh 4 years ago  
    i would still be able to have a beutiful wife 4 years ago  
    i was born in a hospital 4 years ago +2
    lamarg 4 years ago  
    her 4 years ago  
    Good bye gay faggot 4 years ago  
    there is too many round 1's 4 years ago  
    No Ma'am. I'm not listining to you so you know your talking to your self. 4 years ago  
    not you because you are a girl 4 years ago  
    redneck 4 years ago  
    Lion 4 years ago  
    Im american 4 years ago  
    i'm a boy 4 years ago  
    duh,b*[email protected]! 4 years ago  
    you spelled ebola wrong. 4 years ago  
    Army is more powerful. 4 years ago  
    Whoever puts Justin Bieber and if you are a boy, just to let you know he is gay. 4 years ago  
    You spelled the word wrong! 4 years ago  
    Staying original. 4 years ago  
    EMO!!!! 4 years ago  
    He looks a lot tougher than Edward. 4 years ago  
    South Africa is where Ebola is... 4 years ago  
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