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    Prepare to feel horny. All day, every day.  
    I would never, ever insult anyone over religion. I'll have you know I was raised as a Christian. The only problems I have with religion is 1.) the annoying internet fights and 2.) the fear. And by the fear, I mean that whenever I make a mistake, God will be watching and all my bad thoughts, my swearing habbit, and everything else will make me go to hell one day. I'm sick of being afraid that every choice I make according to ME and not GOD will earn me a nice shiny spot in the devil's cavern. And I would much rather make my own choices than have God make them for me. Sorry if that's not what Christianity is about, but that's what it seems like to me.  
    I won it, NOT THEM. :) +1
    think about it: you can build yourself to breathe fire.  
    By making them fall in love with you, there would have to be reasons for them to do so. They just figure them out. Therefore, it would be true love.  
    A lifetime supply of Alex  
    Lol i clicked it because it looked like coke  
    like if u dont have a phone or a tablet  
    Scarlett looks like she did the Kylie Jenner challenge  
    Only if it's black I wanna look edgy  
    I hate people  
    I love white chocolate but i like milk chocolate just a bit more  
    I feel like the only person who hates going to the beach.  
    This isn't even a would you rather  
    7% picked the picture because of how it looked  
    it depends, are you doing a sex scene or artistic nude?  
    every one i care about is used to my personality changing everyday. And you could always tell them.  
    I'm a bunny. Finally I can die happy  
    i clicked the wrong one. how many more times is this gonna happen?  
    I meant to click snowboard because I dont get snow  
    More people like the Queen of England more than they like the US President  
    I always stay in my house. I never travel  
    How is this a would you rather question?  
    But.... Money always makes me happy.  
    I'm white  
    Michael: King of Pop Justin: King of Stop  
    If the Holocaust were prevented, imagine how much this would effect history?  
    only if it's my sister  
    Pfft already am  
    i get excused from school every time i throw up  
    That way, someone gets sent to prison.  
    depends on who i'm with  
    My inbox would be flooded with his stupid messages  
    So I'll die before I go blind.  
    i'm too young to drive  
    i already have hella memory, but theres no avoiding me going blind before age 40  
    Im moody af, and it never said all the looks would be good  
    Idk, are they hot? +1
    It never snows where i am. I win  
    I can't hear sh*t  
    I don't have any keys im 11  
    I have a large possibility of waking up 100% blind one day  
    Who is Kadafi?  
    I don't really care, it's already happened and they're my bff so I wouldn't be too upset.  
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