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    North Korea, eat a Snicker, you turn into a b***h when you're hungry  
    My grades would be so good, I wouldn't have to take anymore finals!  
    Instead of thinking of it as a baby, think of it as if it's a future douchebag.  
    Don't think of it as a baby, but as a future fully grown douchebag  
    Don't think of it as a baby, but as a future douchebag  
    NO!!!!! I HIT THE WRONG ONE.  
    And I DESPISE Justin Beiber  
    Michale Jackson  
    tied of payphone  
    rb da  
    I love watching movies with my mom. +1
    Love is needed in a relationship, but you can't keep a relationship running without trust.  
    Divorce! +1
    Crushes change as you get older. +1
    5"1 SO..... +1
    Wouldn't walk out on her, but I'm not having a shot-gun wedding.  
    doesn't matter if their happy, and they truly love you, you won't have to worry. +1
    They never said I'd hate them. +3
    My dad would be bada$$ +3
    they didn't say my friends would hate me too.  
    both of them are gay so.....  
    My mom toys are her vacuum, and laptop  
    I'm a girl so......  
    eat around the crickets  
    what about the people that don't have a dad?  
    what if your a girl?  
    therapy will be needed for both of these options.  
    what about the people that don't have living grandparents?  
    No bills, no job, no bills, oh and did i mention no bills?  
    Can't sing  
    Not true it all comes down to the electoral college. Our votes mean nothing if they don't have enough electoral votes.  
    fake leg  
    Save myself, and leave with the guilt knowing that you had the chance of saving you lil bro/sis, or save them???  
    Homosexuals are possessed by demons? What the heck?  
    lets see, own a gun, or nukes  
    your real friends would still be with you.  
    with knowledge i can also achieve infinite power.  
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