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    Give me some evidence, something adamant to stand on, and a god who is worthy of being worshipped, and I will come to Jesus. Until those requirements are all met, I will not worship god.  
    Intelligence is a matter of brain makeup and/or hard work. Emotions are various chemicals released into our brain that invoke specific responses. As for how we got here, and what caused the big bang, I have no clue but finding out will sure be fun! +2
    "Love thy neighbor". +2
    OK quick bullet points. 1. You provided no proof of god, you simply made an incoherent statement about dead people. 2. Yeah humans suck I'll give you that, but most nasty wars were fought with religious incentive, like the crusades. Megachurches get hundreds of millions in donations, and if those were spent on charity it would likely solve many issues. 3. You claim that god made all cures, and then claim that anything scientist make will kill you. So I guess you can't ever have any modern medicine again, because all modern medicine is of scientific origin, and therefore in your opinion lethal. 4. God took away mans immortality after Eve supposedly ate that apple. He never gave it back, unless you count heaven, which is afterlife and therefore NOT immortality. 5. I did try believing in god, and found that either he isn't real or is such an awful being he is unworthy of my worship. 6. Praying never has, and never will, work. If I pray for the cure to cancer, it's not going to pop into existence. If I spend 30 some odd years in a lab, maybe I'll get somewhere. 7. Just going to put out there that by telling me I will go to hell for my beliefs you're assuming the right to judge like your god does, which is almost certainly a sin, and therefore gogin to get YOU sent to hell, according to your system. 8. I respect your right to have your own beliefs, but please, don't tell me I'm going to burn in hell because I think you're wrong, and don't attack modern medicine. If you read this until the end, thank you for your time. +1
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