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The Red Sox rule!!!

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    I'm a guy. +2
    Huh???????????????????????????? +1
    I am a guy.  
    Who the hell is she? Never heard of her.  
    Weird question.  
    Man. Never thought of it like that. But take it easy. I would not get too jumpy about Angelina Jolie.  
    29% of you are retards.  
    Be quiet. You have no idea what it is like to be a guy. +1
    What does this have to do with relationships? That was the category I was in when I found this.  
    It's Darth Vader. +2
    Get out of my face.  
    Too bad Chipper is gone. +2
    does Marilyn manson count as today back the or both  
    Both are disgusting.  
    If all of us voted like that "Option B" would have 100% of the votes! LOL +3
    Indie? You mean slow country, right?  
    Not old enough to drink, but I'll vote on "Option A" because it has an eagle for the logo.  
    When you're a man you've got something to live for.  
    Sorry. I ment to answer "God".  
    LOL +1
    You are just upset because your city doesn't have a baseball team. Cheer for the Reds you moron.  
    Football is a men's sport. Not a pussy's sport like soccer is.  
    You'd die either way. The question should've been, "Would you rather die from...". Good question, though. +10
    Why the hell are there so many soccer questions?  
    The Sox are way better than the Cubs. The only team better than the White Sox is the Red Sox.  
    60% of you are retards.  
    F**k soccer. Baseball, football, and hockey are the only real sports. Soccer is a pussy's game. +24
    How old are you?  
    What does this have to do with sports?  
    Cricket is more like baseball.  
    Does school count for kid?  
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