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    If they are real friends they wouldn't of stopped being friends with me just becuSe in more successful than them  
    41% of people are stupid...  
    Audio books, dog, music.  
    I can tell you don't understand what anorexia is.  
    Rehab. +1
    You are literally just famous, rich, and seen as perfect. You don't have to do anything.  
    China has bad air pollution. +1
    No, he really isn't.  
    Wait who made apple and who made microsoft  
    How do owls reporoduce then?  
    People get raped, including children, and get pregnant.  
    I'd feel too guilty :(  
    Eventually you'd have to stop and get a job to pay for food and stuff.  
    More money for traveling!  
    I'm good at school.  
    I don't like subway  
    I don't want everyone to be dumber than me, that would be annoying  
    Privacy leaves with fame  
    Well I'm a celiac...  
    The stranger is your true love.  
    Well I'm going to go jump off my roof now.  
    I'm 14. What am I going to buy anyway, lipgloss?  
    Sometimes being woman sucks, but I still like to paint my nails, do my make up, wear dresses, style my hair, etcetera.  
    At least it's edible  
    Wouldn't really matter because I can't drive yet and we have a spare key for the house  
    I am an American girl. I'd be drinking with my friends.  
    I like yellow  
    Sharks don't eat people.  
    I don't have a significant other...  
    We need war do we can enjoy peace.  
    Suffer together.  
    Just because they are doesn't mean you have to be!  
    Just because your popular doesn't mean you're stupid... If you're popular, you'd also have great people skills which can help you just as much as smarts can.  
    I'm plenty smart already. I'd enjoy being popular, you can help people, be friendly, and have almost everyone like you! It would be much easier for me to make friends!  
    Fat isn't the same as plus sized. If your fat, you are unhealthy. If you aw plus sized, you are healthy.  
    Not every sickness is a disease  
    Or your cold...  
    Already have book smarts.  
    Birthday cause cake  
    If I fit in any group wouldn't I fit in the popular group? The answer choice makes no sense.  
    Look at the authors comment  
    I like being surprised for gufts  
    Just use your phone or tablet!  
    I suck at singing.  
    There'd be too many thing I'll miss if I'm disabled. Besides, you can still get smart.  
    Basically listening to audio book  
    If no one shows up to your wedding then you can't get married...  
    That's actually a good question because you look underage if you always look 13. Good luck getting into bars.  
    Hi dad!  
    We get both in Ohio in the same week. Nothing new.  
    They'd literally be watching me eating and watching YouTube.  
    Pft, I always get away with lying anyway.  
    I don't know, that prison looks pretty nice to me...  
    At least I didn't wake up sore.  
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