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The Ultimate Test Of Value: There is one last bee in the world and if it dies so does the ecosystem and everything in it and one human, which is worth saving? Human: No matter what humans are more value than anything even the insects and would not choose above them because 1 human is worth more than a litter of kittens. or Bee: There are still billions of humans but only this one bee to save, it would be illogical to choose 1 person out of billions than to save the Earth and it's resources from one of the key elements of maintaining the ecosystem. No amount of humans is worth destroying the balance of nature. 2 months ago 67 votes 16 comments 0 likes
In these 2 cartoon shows would you want for a dad? Stan Smith: A patriot, Republic, CIA agent who can be too serious but really cool. or Peter Griffin: A lazy but adventurous man who knows how to have fun (depending) and can bring laughs. 2 months ago 66 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Most countries have legalized homosexual marriage, countries like Russia don't. Would you rather? U.S. do something about it and have countries like Russia legalize it because those countries shouldn't enforce how their people should have relationships. or No, Russia has its own laws like we have ours and U.S. needs to stop involving themselves in everything not our business and respect how countries run their land. 2 months ago 82 votes 57 comments 0 likes
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If that's your personal view ok then. Not everyone will accept this kind of marriage. 2 months ago  
Real men is subjective asshole a sport is played by anyone so there is no real anything shutup 2 months ago  
Also in football and baseball 2 months ago  
Both get u hurt point irrelevant 2 months ago  
Real men have good spelling and don't define how a man is real so shutup 2 months ago  
Shutup you don't define what real men are. 2 months ago  
What do you mean by smart exactly? 2 months ago  
Easy they will clone engineer the bee 2 months ago  
Class is for boring Caucasians like you. 2 months ago  
You have no taste 2 months ago  
Reverse card 2 months ago  
The unicorn wouldn't be hunted cause they can just teleport or kill with magic 2 months ago  
No one would do that unless they're evil. 2 months ago  
No you don't, your science is bullcrap and will never see God because he is not meant to be seen till you pass to afterlife. Your life on the other is fictional 2 months ago  
Big Bang doesn't exist ya dummy 2 months ago  
Idiots are those believe a dot exploded and created planets. Logically someone eternal made the universe stupid. 2 months ago  
Because they keep criticizing us Christians and keep shoving "God isn't real" like it's a fact. So until you learn how to have a decent amount of faith I will loathe atheists and would never befriend them knowing they wanna take my faith. 2 months ago  
Yes cause it's not a fairy tale unlike your Stupid Bang Fakery 2 months ago  
I can and I judge them as assholes that aren't ppl 2 months ago  
You're spelling doesn't exist 2 months ago  
Not our fault you atheists keep forcing science on us saying God isn't real without proof. So you deserve all the mean you've asked for. 2 months ago  
Start with Christians then you'll get respect 2 months ago  
Then your atheist teacher should be fired for being a fraud 2 months ago +1
It's real 2 months ago  
Which it does dumbo 2 months ago  
It does exist stupid atheist 2 months ago  
Yes it does smh 2 months ago  
You clearly don't you probably don't know the parts of cars. Just wait till u get older gosh 2 months ago  
Quit bullsh*teing 2 months ago  
No u didn't 2 months ago  
Not too much 3 months ago  
Only to atheist scum like you 3 months ago  
It's about the buildings moron not the money, and poor crappy houses like that can't give you happiness either so you're incompetent choosing B or just trolling 3 months ago  
Difference between selfish and inviting 3 months ago  
No dumbass we can still invite them 3 months ago  
Invite your family/friends simple as that. 3 months ago  
You start first 3 months ago  
Ok retard I'll go rob a bank cause "I want to" 3 months ago  
Ok retard let us have criminals do whatever then 3 months ago  
What they want is to croak 3 months ago  
Ok they can rob a bank and we can't tell them they can't rob them. Yeah tell that retarded logic of yours to the government and your parents retarded ass dingus. 3 months ago  
Take that last part and say it to self 3 months ago  
The stats prove nothing and is a bunch of BS to obviously make excuses to for idiot dudes like you look better 3 months ago  
Anyone can be what you said so piss off 3 months ago  
You're a homo and female then 3 months ago  
Women were doctors during WWs so they have more experience 3 months ago  
You don't get a say in what's sexist if you're a pervert dumbass hypocrite 3 months ago  
A nerd is still biologically a man dingus 3 months ago  
No they don't 3 months ago  
Then I guess we should not care about HIV anymore, screw you retard 3 months ago  
You're pathetic for choosing A then 3 months ago  
Nothing is more important than your own blood kin 3 months ago  
That's ironic since you can't physically do nothing 3 months ago  
Really? What isn't bad? You literally can't walk! You need to walk! 3 months ago  
Shutup I dare you the truth coward 3 months ago  
No we just choose truth, you're a coward if you can't tell the truth 3 months ago  
Neither do you 3 months ago  
You don't exist pleb 3 months ago  
You don't exist you're a stupid guest! 3 months ago  
Because "you" choose to keep making it miserable and stuff, if food was free we'd be fine and if terrible assholes didn't exist that would also be fine. 3 months ago  
They can after the private wedding 3 months ago  
That's stupid you're there to go to another state not be friends with randos 3 months ago  
Screw off pornfreak 3 months ago  
No stupid, important personal items 3 months ago  
Not the question dingus 3 months ago  
Not everyone 3 months ago  
Normal humans didn't have toilets in prehistoric times dumbass 3 months ago  
No they are not shutup 3 months ago  
Not everyone shutup 3 months ago  
Forget you exist 3 months ago  
No they don't 3 months ago  
No they hasn't you can't prove everyone did it 3 months ago  
Not all dumbass 3 months ago  
Not everyone dumbass you haven't seen everyone 3 months ago  
So are you, let us eat where we want retarded liberal 3 months ago  
No we ain't, your a sheep then cause you're one of those liberal assholes 3 months ago  
When u hungry you're hungry 3 months ago  
We haven't made one dumbass so why encourage it to happen 3 months ago  
Good means more room for other flavors 4 months ago  
Chocolate is just candy and fat dude 4 months ago  
That's stupid maybe go jump like an idiot and into a volcano 4 months ago  
Piss off porno 4 months ago  
Memes are for stupid ppl 4 months ago  
Or ppl who want to drive easier so shutup porn stick 4 months ago  
What about everything alive dumbass not just us 4 months ago  
Yes he does stupid 4 months ago  
Good luck if they catch you, or even find out 4 months ago  
STFU perverted retard 4 months ago  
No 4 months ago  
Yes there scum atheist 4 months ago  
Learn what a mistake is 4 months ago  
They'll learn by dying and because it wasn't a mistake if they knew the consequences already 4 months ago  
The only reason bad ppl exist is because they are corrupted and came from Hell, if anything the good is the one keep things in check, if bad ppl never existed the world would actually be peaceful. You're dumbass for actually saying that so you're clearly a criminal yourself 4 months ago  
No they don't if they think innocent should not live 4 months ago  
No one can't this isn't movies 4 months ago  
By that logic good luck with prisoners 4 months ago  
Because we're not killing innocent or disabled ppl but ones who aren't at all keeping the peace 4 months ago  
Stalin disagrees with u 4 months ago  
But a necessary one 4 months ago  
Wuss 4 months ago  
Yes it would we doing the innocent a favor 4 months ago  
Bad ppl are never important 4 months ago  
What makes that true 4 months ago  
Or just get injured most likely but dying because you fell is just bullsh*te 4 months ago  
Justin is a dude dumbass 4 months ago  
With the name Justin it's obviously a boy actually. Learn genders retarded bot 4 months ago  
Justin is a guy dummy 4 months ago  
No Justin is a guy, why are you bots so retarded 4 months ago  
Justin is a guy dipsh*te 4 months ago  
Justin is a guy dumbass 4 months ago  
Justin is guy dumbass 4 months ago  
Learn to spell insensitive and you'll get taken seriously 4 months ago  
This is a choice based site dummy get over yourself 4 months ago  
Yeah? I'm an ape what's your point? 4 months ago  
No they're not dumbass 4 months ago  
No none is better than either, so piss off sexist pig and learn to spell 4 months ago  
Says a weakling 4 months ago  
Ya too bad he does exist whether you like it or not 4 months ago  
Piss off atheist retard 4 months ago  
He is real to Christians, piss off atheist 4 months ago  
He's real to us not you piss off 4 months ago  
You don't freaking exist 4 months ago  
Eat yourself then 4 months ago  
Commie alert 4 months ago  
He killed his own ppl dumbass are u serious 4 months ago  
Only to you 4 months ago  
Only atheist think that 4 months ago  
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