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    if ur a geordie the first option would just be ordinary  
    midgets rule  
    so spend money to eat or just eat is the question  
    there is no such thing as an ugly baby  
    mike tyson is retired now so there is a high chance he has lost his fighting ability  
    so red or green?  
    i know what barney stinson would pick :)  
    it's shocking how they used a picture of adam sandler for acting, he can't act for sh*t!!  
    i would expect every haunted thing thats coming my way so i wouldn't be bothered  
    i would rather not do any of those and go to the toilet :)  
    on the picture on the left all the options are incorrect so that guy is helpless in that situation  
    when you are in prison you basically are a slave  
    im kinda into skulls so definitely that one +1
    u could have the perfect relationship whilst living for a 100 years  
    i already live in the coldest place on the earth, england..  
    barney stinsson asked this question  
    so be a fat bastard for the rest of your life or be an annoying prick for the rest of your life, tough question!  
    what if the dare is to tell the truth :O  
    whoever picked eat the flesh and suffer for it are all seriously messed up :/  
    blockbuster is gone now so not that  
    u forget they're new after 30 mins of having them on whereas having the brushed clean feeling is perfect for getting with the ladies  
    if u have everything then u have love and if u have nothing then no love so the options are actually, have everything or nothing...  
    so happy that friends had the most votes :D  
    o crap thats a hard question and im a guy :O  
    where's the beer option?  
    i will just book us on jeremy kyle and we can hear the truth on there  
    those of you who picked surf i don't think you are aware of how terrifying it is when you see a 50 ft wave coming towards you!  
    so the question is asking if you would rather be lazy or active  
    being part of the 8 siblings ur parents would probably forget who u are cos there's so many siblings  
    my floor is clean so it doesn't matter  
    u an always end the horrible relationship by breaking up with them  
    if u have five hours of homework every day there is no rule saying you have to do it  
    why have filet mignon when u got steak at home  
    dinosaurs laid um'  
    meet girls at the gym  
    if u have a beer belly u would highly likely have a double chin too  
    the mom would be the one who goes to jail at the end of the day  
    do you really wana look like a dried old fruit when you hit over 100 yrs old?  
    either way the child will get a year older and they will stop then  
    to the person who said it will pile up its probably going to be hidden in different places every day +1
    be pointless changing ur past cos past is past ya get me??  
    you can't watch videos properly when its lagging whereas if u have 20 mins lag free then u are able to watch anything perfectly until then :)  
    my new law would be to get rid of a bad law, I WIN  
    who would wanna get felt by a person of their own gender, that just aint right  
    very easy  
    the first one is guaranteed so obviously that one  
    goes straight down the drain  
    it can't really be paradise if you're on your own  
    eat by myself, aint nobody like a dark room being alone!  
    day off school!  
    you can always steal your enemy's money  
    Katniss Everdeen was voted the hottest woman of the year last year you noobs  
    wats good in having children they cry and sh*t everywhere, no fun at all !!  
    if she dates ur worst enemy then u wouldn't mind secretly killing him and then telling ur crush that he had to go away for a while :) (mwahaha)  
    u can kill the people u hate and use them for food and escape plans?  
    popularity sucks anywayz  
    if u give up ur computer u still have ur phone whereas if u give up ur friends ur gonna have a sh*t time in school  
    i believe god put a man and a woman on this earth for a reason, don't hate against my views +2
    this is a very easy answer, you do not need marriage to love someone you can just be together have kids without marriage whereas if there is no divorce then u are just two people that are unhappy together and can't get out of it if i doesn't work out.  
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