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    heels aren't that bad, but I would get laughed at if I wore heels.  
    I'd rather not date guys...  
    Excellent choice  
    2700's I can live in an idiocracy, I will be smarter than anyone!  
    Communism doesn't really work in practice, Socialism is better  
    Force someone to love me to take advantage of them.  
    More meat  
    Paintball guns forever!  
    Have? Like own? I'd have taken the older one, he is probably worth more now +1
    Just roll with me and put up with a bit of famine Ukraine, everything will be just fine.  
    EZ Choice, B is already real.  
    plot twist, they are both Mary kate, but in the second photo, she bleached her hair.  
    I'll just play some of my games I already have.  
    I'm glad there wasn't that guy who was like, "33% are religious bigots" I would just rather have more grandkids than less. Plus my son could still carry on the family name, Supposing I only had 1 son.  
    one can never be too safe  
    2008 was the worst part of recent america. we have been on a climb since then.  
    that guy doesn't look to far off from me. A I mean. :P  
    I'd work for the president, as a history teacher.  
    why would you want to stop the second coming of Jesus Christ?!  
    Smirnoff, even though I can't drink.  
    32% are part of the KKK  
    Being a hot chick would be awesome, getting all the guys tongue tied around me. and all of the girls would want to know how I looked like i did.  
    He means leaving yes? or living. Cause if I lost all my memory, my family would just reteach me who I am. but leave out the addictedness to computers.  
    I pressed the wrong button!  
    I'd go tho my enemies funeral, to give a good speech about even hough I hated him, he was loved. I don't think I would care to much about my ex by the time they get married.  
    I get to carry around a ton of weapons? where do I sign up.  
    Sell them?  
    Save $60, go paintballing, repeat. uuntil steam sale. then take all of my money from my savings account.  
    be prepared  
    the kids would eventually tire themselve out  
    If I lose half my memory, I wouldn't know where I put anything at all. If i lost half my vision, I would still be able to see meh at distances.  
    time is money.  
    Closer to my family  
    live inside my thoughts  
    no, physically men are stronger, women have a higher pain tolerance though, so there's your runner up award i guess?  
    yeah bra, i don't need one.  
    I'd die so quickly in the helly earth that i'd have even more heaven!  
    I'm sorry, there is no way out...  
    wow, there are far less atheists on the internet than I thought.  
    It'll make it look like I go outside  
    your tongue heals faster  
    I don't know...  
    Sleep is for the weak  
    I'd be that crazy old man muttering about a war buck naked messing with garden flamingos  
    i could beat up a bunch of 12 year old girls, as long as none of the were my sister(She would murder me with my own hand)  
    My first kiss was probably my mom, maybe my dad. I don't who wanted to kiss me first though as I was just a wee lad. but i'd rater not have a stranger kiss me as a baby.  
    being a teacher. already have low pay, how much lower can it get?  
    what's a macbook air?  
    but now you have a whore as a girlfriend and no money  
    so why would you want to listen to it 5 times in a row  
    it depends if I was going to get arrested.  
    she would be my height.  
    I would not want to date a 4 year old, a 24 year old sure they could get drunk and then I leave the awkward date.  
    but if you lived in new york, or paris  
    or people who don't know that a democracy won't work. I would vote to turn america into a constitutional dictatorship, even if the dictatorship was for life. Still better than no progress  
    it's OK, you will regret it though.  
    48% are dumb europeans who pay fifa to cause mass riots in a nearly developed country  
    pretty close, a little less active I think.  
    my memory sucks so yes please.  
    no, you are deaf, as in your hearing is gone. our comment would be like saying. One word: Glasses  
    hah, thanks noobs  
    Socialism is far better.  
    do you feel bad for the immature 14 y/o's?  
    make the group do all the work while I take credit, plus having other people in a group means they will catch my sill mistakes.  
    that's nice  
    I wish I could change my answer, as genetics control the way people act, the people who would abort their babies shouldn't procreate. They should have used condoms and birth control but whatever.  
    actually, im a guy. I would just want to know that people want to look at me. :)  
    I would work for the government, so I would be far less evil than any other large company.  
    Maybe I could convince Anita to be a little less sexist.  
    without any equipment  
    without any equipment  
    I will become Mr. Beebout.  
    so do the jews deserve it or not?  
    Racsim would save lives, sexism would save us from feminists though...  
    Italy is closer to portuguese I believe, so I could understand some of the language, even though duolingo says I am 2% fluent in french  
    not neccasarily, I had never heard of 5 hour energy's CEO until i saw a commercial about what he was doing with his money.  
    I'm scared  
    I'm am a man and I would prefer to not get harassed all the time by feminists. Compliments would be nice too.  
    I need to conquer my fears  
    Beffets are cheaper, plus I know they will have food I like. Sometimes resturants only have steaks, or tacos.  
    I don't know man. What's wrong with me too.  
    but I don't wanna die  
    went with the cruise because even though both pictures terrify me, I can stay on the inside of the ship and I probably won't die.  
    hey! my twin brotha!  
    oh my gosh, 61% of the world has no care for the human race's existence.  
    I don't care!  
    true, it would be far more efficient to learn what you need to learn about the job you are going to do so that you are better at that.  
    No narcissistic teacher that is moderate at teaching? those are my favorite teachers.  
    but socialism is better than Communism, strong central government with moderate taxes and good benefits, that is what america is trying to do but without the taxes  
    Already do...  
    all I got was a fever  
    texting is hard  
    HA HAHA. I could make money from both! A religion would have been better, I could have used my followers to conquer the world. plus they give me(I mean lord Gaben) Alms.  
    I only dress like i did when i was 10, throw on some clothes. done.  
    I went paintballing for my birthday, oh wait, I went paintballing for chrsitmas too...  
    At least I wouldn't have to type everything on my mind...  
    I ould be scared in the movie theater  
    knowing what they want most and giving them that?  
    or a terrible nightmare you can't wake up from.  
    Make bank, get naked. EZ  
    Make him be homeless, and then help him out. I will not support drug abuse though.  
    but i don't want gangam style stuck in my head. I already have baby stuck in my head though.  
    eh, I don't live in mexico, it won't work.  
    Ban feminists  
    I forgot snow melts into water.  
    Yup, Like one where a timmy finds a wand in the junkyard, turns evil and has a slenderman mentor who teaches him to try and harm your entire family.  
    It would make me have to go outside.  
    they taste the same?  
    If i saw things that weren't there, I would have nightmares, so the lesser of 2 evils I guess.  
    I don't know man, songs overtly about drugs and sex seem to be worse (IMO) than songs discreetly about drugs and sex.  
    he is saying one or the other, this doesn't have be logical, just good questions.  
    I don't want to get murdered, robbed, raped, in that order. we have Anarchy on the left, and WW2 Russia on the right  
    then date the person for more than a few months to learn their real personality, move in with them to make sure they aren't a slob too.  
    darn, I wanted to say, "You're a wizard Joseph"  
    An afro would be cool, just a mini one though  
    but how would I get other people to believe that I know they are lying, I've played too much town of salem to want to know if someone is lying, ignorance is bliss.  
    My dreams would give me nightmares, and I would watch those, and it would get worse until I commit suicide over fear.  
    ugh, I feel stupid after answering these sometimes  
    Best Spy ever  
    One takes a six bullet revolver, puts in the bullet and spins the chamber around. you point the gun at your head and hope you hear a click.  
    I get my music from Pandora though.  
    A war, yes. WW3 no. A war that includes the world, both world wars included nations that currently have nukes and we can excpect that the losing side as a last hoo rah would send those nukes flying. Sacrifice as many as necassary to keep the human race alive.  
    Humanity can survive A, 3, not so much.  
    have the money make more money, and give the extra profit to the families that haven't died yet. Some must wait so I can save even more.  
    Save people's lives, from a lifetime in jail  
    I wouldn't be *that* short  
    that's nice  
    I would rather barrack obama  
    I'd be like, "How hard is it to work with congress?" and he'd get PTSD and be like, "check please"  
    The president cause then I get to be commander in chief when I cause a war to break out.  
    They can be dead, yes? I really want to know what drove hitler to do the things he did. though I would need a voice translator  
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