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Just an ordinary high school student finding ways to waste his time online. I'm not extremely interesting, but I often find myself awake at 2am wanting to discuss philosophical topics. "C'est la vie..."

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Let's just say... How 'bout no? 3 years ago +1
We all know that feeling when you can wreck somebody's life... 3 years ago  
The way I see it, success and legitimacy are two different things. You can be successful through non-legitimate means, but wether it's ethically correct is different. 3 years ago  
Being able to freely fly (admittedly, it may be more of falling) is enough for me! 3 years ago  
I actually have to fill out a bracket as an assignment in school 3 years ago  
I mean, they're both toxic... 4 years ago  
Free credit! :D 4 years ago  
I find Bugattis to be a bit overrated. If you want a good car, go with McLaren or Koenigsegg... 4 years ago  
In Narnia you learn how to take a knife to a gunfight -- and live 4 years ago  
White chocolate isn't actually chocolate. It's the bi-product of chocolate 4 years ago  
No accusation = world peace 4 years ago  
So, shorten your life by taking out all the lessons, or live a normal life 4 years ago  
Microsoft is wayyy better than Sony 4 years ago  
You don't have deal live with your parents your whole life 4 years ago  
I don't ever want to forget. I want to learn 4 years ago  
New challenges! :D 4 years ago  
False 4 years ago  
Source Code Pro 4 years ago  
Is it just me, or are these pics from GTA5..? 4 years ago  
Soooo... It's American government or Canadian government..... 4 years ago  
Uh, why?! 4 years ago  
Lamborghinis are overrated anyway... I prefer a Koenigsegg or a McLaren thank you very much! 4 years ago  
I agree. I think we need a different governing system - either an oligarchy or communism. We are under a corrupted democracy run by the government, and not the people 4 years ago  
Blind people hehe 4 years ago  
Euthanizing is like messing up Anesthetic dosing on purpose :P 4 years ago  
Then I'd see where they put it and steal it :D 4 years ago  
I already do say what's on my mind 4 years ago  
Wikia's workspace, too 4 years ago  
Same XD 4 years ago  
I can already control my dreams lol 4 years ago  
Agreed. Even if they got it wrong, at least they put the effort into trying to figure out what you like... 4 years ago  
If you want customization, don't use Firefox, use Ubuntu 4 years ago  
YES I CAN 4 years ago  
Think about it, and look at the pics 4 years ago  
I would like to stay on Earth and help guide others through their life 4 years ago  
I can vouch 4 years ago  
Mermaids are deadly to boaters... And I like boating 4 years ago  
I wouldn't stop either. These were events that shaped world nations 4 years ago  
Cash is only good for drugs and prostitutes. I need neither 4 years ago  
Justice without liberty = Tyranny 4 years ago  
Ken you not 4 years ago  
I wanna know if I die honorably.... 4 years ago  
Exactly my words 4 years ago  
I'm native, so I wanna see what life was like back then 4 years ago +1
It'd help me be less annoying... XD 4 years ago +1
As long as nobody has to suffer 4 years ago  
Wth, video games are pointless if you have enough of a social life to have a partner/love somebody... 4 years ago  
Payback, b*tch! 4 years ago +26
Friendship is love... 4 years ago  
Restart humanity! Wait... Bad idea 4 years ago +19
Meeting new people 4 years ago  
At least you tried! 4 years ago  
Kill the bastard that raped 'em 4 years ago  
STAR TREK WAS A RIPOFF OF STAR WARS!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
Yay!!! Skrillex!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
Justabeaver! *snicker* 5 years ago  
Location is key. 5 years ago  
Thou art very sneaky... 5 years ago  
Not Christian sooo... It's not really a sin for me. 5 years ago  
Pausing your life would make it very easy to do things without people noticing... ;) 5 years ago  
Stupid authors note!!! 5 years ago  
Ok, so just think about the United States... We're at war with like, three countries. It's horrible. 5 years ago  
If I were immortal I would just make money appear before my eyes. 5 years ago  

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