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    omg ur right 1 year ago  
    if my friend says its their fault to save me, then i know i have a real friend and i would try to bust them out 1 year ago  
    its both for me already so 1 year ago  
    no thanks 1 year ago  
    school for me is 6 hours long sooo/// 1 year ago  
    who? 1 year ago +2
    "throws meat in the supermarket into the air and catches it" OH LOOK, ITS EDIBLE ALREADY 1 year ago  
    its only because watching a movie can bring people closer than reading a book and its a nice party idea :) 1 year ago  
    if i won the lottery, id probably just idk 1 year ago  
    talking to animals would be cool, but I would rather talk all the languages. Mainly because I don't have a pet and I don't usually hang out with animals, so it would be useless 1 year ago  
    aha, what if they ski lift broke just as you got on. That means you just have to jump off and walk away. 1 year ago +1
    I feel like if I answer this, I will offense in some way... so I'm sorry 1 year ago  
    i already did both. If i have never done either, I would have chosen the site-seeing because it's cool to learn about history. But now that I have already done that, I'll just take a nice relaxing vacation and hope I don't get bit by a shark :) 1 year ago  
    I know many gay people and I respect their decision, so yes it's totally fine. 1 year ago  
    Honestly, no thanks. I'm a very unlucky person so, 1 year ago  
    honestly though... 1 year ago  
    Meh, 1 year ago  
    i mean, i would like to not get water for a change 1 year ago  
    i just feel like i'll be flying really slowly and I'll be too lazy anyways. Plus, people are always talking behind my back and thinking badly of me and I would like to know who my real friends are. 1 year ago  
    if i ruled there will be many problems, so 1 year ago  
    there has gotta be some loophole XD 1 year ago  
    i would probably die in the Harry Potter world just because I'm so stupid 1 year ago  
    nope bye 1 year ago  
    what if u believe BOTH? 1 year ago +1
    oml why 1 year ago +1
    i would never be able to be a doctor. i would probably kill someone... 1 year ago +1
    small tattoo 1 year ago  
    i mean there is no way i would be smart but 1 year ago  
    i would have to see everyone die 1 year ago  
    uhm 1 year ago  
    u will be famous too 1 year ago  
    the person i want to see won't remember me so 1 year ago  
    i mean idk 1 year ago  
    i will probably get killed..... 1 year ago  
    if i ruled there will be so much problems XDDD 1 year ago  
    ooooo fun 1 year ago  
    private wedding :) 1 year ago  
    :) 1 year ago  
    nothing 1 year ago  
    i would paint 1 year ago  
    don't have a CELLPHONE 1 year ago  
    i mean my friends would choose the worst choice so 1 year ago  
    i waste my time anyway. 1 year ago +1
    AHAHA yes 1 year ago  
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