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I'd be pretty into that. 4 years ago  
I saw a guy very recently who was carrying a folder that said 'CON MAN' on it. 4 years ago  
I wish some of you people would stop lying to yourselves. You don't have a moral highground here, you're just lying. We know it. You know it. You'd keep it to yourselves. 4 years ago  
But you'd be guaranteed entrance to it, therefor it would literally have been created for you. Then not only would you go to heaven, but you'd be the creator of it. Therefor you'd be God. Therefor winning. 4 years ago  
I'd be the one who told her to commit most of them. 4 years ago  
My goal in life is to have a job digging holes. I really like digging. This would actually be perfect for me. I'd get a place to dig, a good shovel to dig with, get money for it, and it's great exercise. 4 years ago  
I like eating the booty. 4 years ago  
I like watching freak shows. 4 years ago  
I love starting sh*t between people. 4 years ago  
I'm a guy, and I cannot go to public toilets. I'LL CATCH SOMETHING JUST BE INHALING IN THERE. 4 years ago  
CASH, CASH, MONEY, CASH, MONEY! 4 years ago  
I don't care about being famous, I just want money. So since this does not mention money, I'd go for a perfect relationship. Lots and lots and lots of sex. 4 years ago  
As long as I don't have to look like those disgusting emo freaks. 4 years ago  
I draw. 4 years ago  
Because the one on the left waited and got his cookies, his true lovefood. The one on the right ate lots of other foods, but never found his true lovefood, cookies. 4 years ago  
80% now. Rejects. Lel. 4 years ago  
It's basically "Do you give to charity?" I'd like to think I would. But I know I wouldn't. I'd keep everything to myself. 4 years ago  
I want to be struck by lightning because I want lightning powers. My 'battle cry' would be striking myself with lightning and being fine. 4 years ago  
You choke horrifically. 4 years ago  
I'd rather catch an STD than be a peadophile and get arrested. Plus if she's a whore she could end up being pretty hot. I'd totally hit that. 4 years ago  
In England this is like, the main thing. 4 years ago  
I kick cats, so I'd not want to kick myself when I become one. 4 years ago  
Wii. Nintendo have consistently brought out consoles that are actually worth getting. Xbox and PlayStation are always just like PCs but with worse graphics, and cannot be modded. Nintendo release consoles with things going on. The Wii has the motion sensors and such, allowing for an actual change of gameplay. 4 years ago  
What if you died by choking on air? That'd mean you'd have to not breathe to stop it, which would result in you choking on air. 4 years ago  
I just realised that it said earn any more money. I could always steal it. 4 years ago  
Cold. Heat makes you sweat. That's disgusting. 4 years ago  
Actually, vampires always were seductive, using it as a means to lure in their 'prey'. But they didn't actually do the do. 4 years ago  
I wish I was at the back... 4 years ago  
Sex. 4 years ago  
Sausages. 4 years ago  
Same reason I picked him. 4 years ago  
The serial killer would protect meee. 4 years ago  
It's yellow. 4 years ago  
No coffee, I don't have caffeine. 4 years ago  
I love this because I'm just playing Bioshock right now. 4 years ago  
I want to get this guy done for paedophilia. 4 years ago  
Why can't I choose boooooooth? 4 years ago  
Worth it. 4 years ago  
You'd live long enough for another planet to form literally under your feet. 4 years ago  
I AM YOUR GOD NOW. 4 years ago  
Losing 50% of no memory is still no memory. 4 years ago  
I'd be up for a deal with Satan. I'd be rich and powerful, and I'd give him my brother's life. I'm just a winner twice there. 4 years ago  
Being second in the lottery every time is probably better than being first a fifth of the time. 4 years ago  
It should be 110% for Star Wars. 4 years ago  
I just answered a question saying that I'd want my best friend to want me. This works out. 4 years ago  
More sex. 4 years ago  
I clicked the wrong thing and so now I am officially a paedophile. 4 years ago  
Psst. It says heaven. 4 years ago  
I want to. 4 years ago  
I'd use my immunity to every disease as a trick to get money, in which I'd use to fund cancer research massively. 4 years ago  
YEEEEEEAH BOI. 4 years ago  
Living forever is the only thing in life that interests me. 4 years ago  
I'd get to kill a bunch of panzy wizards. 4 years ago  
I never want to die. It's my biggest fear. 4 years ago  
I'd always steal money. I'm a greedy bastard. 4 years ago  
Join the Mafia. 4 years ago  
My brother. 4 years ago  
Redheads do the best anal porn videos. 4 years ago  
I have a form of dyslexia. Lel. 4 years ago  
I AM THE HUNTER... X HUNTER 4 years ago  
I'd marry her or something in 16 years. Be rich as hell. 4 years ago  
Sex. 4 years ago  
Sex. 4 years ago  
Climb a tree. 4 years ago  
It's yellow. 4 years ago  
I'm a straight male. 4 years ago  
Looking young until I die is probably a screw over, and I'd just die before I got old. 4 years ago  
I hope it's not my left arm I lose, that's for wanking. 4 years ago  
I'd be smart and kill everyone in school. Then I'd be the most popular, too. 4 years ago  
I live here so that makes it the best. 4 years ago  
If I could fly I'd get rich as hell, and be able to see hot girls naked all I want. 4 years ago  
I'll kill him and take it. 4 years ago  
I don't care if they're babies and I'd love killing kittens. HAH. 4 years ago  
I don't piss in my shower because it'd splash back at my face with my luck. 4 years ago  
I'd invite everyone I hate. 4 years ago  
I create children for I am God. 4 years ago  
I do this anyway. 4 years ago  
Hopefully I'd see my death. Then I can avoid it. 4 years ago  
I want to be in the MAfia. 4 years ago  
I WILL BECOME A GOD. 4 years ago  
I am God and you are my pets. 4 years ago  
I'd rather my doctor be male, because I'd rather my doctor be me. Yep. I'll cut out and swap my own organs. 4 years ago  
I could end all their lives and no one would know... 4 years ago  
It would mean I'm a freakin' vampire. 4 years ago  
I don't want to go outside, but I hate Minecraft 4 years ago  
A law that everyone must do as I personally tell them to. 4 years ago  
You'd basically be able to take bullets and appear to be incredibly strong. Increase the weight/mass of your muscles and bam. You'd actually be strong. 4 years ago  
I'd wish for it to be impossible for me to die, for me to be able to decide my age whenever I want, for me to be able to get any ability I want when I want, and then I have no idea what else. 4 years ago  

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