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    AIDS kills more people every year. And sometimes it isnt your fault  
    lemme squirt over everyhting  
    Wait..... wait.... WAIT.... WAIT there is something wrong with this. If you turn 18 and still look like a kid and have sex.... wouldn't that be a bit weird..... +1
    More of a dam challenge  
    As long as i'm doing my wife im gud  
    France is freaking nasty  
    money money money money money sex money money money money money money money money money sex money money money money awesome sex money money money orgies money money money cars money money money money money money more awesome sex money money money money money build a comapny only to get more money money money +1
    My vision is gud, i got 20/15 vision. So i would have 20/5 vision, i dont think anyone in the world has it that good.  
    I like to drive where i go thank you very much  
    Americans get naked faster  
    Spcae, the final frontier  
    I need da sex  
    Only ocean liners, i dont want carribian  
    You can replace your locks easier than your phone  
    Wait i ment hunger  
    Im sorry i would need my hands more than my leg  
    I know what it is like to have a nice teacher whose is bad. Is freaking horrible  
    HAHAHAH jokes on you, Lions are stupid and cant climb and dont live in jungles  
    I dont want my loved one going through that pain.  
    It was in the authors note  
    Beetches we gonna slap dem  
    Street smarts get you further  
    Phone calls are more personal  
    100 dollars are so insignificant  
    I need money and you there is no need for religion, God does not want religion.  
    Guys have you seen the internship? Is freaking awesome  
    If we dont stop pollution we are ALL gonna die  
    I just hope i dont get a hard on.  
    Its gonna get hot and heavy  
    Going to the movies alone is AWESOME! if theres nude, you can wack off there and no one can do anything. But if you go to dinner, people will know your a sad sad case.  
    I want to know them before i stick em  
    Even though I am christian I dont not believe in Christmas. Jesus was not born on Christmas rather in the middle of fall or summer. In the bible it states that farmers and herders where tending to the sheep. I dont know if youve ever been to Jordan but it freaking cold in the winter. I mean its almost as bad as Canada. You dont tend to your sheep in that cold. Also Christmas was just adopted from a paegan holiday from the Romans and when the Roman Catholics came along they just changed the name of it.  
    Guy from California, Leom, if its the super bowl your gonna have to do the american one.  
    Games have more content  
    Id rather see my friend be happy than my enemy  
    One would just end faster  
    Prepare yourself.  
    I need my porn  
    Use a dam phone  
    Good bye gay marriage.  
    People are freaking crazy man.  
    Either way you can make a black hole, so everyone is gonna die. Shrink it far enough and youll get a sustained black hole as long is more than like .0000001 grams. So pretty much anything. Increase the mass of something and youll just cause a bigger black hole. Either way I will achieve the world destruction i desire.  
    Dam skrubs, get a life.  
    I got a jar of dirt!!!!!  
    Ian McKellen.  
    Most of the music i listen to today is good. Imagine Dragons, X ambassdors, modern U2, etc.  
    ew the biebs  
    Power can influence more than knowledge  
    Id wish to be the Master Chief, thats my one lifes desire  
    9-11 caused a war, the Holocaust was the by product of a war.  
    Be an girl for a day would be more of an adventure than being a kid. Also knowing me i would end up acting like a child taking nudes  
    Simple. Invest cash.  
    Only half deaf, not to bad.  
    I need a dam family to love.  
    1 in 6 chances? Ill take dem odds.  
    A human is more advanced and has a spirit so i would have to say the dogs... i hate the guest who posted this...  
    An alien invasion would bring doom, because if they get here before us, that means they have better technology.  
    IM dam heartless...  
    Gotta have it my way ;)  
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