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i iz kawaii desu ne

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    Lmao I got nothing to hide 1 year ago  
    In other words, would you rather be a cheat or a liar or a person who saves lives?  
    Flame war triggered  
    So you're going to kidnap him and force him to love you? >_>  
    If I get to stay this way forever then I can grow up mentally but stay young physically and I'd look like some smart and matured genius kid! :D  
    Literally nobody. Lol.  
    Is this even a question?  
    Crickets are edible, lmao.  
    I do. I don't hate them or feel any resent, as I said before. It's up to them if they want to get married or not and I can't stop them (nor do I want to).  
    NOOOOO-OO-OOO wrong one. -_-  
    Meh, I'm sure I could figure something out.  
    Never said how hard.  
    I love snow and ice.  
    Don't know what it is.  
    Little kids like you should stick to Spongebob.  
    What's there to explain? Lmao.  
    American's must really love Obama.  
    One answer: DEODORANT.  
    WHOOPS, OMG I picked the wrong one ;-;  
    Crickets are edible.  
    Wash the banana! ;)  
    I'm a girl so HA.  
    My tryphobia is awakening. O_O  
    OH SHOOOT CHANGE CHANGE I never thought about gaming!!!!  
    Time is an illusion.  
    In the Jungle, the mighty Jungle, the Liioonnn sleeps tonight...  
    I'm tall so doesn't make a difference.  
    I already have a PC sooo HA. I've never owned a mac before so I guess it's worth a try!  
    My ancestors are cannibals, lmao.  
    Sorry but my Christianity comes first. I don't hate gays and I honestly think it's up to them, but I have to click no because...regulations. :c  
    Being stabbed is a lot more cooler.  
    My secrets aren't that bad. Everyone has secrets. I'm just one of them.  
    In my country they have fire-walkers that use special techniques to walk on hot coal. Only specific clans can do it. Funny. Wonder if I'm one!  
    Lesson: Kill or be killed.  
    Actually, drowning is like falling off to sleep.  
    *cough* Ron Weasley *cough again*  
    To the guy from Kuwait: you're a dumb piece of sh*t!  
    But what if 'get rid' literally meant getting rid of them??  
    lmao, people thought you were talking about the kiddy one... xD  
    Living in the poorest country is still better because I am still free. Everyone else can have their five star prison but they will still be prisoners.  
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