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Would you rather be Jewish or be Mexican 7 years ago 415 votes 21 comments 0 likes

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I like to read but Harry Potter books were kinda dry for me 6 years ago  
That's black ops and world at war... 6 years ago  
If by cat u mean cheetah 6 years ago  
Idk, both of them are aggressive men sports both are beast Norway vs Sweden in hockey or ducks vs beavers in football... 6 years ago  
Austrillia has had some major droughts 6 years ago  
I've wanted to live underground since I was 6 6 years ago  
Drunk, the other isn't real 6 years ago  
No that's his already, he died of a artery full of bacon 6 years ago  
Grandpa! 6 years ago  
U'd do it with a dog? 6 years ago  
I prefer android because they make faster phones but software wise android and iPhone are both great and 4x better than blackberry. 6 years ago  
Saying I had proper coats and hopefully someone cool or hot next to me. 6 years ago  
Awkward either way. 6 years ago  
I live in Oregon so, yeah that's 9-10 months of my year. 6 years ago  
This Guy gets it!!! 6 years ago  
That Guy dominates at w.o.w and even tho I have never played it That seems like some good bragging rights. 6 years ago  
He knows, everything on the internet is true! He has a lot of experiance surfing the web from his moms basement. 6 years ago  
I actually like medium large 6 years ago  
Yep, 9/10 people are dumb cause I'm always right! 6 years ago  
Except for computers, apple still can't seem to make a gaming computer..... but I like apples 3g iPhones the really download faster than my 4g lte Samsung, but its cool cause it has a 1.3ghz processor to compete with my 1.5ghz duo core, so it may win there. But I'm just kidding I love the new iPhone 5 glorious map App, its so smooth and not glitchy! 6 years ago  
Can I push my friend in the lake and pick up on her at the funeral? Am I a bad person...? Lol 6 years ago  
I just hook up my Xbox controller to my PC and enjoy high setting gameplay with a 32" TV as an external display, so its just like playing a high quality console. 6 years ago  
Abortion should only be for rape victims and women who arnt strong enough to survive child birth, not for an excuse to have unprotected sex with no consiquinces. 6 years ago  
I don't want scurvy.... 6 years ago  
It would make a hell of a good story! 6 years ago  
At least Micheal Jackson had a ounce or two of tallent, even if he liked Lil boyz 6 years ago  
Tapped the center... 6 years ago  
I'd enjoy the time I had left and not worry about protecting it. 6 years ago  
I WANNA BE REMEMBERD! 6 years ago  
Aman, I got both tho.... 6 years ago  
Um how is higher ground gonna help? 6 years ago  
I usually use a Xbox controler on my pc but I still like PC keys cause u get more options. 6 years ago  
I tapped the middle 6 years ago  
34% are Christians or nerdy virgins 6 years ago  
There is no God, BUT ALLAH IS HIS MESSANGER! 6 years ago  
Talk like Yoda, I never doo, but gotten for him, yes I do! 6 years ago  
I'll pick the lock to the library and steal the books 6 years ago  
Which I'd rather f***? 6 years ago  
The us in 20 years.... 6 years ago  
Lol I posted this in class last year and I can't remember my info.... 6 years ago +1
Pause, grope, play! 6 years ago  
promoting or even talking about nazism is illegal in germany so whats ur point? 7 years ago +1
rock band=guitar hero-singing-drumb hero 7 years ago  
wanna screw:no wanna bang:no wanna have intercourse and use protection:yes 7 years ago  
iodine shot time!!! 7 years ago  
is it summer or winter? 7 years ago +1
damn thats some comunist vibes there 7 years ago  
cats have b*tchen acrobatics but dogs tend to play more 7 years ago  
have bigger parties on a yhat!! 7 years ago  
pros and cons but this s2 skyrocket is faster that iphones hardware and i got 4g 7 years ago  
never thought id vote for obama 7 years ago +4
well if u start showing them that they will kill u for being a witch or consideder u a god 7 years ago +1
alquida vs. mexicans...... 7 years ago +4
can i hit the puppies with the baby? 7 years ago +3
hit love but, 10,000,000 then i tell the hottest chick i can find i got a assload of $ 7 years ago +1
george bush, smoke weed sell nukes for oil to the middle east and be rich!! 7 years ago +1

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