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    Spawn is limited by his cape. Every time he uses an ability a piece of his cape wears away. The bigger the effect or longer the duration the bigger the chuck that goes missing from his cape. Once his cape is completely gone, he loses all his abilities. 7 months ago  
    This is a hypothetical, not based on current trends. 7 months ago  
    A $10 tub of popcorn or a $6 box of candy that's only 1/3 full? 7 months ago  
    One of the toughest questions so far!!!!! 7 months ago  
    Honestly LC's, except for stuffed crust, is becoming better the Pizza Hut. The Hut has forgotten that pizza need both cheese and sauce to go along with toppings and crust. 7 months ago  
    I wanted to pick 'B' but realized it would probably cause me to crash 7 months ago  
    sex 7 months ago  
    Summon 12x$100 bills. That would be over 400k a year! 7 months ago  
    Hate can make it easier to quit or give up on things while Love can make you try harder 7 months ago  
    Hate makes it easier to give up on something/someone where as love will usually make you try harder 7 months ago  
    The ending was a gut wrencher...for a different reason 7 months ago  
    Unless it's a privet jet like a GulfStream 7 months ago  
    The reason most people 'theorize' is because the technology doesn't exist for them to prove it. They usually do as much testing as they are able to until they reach the technological limits available. That is why they (should) get the credit. 7 months ago  
    I live in Montana and it's lovely. So I guess I have to pick NH. Looks nice enough. 7 months ago  
    Though it is true wolves are wild and it may be more natural, wolves also fight as a team. I think one on one the Rottweiler has the advantage. 8 months ago  
    There is a HUGE difference between sniping and camping. 8 months ago  
    Option A is impossible unless you walk around naked and use nothing but your hands and feed to survive. No traps, clothing, containers, NOTHING. 8 months ago  
    Honestly China and Japan have education systems that are putting out better quality products then here in the US. It's not to say the people are better, they just invest more in their education. 8 months ago  
    I would list to older Green Day but they sold out in the early 2000's 8 months ago  
    useful for when the zombie apocalypse happens 8 months ago  
    useful for the eventual zombie apocalypse 8 months ago  
    Wolverine killed the Punisher 8 months ago  
    I feel like this 'tournament' just gets defaulted to 'who do you like more' 8 months ago  
    sheer numbers. NFL has a 52 man roster the NBA's 12 8 months ago  
    We have a Hulk! 8 months ago  
    Yeah he died....Saving his son!!! 8 months ago +1
    Revan would own the other group! 8 months ago  
    Brock has a glass jaw, you see it every time he fights 8 months ago  
    Eddie Murphy is funnier by far but Eddie Griffin in Double Take was hilarious!!! 8 months ago  
    This should be closer to 50/50 but no one has seen Heartbreak Ridge 8 months ago  
    He was a focal character in Blade. Simon Phoenix was a great character though. 8 months ago  
    Garfield, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Looney Toons (All from the 80's and 90's) 9 months ago  
    No plan survives first contact 9 months ago  
    Kylo Ren does not have 2 lightsabers. It's a single blade with a cross guard. 9 months ago  
    even though EVERYTHING we use today is technology from the cloths we wear the bed we sleep in. 9 months ago  
    The question isn't who is the better (or worse) person. Hitler was a better leader. People wanted follow Hitler. Stalin didn't give people a choice. 9 months ago  
    If they're making millions of dollars they can't be THAT bad. 9 months ago  
    Snowman-wasn't a great moving but it could have been a really good movie except for the ending. 9 months ago  
    doesn't being in love make you happy? 9 months ago  
    Even if a person is a Sadist they still have feelings and emotions. Getting angry or other negative interactions isn't going to help them at that point. 9 months ago  
    if you chose the second options and you can't "fornicate" ie have sex, your population will die our in the first generation. 9 months ago  
    Tigers can swim. Just stay away from the shark until it suffocates 9 months ago  
    My door is there for your protection not mine. 9 months ago  
    Goin to Vega baby! 9 months ago  
    song: Shine by Collective Soul movie: Shawshank Redemption 9 months ago  
    It means you're an idiot for punching yourself 9 months ago +2
    both make you sound like an idiot though 9 months ago  
    Force choke = game over 9 months ago  
    Listening for three days straight would be on average 18 hours less of hearing the crappy music a month 9 months ago  
    tax it and watch our national debt go bye-bye 9 months ago  
    if you chose the $1 options, the money would alone would weigh over 11,000 tons 9 months ago  
    $21.4 million 9 months ago  
    This would be an interesting fight quality vs quantity like the Germans and Russians in WWII. China has the clear edge in tech but Russia just pumps out things that work in any conditions. Then China would get frozen out during the Russian winter. 9 months ago  
    we ARE Japans military and have been since WWII 9 months ago  
    So I don't have to move it myself 9 months ago  
    Green Day sold out many years ago 9 months ago  
    Actually had to think about this one. 9 months ago  
    The only rule in a fight is win 9 months ago  
    my pillow 9 months ago  
    Egypt Central 9 months ago  
    Focus, pay attention and get it right 9 months ago  
    Technically, Batman isn't a super hero. He's just a rich guy with money and skills. 9 months ago  
    depends on how much I'm paying for it 9 months ago  
    debt 9 months ago  
    If I got to choose the dream. 9 months ago  
    Who decides if it's a bad decision or not? Just because you have an opinion that doesn't match what the majority thinks, doesn't make it a bad opinion. 9 months ago  
    guns 9 months ago  
    guns 9 months ago  
    Guns 9 months ago  
    Only the originals of both. The new PC versions that have come out in the past 10-15 years are CRAP! 9 months ago  
    I wanted to pick the burger but Mooyah is 50% grease. The bun is always soaked to the point when you take a bite it drips out. 9 months ago  
    bravery is being the only person that knows you are scared 9 months ago  
    you would die too 9 months ago  
    A lot of upper science involves math 9 months ago  
    One Euro is worth more than one dollar in the exchange rate. 9 months ago  
    Depends on the distance between the two of us 9 months ago  
    Imagine Dragons have great music videos 9 months ago  
    I would have voted A-Team if it was the original cast 9 months ago  
    Who is you're Daddy and what does he do? 9 months ago  
    Bane wasn't the villain he was just a henchman 9 months ago  
    What if Indiana Jones was just a series of dreams Han had while he was frozen in carbonite? Check the timeline! 9 months ago  
    Shaq's free throw shooting 9 months ago  
    I'd do math and history...but without English I couldn't read.... 9 months ago  
    I think this question is generation bias. N64's Goldeneye has been one of the top games in almost any 'all time' games lists. 9 months ago  
    Mike Tyson's sharp decline was due to the sudden death of his trainer and mentor. Though I still think Ali would win 9 months ago +1
    You succeeded because you goal was to fail and you accomplished your goal. 9 months ago  
    Hardest question yet!!!! 9 months ago  
    Avatar is just "Dances with Wolves" for a new generation. 9 months ago  
    The coward would be Wade Duck off the old Garfield and Friends cartoon. 9 months ago  
    Walk backwards down the hallway since they only come from where you are or have past 9 months ago  
    Doesn't matter if it was 'outdated'. If it was by a popular band it would still work. 10 months ago +1
    serrated edge is harder to pull out after stabbing 10 months ago  
    The AUG is the original bullpup assault rifle (magazine fed in the back) more reliable and adopted my more NATO countries. 10 months ago  
    The M14 has been one of the most versatile guns ever. Better range and accuracy also. 10 months ago  
    with the ass all you would do is donkey kick prople 10 months ago  
    Buy expensive stuff that I can re-sell for profit. Paintings or real estate 10 months ago  
    'A' is a shark, it has gills 10 months ago  
    video games are sooo inaccurate. it boils down to a .45 vs 9mm Tommy Gun all the way! 10 months ago  
    You're just as dead from a head or heart shot from a 9 as a 357. Learn how to shoot. 10 months ago  

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