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If you make the wrong choice on rrather do you feel regret like you have done something wrong or not 5 years ago 155 votes 5 comments 0 likes
If your family was starving to death would you steal food Yes [a high chance of getting caught and you would rather be beaten or killed] or No too risky 5 years ago 192 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Do you normally? mess around and talk to your friends or serious and gets the job done. 6 years ago 205 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Do you think Doctors should get awards? yes or no 6 years ago 213 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have an magical pet or super powers 6 years ago 204 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer Maths or English 6 years ago 183 votes 4 comments 0 likes
What would you rather do homework or chores 6 years ago 262 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Do you normally go on rrrather everyday/most days in a week or hardly any days of the week/ never 6 years ago 163 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go camping for the holidays or stay at home for the holidays 6 years ago 266 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer cold milo or hot milo 6 years ago 145 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Do you think there are more? Emma Watson fans or Minecraft fans 6 years ago 293 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Do people rrrather normally argue with you or be friendly with you 6 years ago 152 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather only type with one finger [really slowly] or type with you eyes closed [you can't check your mistakes] 6 years ago 229 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Is pineapple sweet or sour 6 years ago 256 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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Yeah, Some people don't suit tattoos while some do 4 years ago  
can i still do sport, like wheel chair basketball 4 years ago  
wait can you look after yourself if you are handicapped? or is there different stages? 4 years ago  
I can fight my depression other ways, There is also a high chance that the love of my life and i won't get on and i would suffer depression all over again. 4 years ago  
it's the average lifestyle that gets me, I want to live life as full as possible 4 years ago  
I was going to give you advice but your grammar is so terrible that it made me change my mind. 4 years ago +3
The "Perfect body" is mostly photoshopped and is not physically possible to achieve 4 years ago +2
Wait i meant No. Because it depends on what god and if a god could do anything than this wouldn't be a dilemma to it in the first place. 4 years ago  
Personality that would such because eventually I would go insane and do really stuffed up stuff. No one wants to live forever. 5 years ago  
You owe me one humanity 5 years ago +4
Physics is really really hard maths.. i pass 5 years ago +3
Telling this joke from the picture to my science friend!!! 5 years ago +1
Because you don't know what they picked 5 years ago +2
PENGUIN! 5 years ago +1
wear one pair of shoes for months 5 years ago  
humans are animals 5 years ago  
scream 5 years ago +1
my bad :p 5 years ago  
Margaret Thatcher isn't that bad of a person you know. 5 years ago +2
who created god? 5 years ago  
I picked A because Ive seen Shrek is love and Shrek is life. and it traumatized me 5 years ago +4
I'm starting to think I should become a doctor , So having my education paid for would be a dreams come true 5 years ago  
sure why not, I'll be whatever 5 years ago  
y o gurt the o is shorter instead of a yo 5 years ago  
They like vegemite and pronounce yoghurt as yo-gert 5 years ago  
let the butterflies be free! 5 years ago +2
the thing that spies use a wheel with letters on iy, u could use one of them 5 years ago  
can people stop making politics questions, no offence to the questioner but there have been hundreds of these before 5 years ago +1
here we go again 5 years ago +3
So I can go to people and go "You wanna box of chocolate? You never know what ya gonna get." 5 years ago +1
I think the other animals are happy in the wild. 5 years ago  
B would drive me insane 5 years ago +2
If B was true that would be annoying because heaps of people will be smoking 5 years ago +3
In B people can watch you do personal stuff 5 years ago  
females are badass! 5 years ago +1
YESSS 5 years ago  
Annie has a dog in it people!! 5 years ago +1
french toast is awesome! 5 years ago  
I guess it depends on the person you are arguing to 5 years ago  
k so it can but it also can't right? So in conclusion you can be right in an argument because without some hypotheses that have began with no evidence, we wouldn't know all this information. :D I rest my case. 5 years ago  
K got it thanks :] 5 years ago  
I do Army Cadets, so my loyalty goes to the Army 5 years ago +2
Drill, not because they are racist, 5 years ago  
or C. Him catching you staring at him 5 years ago +1
hard decision 5 years ago  
Bioshock! 5 years ago  
...Is it me or is anyone confused about what this question is asking. 5 years ago +3
You can learn his secrets and "accidently" tell the British spies 5 years ago +2
Everything is awesome!! 5 years ago +1
nah it's cool. Is information evidence? 5 years ago  
>;] WHAHAHAA 5 years ago  
I don't want to be the person who is known because they got killed by rabbits. Unless it is the Monty Python rabbit. 5 years ago +2
sorry mate but females don't revolve their world around men. We are all equal in pretty much everything. 5 years ago +3
I liked the baddy in Skyward Sword. When I typed in "gay god" on youtube he showed up. 5 years ago  
Icecream people!!! Icecream! 5 years ago  
as long as the teachers doesn't give us extra homework to make up for the time we lost then I'm all for it. 5 years ago  
What about theories? They may not have any evidence yet but as time went on they managed to gather some. No opinion is worthless 5 years ago  
I picked B because TheFineBros haven't done a rap battler in forever 5 years ago +1
well then...I guess you got the easy way out 5 years ago  
Atleast I could scream out some heroic speech before I die 5 years ago +1
Even if it was lick marmite off a spoon, I still wouldn't pick it. 5 years ago  
just cool 5 years ago  
a pirates life for me! 5 years ago  
by downloading music and shows 5 years ago  
Anything that has donkeys in it is awesome :D 5 years ago +3
I haven't seen the video but that poor bear.. sob 5 years ago +1
Why don't you just check the other toilets? Also wouldn't you freak out because a ghost saw you half naked doing your business. 5 years ago  
I like weet-bix, vegemite is my top 3 worst food ever and I've tried bad food 5 years ago  
Because I'm batman 5 years ago  
Could turn out that they are a massive douche bag 5 years ago  
Dragons are not a Slave! 5 years ago  
People! would Romney be any better? 5 years ago  
the homeless guy could waste it on alcohol 5 years ago +1
I'm addicted to it at the moment 5 years ago  
Westboro Baptist Church has little kids. I don't want to kill little kids 5 years ago  
Hasn't come out in my country yet. Australia is behind on everything 5 years ago  
agreed. you like Obama too? 5 years ago  
done both before, good times 5 years ago  
Thank god, I thought it was a spoiler or something 5 years ago  
please say you are joking like you assume or something. Please just say you are joking 5 years ago  
and then we kind of become frustrated with each other and start to get in agro typing mode. I know rrrather inside out :] 5 years ago  
my dad quotes: Stop crying, if you are going to act like a child I'll treat you like one. truly inspirational 5 years ago +4
exacly 5 years ago  
we're hassle people :] I'm finding it more interesting if we argue cuz it's more fun 5 years ago  
I had the doctor as a imaginary friend :] 5 years ago  
get him a haircut first 5 years ago  
no oxygen underwater 5 years ago  
;] Ya soz for being a hassle bro 5 years ago  
Not really. I don't get the question, It could be racist against white people, black people we don't know, It is just simple a weird question. 5 years ago  
such..a..hard..choice sob :[ They better be gratefull 5 years ago  
A is annoying me because i want to pull it out. 5 years ago  
Why would I date a guy who took a picture of himself being in the bath? 5 years ago +2
Prefer subtitles 5 years ago +1
got to admit crocodile dundee is pretty cool but from Britain mate. Australians made the horrid vegemite and the British moan about stuff. They both think they are the best in the world. I prefer as to be World person ya know?\ 5 years ago  
i lied. crunchy nut corn flakes with the nut clusters :] 5 years ago +1
get over the awesome song and I would want a pet goat cuz they are awesome :D 5 years ago  
I don't want people going. Theres a leak in the glass. Easier on the moon 5 years ago +1
I get it but is it a lame joke or what? also I don't wanna be a true Aussie I want to be a multicultural. 5 years ago +1
...wat? 5 years ago  
when you said " I joined a year ago today" reminds me of 365/2 days [KH fans will get this] 5 years ago +1
Kirby would just eat Mario, the battle would end quickly 5 years ago +1
yeah! but no zombies there are heaps of stories like them in rrrather 5 years ago  
really? I mean really? 5 years ago  
ahhhh I see. Okay 5 years ago  
She has a dog, human and badass 5 years ago  
Batman sounds like he is coking on marbles 5 years ago  
I see them as natural. but a question to you sir are you for or against gay? 5 years ago  
that would be just wrong 5 years ago  
nobody got time for that 5 years ago  
now and again. I'm better now, I just try not to think about it but it stopped a while ago and then came back then it's gone again. So my advice to all of you is try not to think about it and distract yourself 5 years ago  
give the finger as you are being pushed off the building 5 years ago +1
teaching loopholes oh loopholes, what would i do without you 5 years ago  
I talked to Svamp once and it was an argument so i don't think it will turn out well 5 years ago  
ahh trying to avoid comment. must avoidddd.. spoilersss 5 years ago  
or c not tell him because you are a coward :] 5 years ago +2
I sometimes get the feeling, it is the worst feeling and then when i tell my family about it they just go welll we are all going to die someday. 5 years ago  
With these questions, I learnt not to think too hard. What if the box is too small. Sure you can blend it but what if it is sooo tiny that it would over flow? 5 years ago +1
Good news, I've heard he is retiring 5 years ago  
Eye liner feels like they are drawing on your eye, wait they are aren't they? Anyway it feels weird 5 years ago  
wait change my mind i need Bear Grills 5 years ago +2
my first thought is what the hell does this mean?! 5 years ago  
fine I've calmed down, you just make me annoyed mate 5 years ago  
why don't you racist while you are at it 5 years ago  
okay bring it on you "closed minded moron" 5 years ago  
Also I want to add, you said keep the nonsense out of people faces, HA you asked a question which clearly shows you are for another you will get a lot of people disagreeing with you. What is so bad at being gay or lesbian? You didn't clearly point it out, you said terrorist, they kill people gay people are just people who are in love with another person but in a different way. In fact i see it kind of cute 5 years ago  
You know what screw it you are worth arguing becs\ause why did I change my mind you ask, I read the other arguments you gave to other people. I have a question to ask you why are gays are bad? If you are going to go on about religion then don't bother answering. 5 years ago  
you are just as bad as I am then 5 years ago  
Well this shows what kind of man you are. I won't argue with you sir because you are not worth my time but i will say one thing you disgust me 5 years ago  
I'll eat the spaghetti monster from the inside. cuz I'm evil >:] 5 years ago  
same though 5 years ago  
I'm in my pjs 5 years ago +4
Also I want to add. . IS is hurting you? Is it affecting anyone? And I'm guessing the answer is no so stop being a homosexual 5 years ago +1
What you mean by "being accepted?" What the hell are you on about? First of all they are not being accepted because there are idiots like you who can't treat people equally. SERIOUSLY geez. I don't like being the argument people on here but this is HUMAN RIGHTS 5 years ago  
hmmm does it sound cool or weird? 5 years ago  
Hmm a army that has slaves, racist,sexist and is horrible in every way or a army that believes in freedom but has a couple of downers about them 5 years ago  
My nightmares is someone murdering my love ones 5 years ago  
wasn't there a similar series a couple of days ago that went on forever 5 years ago +6
finally someone actually noticed 5 years ago  
hurry up and start season 4 already, I finished rewatching all the seasons :[ 5 years ago  
Is the man innocent? 5 years ago +1
what do we say when trying to get 100%. Not Today 5 years ago  
nah, evil laugh 5 years ago  
KUNG FU FIGHTING 5 years ago  
I thought Katy Perry had a boyfriend 5 years ago +1
duuu duu du du duuu duu du du The Twilight Zone 5 years ago  
but didn't Anthony get engaged? 5 years ago  
you live everyday 5 years ago  
hopefully i will survive again 5 years ago  
donate to charities and schools 5 years ago  
Game of thrones 5 years ago +3
WHAHAHA My sister got it at Christmas, It was a close call though 5 years ago  
good question 5 years ago  
you only die once ;] 5 years ago +3
WHAHAHAA 5 years ago  
i believe i can fly 5 years ago +4
i can swim and breathe underwater 5 years ago  
I will never get wet from the rain again 5 years ago  
she may have a sex job but this was against her own will and that is rape. Shoplifting is items, saying a prostitute a item is soooo wrong in so many different ways 5 years ago +6
llootts of links 5 years ago  
take over, apologise but say the king was a dick, be a better king, win people over, become super powerfull 5 years ago  
c 5 years ago  
Actually i just want both men and women to be equal. Like girl choices in sport are like yoga while boys are soccer and some guys think girl gamers are just there to try and attract boys, So you stop saying it is annoying and i try to say female to not go too over board but i can't say it, i'm not sure whether you think i'm overboard when what i am saying is right or are you talking about girls that think men do all the chores etc? Just treat everyone and everything equally can't people just do that 5 years ago +1
guess we can see how it is possible 5 years ago  
I have written "graffiti" heaps of times...In essays and stuff. :D Get it the word graffiti but seriously not really I think scribbled on the bottom of the deck and graffitied on my friends work, do they count? 5 years ago +5
20ish when i am travelling around the world and i would bump into this other awesome traveller. I got it all worked out ;] 5 years ago  
I see this is going to be a neverending conversation 5 years ago  
don't you get it or is it just me? 5 years ago  
I know, I just wanted to reply to that message you sent me. I don't like unreplied messages :] 5 years ago  
You are a sherlock and John shipper I imagine 5 years ago  
Depends on how much they have helped me. Did they do the same when i was in this position. I see it as a life for a life, an eye for an eye. you help me i'll return the favor and help you back. I would proud of it but i would help. 5 years ago  
favourite pancake is bacon, cream and maple syrup second favourite is chocolate chips :D 5 years ago  
Dog eeeee 5 years ago  
huge age differences. Most of the time young people that marry old people are for money. Blood related I'm not sure however i am all for gay and lesbian marriages 5 years ago +3
Is it possible, that the majority of the fans actually see them as friends. I see them as friends but i thought people saw them together :o 5 years ago  
I'll make him eat a hamburger and bring him back to shape 5 years ago  
There is no danger he is the best assassin. He would probably pretend to be an eyewitness or disappear somehow 5 years ago  
cookie dough cake :D 5 years ago +1
hide in my attic and eat insects for a while until military rolls in, if they move in 5 years ago +2
cosmology is wayyyyy better 5 years ago  
I have a loonnnnnnggg list of embarrassing moments, a loonng list 5 years ago  
guilty, i said to this guy that i recently broke up with someone and I'm off relationship. I didn't want him to feel bad about himself and blame it all on him but i know it's wrong 5 years ago  
they wouldn't care 5 years ago +1
If I had A, I would properly forget to put it there and then prank myself 5 years ago +1
Inspired by the book "First They Killed my Father" 5 years ago  
people, people are Annoying and i hate some of them sooo much 5 years ago  
I'm both WHAHAHAA 5 years ago  
Game of thrones!!!!!! 5 years ago  
eat so much 5 years ago +1
Imagination allow people to invent thing, make up new theories,create art, write, make cool buildings, create fashion,systems and space travel, [creating rockets and stuff] 5 years ago +1
depends 5 years ago  
Mr mc country, Does Narnia count? 5 years ago  
aww. but i'm not from Korea sorry and i was really surprised on there people do know i exist yay! 5 years ago  
i doubt that 90% are rapist. Sorry but you got your facts wrong, you must of heard this by a handful immigrants and not see the other millions that are out there 5 years ago  
It is a person don't be mean 5 years ago  
I went to Melbourne and i didn't really like it that much 5 years ago  
actually i see it as it is not fair on men don't be pointing fingers mrSparta 5 years ago  
What about is it safer for everyone to have a gun or have no gun at all. You know because that what we were talking about for the past couple of days. 5 years ago  
Game of Thrones noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 5 years ago  
People change from experiences 5 years ago +1
become an Assassin like Assassin creed 5 years ago +1
Did you get this of the news? Just wondering 5 years ago  
hmm I'm not sure what questions do you have at the moment? 5 years ago  
every single one? 5 years ago  
no, i would think it as a ridiculous system because how many others can get there hands on one. There are idiots out there and people with problems if you get rid of guns imagine how much safer your country would be. I understand your point of view but the most of the world don't have guns anymore and I'm not worried that i would be shot if i walk out the door in the morning. Still i understand from your point of view. 5 years ago  
no i meant by YOU thinking that all immigrants are just there to ruin the country. Do you not have a heart? These people are families and children looking for a chance in life and you just want to take that away because a bunch of extremist and the media are showing us bad view about it. I admit that there are people who are terrorist and trying to get in the country because it is free but are you willing to save hundreds of innocent lives? Anyway it not like we are letting them all in, they have to go through with security checks first 5 years ago +1
No i think cops should have them. They are trained to use it and they only use it if in dangerous situation. I just don't think they should be allowed for everyone. Police are professionally and they use it in extreme cases 5 years ago  
they just do crime and ruin good countries? That sounds like racism to me 5 years ago  
yeah totally, let them go back where you have a chance of being killed everyday. I know! why don't you go there on holiday sometime and see why they should stay there. 5 years ago  
idk what do mysterious people wear 5 years ago  
A mysterious badass one, where they don't know much about that person but they mange to kill an unbelievable amount of zombies and stuff 5 years ago  
Because if this is about the gun policy, I am for the gun policy. Guns are designed to harm the enemy, it can be used for protection, but if it gets in the wrong hands then it can do a lot of damage. We now have other things that can protect us now and we no longer need to have guns no more. The gun policy in my eyes is making the place safer and are making it harder for criminals to get their hands on a gun. 5 years ago  
Is this got to do with the gun policy in America? 5 years ago +1
I like to forget that I will die someday, it would bring back this feeling i get when i think about death too much 5 years ago  
immortal is a curse 5 years ago +1
There is only one god, god of death. We only say one thing to the god of death, not today - Game of Thrones 5 years ago  
I don't know, I normally get frustrated by it for some reason. Like everything is too perfect then I get upset about something that doesn't matter that much 5 years ago  
breaking the laws of physics whahahaaa 5 years ago +1
The guy in B looks more of a troublemaker. Anyway the guy in B looks younger then the guy in A. If someone stole your car and is the same age as A. That person probably won't look that good looking 5 years ago  
Neither, i just see it as every other romance 5 years ago +2
I have had braces for 2 years I am not going to go through all that again 5 years ago +2
That what it was, I thought a lot of Nords literally took an arrow in the knee 5 years ago  
same :D 5 years ago  
I would probably feel more guilty beating up the chimp than Mike Tyson 5 years ago  
I have that knife :] 5 years ago  
;] 5 years ago +1
pussies? Do a history lession 5 years ago +3
who would clean that? 5 years ago +1
shows my knowledge of geology 5 years ago  
Where is Ukraine? 5 years ago  
football not soccer 5 years ago +1
I don't think being deaf is that bad 5 years ago  
I'll do it the moment before i die 5 years ago +1
this is ewa;;y r=easy [this is really easy] okay i failed at that 5 years ago  
My dad was a sergeant in the army so it wouldn't make that much of a difference 5 years ago  
robots already exsist 5 years ago  
Watch torchwood and you will understand 5 years ago  
you call that a knife? THIS is a knife 5 years ago +7
how much money would i have to spend on bras and pads!! 5 years ago +3
such a sad movie, :[ 5 years ago +1
Do i get to go on adventures with Sora [Kingdom Hearts] 5 years ago  
going there next year :] 5 years ago +1
I'm not too sure, I think it depends on whether the Afghanistan people think they are helping or not 5 years ago +1
Never watched LOst but Rick went crazy for a while 5 years ago +2
the flies will annoy me too much 5 years ago +2
Yay I'm on the list game thing 5 years ago  
Morgan Freeman 5 years ago +4
depends on the situation 5 years ago +3
Depends on what it is programed to do 5 years ago +3
90% of customers are rude, it comes with most jobs 5 years ago  
What is so good about guns anyway? 5 years ago  
don't forget the randomness 5 years ago  
or no fans because noone knows you 5 years ago +3
I don't like the thought of being gone. I know i have a long time to live and i do not want to live forever but I don't like to think that i am going to be gone. 5 years ago  
animal will only attack for defence 5 years ago  
mudcake 5 years ago +1
The walking dead and the wolf amoung us are both really good games 5 years ago +1
Thailand IS awesome. I went to Chiang mai and I'm doing the world challenge next you which is going to Thailand and Cambodia 5 years ago  
You have to respect Avatar, that movie made 3D popular again 5 years ago +1
So sad :[ 5 years ago +1
What is so bad about Obama? I know some people don't like him but is he even worse than slave owners? 5 years ago +3
calibrations 5 years ago +1
I was just going to say that 5 years ago  
It is the owners fault for both of these. If you treat the dog correctly [walkinging it most days and socialise it with other dogs] it will be a really good and friendly dog. 5 years ago +3
I think i wasn't eating enough vegetables and wasn't doing it properly. It normally happens when I'm on my period 5 years ago  
It won't make you healther. Trust me I became vegge. For 4 months, I went so low in iron that I became very pale and started shaking at times. It also makes you feel weak. If you become vegge you need to eat vegetables a LOT and meat helps to prevent cancer and diseases. 5 years ago +4
alright then what are unpopular games any suggestions of some? I like them with a good storyline not those shoot up games. 5 years ago +1
Bioshock, Dragon age, Kingdom Hearts, LA Noire, Red Dead Redemption I could probably think more or are they still popular? 5 years ago +1
It may surprise you that I play games for MY entertainment and I'm not doing it for popularity. I like games with a good storyline like The last of us, walking dead [telltale], Bioshock and Assassin's creed. Yes there are some girls who do it to impress guys but there are quite a few that do it for entertainment. 5 years ago +1
I like animals 5 years ago +2
yep :] 5 years ago  
I've jumped around different groups 5 years ago  
well since you believe "it's their own damn fault" you show no respect to other religions. How can i respect yours when you think everyone else is stupid? If you want your religion to be respected you need to start respecting others by seeing it as this is what you believe and this is what I believe not pointing at others saying we are wrong. Show some respect. 5 years ago  
Most poisonous spiders only make you sick. 5 years ago  
..what? 5 years ago  
Thank you 5 years ago  
That is what you believe, keep in mind that other people don't believe in god 5 years ago  
It the woman's choice and no one can judge that 5 years ago +3
tooo many men with their hot women questions on this site.. 5 years ago +7
noses? 5 years ago  
They might be gone in the morning 5 years ago +1
thanks 5 years ago  
whats the difference? 5 years ago +1
neither!!!!! 5 years ago +3
maybe we see them :] 5 years ago  
what? what if you don't the topic" what do you mean by that 5 years ago +1
hey don't talk to her like that 5 years ago +1
calm down, you shouldn't say that to people on the internet, it makes you appear to be arrogant 5 years ago +1
I already do;] 5 years ago  
same here :] 5 years ago  
can't you go shopping at the shops 5 years ago  
Why would i want to kill animals, they done nothing wrong 5 years ago +4
You don't know how old I am. 5 years ago  
You're from the United States how do you know? 5 years ago  
dropbears!!!! 5 years ago +1
wolf 5 years ago +2
in a cheesegrater not on a cheese grater whaha 5 years ago +2
I'm not judging you eat what you like. I wasn't thinking when i wrote that. 5 years ago  
ikr 5 years ago  
Don't you feel sorry for the bird? 5 years ago +2
Leonardo Da Vinci!!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
It's done by Leonardo Da Vinci ! He's my favourite hero! 5 years ago  
I want to find out too, 5 years ago  
:OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Why milk WHY do this to us :[ 5 years ago +1
alright then 5 years ago  
What's it about? 5 years ago  
What the name of the anime? 5 years ago  
Why would you want to live forever? Understand the word FOREVER 5 years ago  
You never said you would give it to us and i wouldn't do it anyway 5 years ago  
1st code;breaker 2nd BTOOOM! and 3rd avatar the last airbender 5 years ago  
adults are probably more important like an adult might sat cure for cancer while a kid would want to wish yo go to disneyland 5 years ago +2
I get A picture so much. 5 years ago  
I actually found this question quite hard 6 years ago +1
hard one 6 years ago  
In the big crunch you go back in time and relive your life backwards 6 years ago +1
good question, I support gay marriage and illegal immigrants should be let in the country. 6 years ago  
war, war never ends 6 years ago +2
that is exactly what i do. I also go like "wow really" 6 years ago  
that is pretty much what my room looks like 6 years ago  
oh okay :] 6 years ago  
get a big dog! Make sure you walk your dogs often, that way it can be socal and not aggressive with other dogs 6 years ago  
bow ties are cool 6 years ago +1
cone is better than popsicle 6 years ago  
WE all would be punished. Have you ever killed an ant or killed an insect? 6 years ago  
Good queston 6 years ago +1
tuna 6 years ago  
Yes we are equal lets leave it as thst 6 years ago +1
How is wearing shorts and a t-shirt boy like? 6 years ago +8
I'll draw a robot that does chores 6 years ago +6
YEAH GO ENGLAND!!! 6 years ago  
The internet and cats 6 years ago  
Ohhhhhhh, Be more specific next time 6 years ago  
Look at your comment now, It has a pencil which says edit so you can rewrite it if you want. 6 years ago  
A horse/zebra used to exist it had a zebras head and a horse body but they became extinct :[ 6 years ago +1
or you can press edit 6 years ago  
He's a traitor now? 6 years ago  
I'm mostly comfortable around most of them, apart from one teacher that was creepy 6 years ago +2
both, i hate shopping and makeup 6 years ago +1
I personally think there is more sexism then racism these days but they both should be stopped. 6 years ago  
? That doesn't make any sense 6 years ago  
oh yeah good point 6 years ago  
Well I am a stranger and is that your attitude toward stranger it stinks and i am annoyed cuz you won't be able to see this. Anyone who reads this, I like Barack Obama because I heard he is trying to ban the gun law and he believes in gay rights. By the way no ones opinion is invalid and if i am misinformed correct me politely 6 years ago  
Gladiator and Blade I'm in! 6 years ago +1
I free them all. Be free little insects 6 years ago +2
It would be like the Kings Speech 6 years ago  
the only pain males have to face is sometimes getting kicked in the nuts sometimes while with women have to have cramps from periods EVERY month and to have a child you have to have it come out in the most painful part of your body. 6 years ago  
hopefully they are too busy fighting each other than to notice us 6 years ago  
I strongly agree 6 years ago  
How would i be able to push him? 6 years ago  
Get to watch the latest movies for free 6 years ago  
It looks cool but i don't want that on my skin 6 years ago  
this comment has been brought to you by the land down under 6 years ago  
What has the playstation ever done to you? 6 years ago +1
ice cream tester 6 years ago  
Why not both? 6 years ago  
I probably roll around for hours and not realize while trying to get comfortable. 6 years ago  
I'll just make it as an art project 6 years ago  
i changed my mind NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!CHEESE 6 years ago  
It makes higher crime and robberies. They don't need it any more because we have other things to protect us like our pets or policemen. [ I'm NOT saying you should have guard dogs either!!!] 6 years ago +2
Well why don't you make it happy for them while they are at peace and be together and then make them suffer the consequences later in live? They are going to be in torturous pain forever due to your religion so make it worth there whileq 6 years ago +4
Not in all cases, They are not all depressed and on the borderline of suicide, Don't adults go on facebook all the time and post pictures of their children then look at other peoples stuff and comment on it 6 years ago  
No it isn't it was awesome. That comment felt like an insult 6 years ago  
2% off :O so close.... 6 years ago +2
neither they are awesome but not "manly" 6 years ago +1
catch Brooker! 6 years ago  
I love the picture for B 6 years ago  
If you go into very complicated physics they tell you how the universe was created before the big bang and I'm not trying to say I'm right i respect all religions, I'm sick of these religious questions. Arguments over religion always start war 6 years ago  
I saw BTOOOM it was really good 6 years ago  
I normally obey the rules but the A was tempting 6 years ago  
me 6 years ago  
Who wants to live at school? 6 years ago +2
I'm dangerous and can hurt people 6 years ago  
I'll be killed while giving Slendy a hug because he always seem lonely 6 years ago +1
Thin pizza with lots of cheese 6 years ago +1
I'm left handed, pencils smug the page when I'm writing an essay :[ 6 years ago  
man your spelling 6 years ago +3
Pizza always wins 6 years ago +1
The whole point of war is about religion. I care about the people not myself 6 years ago +1
Yay thanks for saving me 6 years ago +1
Don't make me choose. It's my two favourite 6 years ago +1
noo i picked the wrong one. my life is ruined. I killed a puppy :O 6 years ago  
Well I'll make a deal with him that he just give me powers and not harvest his soul. He likes making deals 6 years ago  
Ben and Jerrys 6 years ago  
this was hard 6 years ago +1
he still beaten her up,that is horrible. Carma 6 years ago  
I'm reading that 6 years ago  
One small step is one big step for man kind 6 years ago +2
" Offensive Slang One who is severely impaired mentally and physically, as by brain injury or disease." I think you can still feel. 6 years ago  
I'm left handed 6 years ago +1
Who will cares if you are insane? Well this is the part which people get turned off being immortal. You will soon be trying to kill yourself. Then when you fail you will do stuffed up things to your body then gradually you will soon become so mentally unstable that you would become a vegetable for eternity. You are only thinking of a short term when you haven't got a grasp of forever. I used to have a fear of not existing when i die but i just got over it and try not to think of it. 6 years ago  
You need to think long term. Your brain won't be able to handle that much information and if you are fortunate enough you would be in a big loop or if the technology is good enough they could fix it. It is mentally not possible and I am almost certain that even with your theory you would gradually become insane. What would you if humans got wiped out? And you could cause an accident of millions of death and no one would ask for your help. You have shown part of my theory that is the enjoying part of it for a number of millions of years. You need to think of the word eternity it means forever. 6 years ago  
This is a little song i wrote you, might want to hear it note by note. Don't worry, Be happy 6 years ago +1
why? 6 years ago  
how? I would never date annoying boys at my school and neither would most girls. 6 years ago +1
okay, Think about it first you would enjoy it then. Soon you will be bored, then you soon become insane THEN you would probably be a vegetable. Have fun 6 years ago +1
may it be remembered around the world 6 years ago  
what he said 6 years ago  
MEXICAN!! 6 years ago  
I wouldn't care it is still my child and i would love it like any other child. 6 years ago  
chocolate drug dealer, loopholes oh loopholes 6 years ago +2
I remember that book!! 6 years ago +2
as a voulenteer 6 years ago +1
If you read the books you would pick Peeta 6 years ago +2
I can't stand the smell. It would be a nightmare if it was healthy. 6 years ago +1
hard one 6 years ago  
both. They are really bad that i couldn't decide 6 years ago +4
Game of thrones 6 years ago  
bow ties are cool 6 years ago +8
But the squash is my true savior 6 years ago +2
While I'm being bullied i would challenge them and make it awkward for them 6 years ago  
Yeah probably, 6 years ago  
Well i watched my sister play it but I'm going to play it because my sister said it was one of the best games she have ever played 6 years ago  
You observed a girl group who thought they were cool and popular. While the girls who would like the guys would be shy or didn't know them well. You shouldn't say girls all together as one big group 6 years ago +2
It has a really good story line 6 years ago  
How are we confusing? You are confusing me 6 years ago +2
How is that possible? Those people who picked B haven't played The Last of Us yet 6 years ago +2
awesome companion 6 years ago +4
I meant it to be why would you take drugs.What's fyi? 6 years ago  
Everyone is insane in Rapture 6 years ago  
I try to twirl it but it just falls off my folk :[ 6 years ago +5
Both are so awesome 6 years ago +1
I'm friends with satan. We're bros 6 years ago +1
Micckkkeeeyyyy 6 years ago  
How many questions of a women attractions are there? 6 years ago  
hard choice 6 years ago +2
Shes looking good with those glasses 6 years ago +6
The good old fashion way 6 years ago  
Gladiator 6 years ago  
Matrixs 6 years ago  
both, It's a gift so we won't be immortal but a curse because you want to live 6 years ago +3
Bioshock infinite is nothing like Bioshock 2 they made it so much better, 6 years ago +2
we will destroy them 6 years ago +2
actually scientist believe that the further you look back in space you can look back in time or something. So they are doing a project to create a massive telescope to go far enough to see the big bang. 6 years ago +3
both 6 years ago +2
As long a she is happy 6 years ago  
Show some respect and you can't say that about a women. Saying a comment like that makes you look bad in public. 6 years ago +1
A paramedic is to preserve life until they get to the hospital so they can be fully treated. 6 years ago  
Who will clean all those rooms? 6 years ago  
Game of thronessssss 6 years ago  
I know cuz i don't know your name. I was just messing with you 6 years ago  
is it? :] 6 years ago  
By the question you can tell it's from VannaBanna 6 years ago +1
disrespectfull 6 years ago +1
There will always be evil 6 years ago +3
really? you really think that i would kill my own mother. I said it was one of my plans thank you for telling me that. but did you know that scientist have come up for a cure of that? Someone tried it on me before i knew the trap and the symptoms. as you went down stairs I called for a pack of wolves and i broke free and i challenge of combat. i got my hidden blade and stabbed you in the throat. I also called for my companion friend assassin who is also a friend of Arya Stark for those people who are wondering. 6 years ago  
I like mine like that it has more flavour and it's not entirely soggy but nice enough to eat. 6 years ago +1
Option 4 I knew you were going to do that so i had backup plans i know where you were because i knew the place so well [ you can't throw a dart or anything because it i am in a spot where i would notice]. So when you tried to kill me i counter attack and inject you with a single drop of poison [that is incurable] and i disappear leaving you suffering the effects until death. If you don't die from that i would kill you on the spot. Still smiling that's just one of many plans. I see you picked unique, nice. 6 years ago  
lol good comment but sorry i had to pick one would you want your death to look like an accident or unique? 6 years ago  
they do have feelings What makes you think they don't 6 years ago +1
they will never find my hidden liar :] 6 years ago +4
If i had to die, i would go into a serial killer gang or something and kill as many as i can before i die. If i survived i would go to the next gang and take out them. 6 years ago +1
Lol it was so funny. They were smashing them so bad 6 years ago  
Yep and i have a USA friend. Perfect combo 6 years ago  
Yayyyy I have a kingdom heart fanclub now! 6 years ago  
read autors comment 6 years ago +1
I love kingdom hearts too :] 6 years ago  
yayyyyy 6 years ago +1
See Satan look how nice i am. Will you not torture me once i go to hell? 6 years ago +2
I was just thinking that 6 years ago  
no they don't. Maybe some do but most of them don't. They care about people's lives and saving them. I don't think they care about money. Anyway you shouldn't hate them just because they get payed well they have saved so many peoples lives. 6 years ago  
or i could be your normal slave and i can go to Earth and get more people to join the torture. 6 years ago +1
Respect can't be bought or faked. 6 years ago  
Am i? How do you know I not friends with a demon already? 6 years ago  
GHOSTBUSTERS! 6 years ago  
I'll be an expert at bow and arrow and be famous. 6 years ago +1
You never know ;] 6 years ago  
Can i be your partner? 6 years ago  
If you were immortal you will go eventually crazy. 6 years ago  
I'll ask if hell is that bad and make friends with him so I'll won't be tortured as much. 6 years ago +1
Django Unchained 6 years ago  
I would hold it back and get used to it eventually.. 6 years ago  
No :[ 6 years ago  
looks badass 6 years ago  
I always worry that the ceiling fan will fall and kill me. 6 years ago +2
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