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    11 months ago  
    and she'll have fun fun fun till her dady takes the t=bird away-ay-ay.(fun fun fun beach boys) 11 months ago  
    wtf england 11 months ago +1
    could be trans under the mask 11 months ago  
    i am a nerd and a loser sooo yay] 11 months ago  
    well no noose is good noose 11 months ago  
    wrong one ;( 11 months ago  
    i wish jjee1997 had both 11 months ago  
    im 12 and i drink(with my moms permission.) 11 months ago  
    canada is a bunch of dumbasses. australia, meh a bunch of outback idiots. either way america is also a dumbass 11 months ago  
    you guys are idiots there are real liger 11 months ago +1
    neither 11 months ago  
    red bull gives you wiiiiiiiiiiings 11 months ago +1
    god da*it we live iin difeerent countries and this web was made in theUS so yall can shut the f*uck u plz. 11 months ago  
    idk im in us 11 months ago  
    CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE 11 months ago  
    I WANNA ROCK! 11 months ago  
    JUST.DO.IT 11 months ago +1
    god damit austrailians here are a bunch of idiots (sorry) 11 months ago  
    does anyone else know what the true meaning of bbc mean? like if you do 11 months ago  
    small man tits lol 11 months ago +1
    i am a failure at everything soo.... 11 months ago  
    girrafe man is riight 11 months ago  
    dat asss is gud 11 months ago  
    i have always had a celeb crush on her since like 10 years ago 11 months ago  
    cheating on a test hehe 11 months ago  
    very nutritious 11 months ago  

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